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Kristen's Gift Guide

Kristen Robinette: @mymidwestdiy

Kristen is a DIYer and gardener who is working on transforming her house into her dream home, as well as transforming her yard and patio with the help of FastGrowingTrees. Follow Kristen on Instagram!

Golden Pothos product image Golden Pothos

"This is such a great plant to hang near a window anywhere in your home. It helps to remove air toxins and is easy to propagate!"

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Meyer Lemon Bush product image Meyer Lemon Bush

"Who wouldn’t want fresh lemonade from your garden on a hot summer day?!"

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Alocasia Black Velvet product image Alocasia Black Velvet

"I love how dark these leaves are! This plant is a perfect fit for an office or shelf!"

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Maurino Olive Tree product image Maurino Olive Tree

"Olive tree's leaves are so unique. This plant would be perfect to brighten up any home."

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Bambino Fiddle Leaf Fig product image Bambino Fiddle Leaf Fig

"This would be a great gift since it's very low maintenance and makes a statement with its big leaves!"

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Peace Lily Plant product image Peace Lily Plant

"This is another plant that's perfect for cleaning your air of toxins. I love the large leaves and beautiful white blooms."

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Endless Summer® Hydrangea Shrub product image Endless Summer® Hydrangea Shrub

"You can’t go wrong with a beautiful hydrangea. These bright, big blooms would be stunning in any yard!"

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