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Michelle's Gift Guide

Michelle Akbashev: @gardensandchickens

Michelle is a passionate home gardener and mom living in Atlanta and creating content for the garden-curious. She's been gardening for over ten years and loves learning about and sharing tips, tricks, DIYs and failures to help others gain the confidence to start their own gardens. Follow Michelle on Instagram! And be sure to check out her Mini Makeover.

Arbequina Olive Tree product image Arbequina Olive Tree

"These trees are all over interior design magazines—why purchase a fake one when you can grow a real one in a sunny window instead?"

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Nagami Kumquat Tree product image Nagami Kumquat Tree

"This tree grows its own Christmas decorations as it often ripens right in time for the holidays! Plus, these decorations are edible and delicious."

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Little Miss Figgy™ Tree product image Little Miss Figgy™ Tree

"This dwarf-sized container fig tree has full-flavored fruit, perfect for those foodie friends—whether they have a garden or only a balcony to grow on."

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Cold Hardy Avocado Tree product image Cold Hardy Avocado Tree

"Gift the Cold Hardy Avocado so your friends can harvest their own avocado toast! This would be such a fun gift for those avocado lovers in your life."

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