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Julie's Gift Guide

Julie Wilson: @gardengirlnyc

Julie is an urban gardener born and raised in NYC. Her outdoor garden features fruits, veggies, flowers, pollinators, and a hydroponic farm stand used to grow herbs and lettuces. Fostering community through garden-to-table meals and cocktails is one of her greatest passions. She loves connecting with other green thumbs who share a deep love of nature and all of its creatures. Follow Julie on Instagram! And be sure to check out her Mini Makeover.

Drought-Tolerant Evergreen Tree product image Drought-Tolerant Evergreen Tree

"As a native New Yorker, I have always wanted a living, outdoor Christmas tree. Evergreen trees are perfect if you have outdoor space in an urban setting."

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Chicago Hardy Fig Tree product image Chicago Hardy Fig Tree

"Grow fruit in New York City? Yes, you can! I love my cold hardy fig trees, which I leave outdoors all winter long."

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Thornless Blackberry product image Thornless Blackberry

"I get handfuls of blackberries from my urban garden. This one is perfect if you want to avoid being pricked by nasty thorns!"

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Rubber Plant (Ficus) product image Rubber Plant (Ficus)

"Sweet and reliable, my rubber plants haven't been fast growers. But they stand out from other house plants with their thick, round leaves and deep green color."

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Snake Plant product image Snake Plant

"Snake plants require very little maintenance and will continue to grow to the size of the pot they're placed in. Just make sure to not overwater them!"

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