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Organic Planting Mix


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All Natural Mix to Help Your Plants Explode with Growth

Grow Plants Faster
Discover the savvy gardener's secret to growing lush, healthy plants, trees, and shrubs in every gardening zone.  Fast Growing Trees has a proprietary formula of Organic Planting Mix! You'll find that our all-natural formula helps your plants reach their fullest potential quicker than any other mix on the market.  

Truly Organic
The true definition of organic means that something is "produced using methods that do not involve modern synthetic inputs such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers." Organic is another way of saying "natural." At Fast Growing Trees, we have found that Mother Nature knows best when it comes to growing plants. We strive to offer only the best, healthiest plants with fully-developed root systems which will have the best start in life. But the soil or medium in which a plant is grown is vital for the plant's success. Because we couldn't find an existing planting mix that satisfied our high standards for our trees, shrubs, and plants - we developed our own!

Why Your Plants Will Grow FASTER
This formula is the result of many years of testing for the best organic ingredients at the ideal ratios. Our Organic Planting Mix boasts the optimal blend of dynamic, natural ingredients such as sphagnum peat, perlite, vermiculite, processed pine bark, Endo and Ecomycorrhizae Fungi (a beneficial fungus), soluble sea kelp, soluble humic acid, soluble Yucca plant extract, beneficial bacteria, and Horta-Sorb® water-management gel. Our recipe includes perlite, vermiculite, and sphagnum peat in perfectly designated ratios to increase aeration and improve drainage while helping plants retain moisture, air, and vital nutrients. Beneficial living organisms are enhanced by nature's "super food," sea kelp. You'll be amazed by how fast and healthy your plants grow in this rich, vibrant growing medium. Use our mix for: bedding plants, hanging baskets, seed germination, containers, and propagation.

Use For New Plants - or Add to Existing Ones
Don't re-invent the wheel.  If you have a favorite tree or plant that's just not growing as quickly as you'd like, add Fast Growing Tree's Organic Planting mix in with the existing soil around your plants, shrubs, and trees. It is perfectly proportioned to provide optimum nourishment and ideal growing conditions without man-made fertilizers that may be harmful to the environment.  If you're ordering a new item from us, this mix is a great way to ensure your plant gets off to the best possible start.

Order Now
Give your plants, trees, and shrubs nature's best nourishment and secure your gardening success with this proprietary blend of Organic Planting Mix. 

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