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New Jersey

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best sellerThuja Green Giant
Growing Zones 5-8

Thuja Green Giant

2553 reviews
Starting at $19.95Up to 20% OFF
best sellerHass Avocado Tree
Growing Zones 9-11

Hass Avocado Tree

666 reviews
Starting at $93.95Up to 37% OFF
best sellerLeyland Cypress Tree
Growing Zones 6-10

Leyland Cypress Tree

588 reviews
Starting at $24.95Up to 17% OFF
best sellerDouble Knock Out® Rose
Growing Zones 5-10

Double Knock Out® Rose

311 reviews
Starting at $24.95Up to 58% OFF
best sellerPhenomenal™ Lavender Plant
Growing Zones 5-9

Phenomenal™ Lavender Plant

288 reviews
Starting at $24.95Up to 38% OFF
best sellerEmerald Green Arborvitae
Growing Zones 3-8

Emerald Green Arborvitae

615 reviews
Starting at $24.95
best sellerTaylor Juniper Tree
Growing Zones 3-9

Taylor Juniper Tree

98 reviews
Starting at $77.95Up to 13% OFF
best sellerEverbearing Strawberry - USDA Organic
Growing Zones 4-9

Everbearing Strawberry - USDA Organic

84 reviews
Starting at $21.95Up to 27% OFF
best sellerPink Lemonade Blueberry Bush
Growing Zones 4-8

Pink Lemonade Blueberry Bush

142 reviews
Starting at $65.95Up to 12% OFF
best sellerCold Hardy Avocado Tree
Growing Zones 8-11

Cold Hardy Avocado Tree

754 reviews
Starting at $149.95
best sellerBlack Knight Butterfly Bush
Growing Zones 5-9

Black Knight Butterfly Bush

188 reviews
Starting at $77.95Up to 13% OFF
best sellerRed Haven Peach Tree
Growing Zones 5-9

Red Haven Peach Tree

177 reviews
Starting at $129.95Up to 7% OFF
best sellerPeaches & Cream Honeysuckle Vine
Growing Zones 4-9

Peaches & Cream Honeysuckle Vine

151 reviews
Starting at $24.95Up to 17% OFF
best sellerKarl Foerster Grass
Growing Zones 4-9

Karl Foerster Grass

44 reviews
Starting at $98.95
best sellerPink Muhly Grass
Growing Zones 6-9

Pink Muhly Grass

141 reviews
Starting at $69.95
best sellerJunior Giant Thuja Tree
Growing Zones 5-8

Junior Giant Thuja Tree

74 reviews
Starting at $46.95Up to 33% OFF
best sellerFull Speed A Hedge® American Pillar Arborvitae
Growing Zones 3-8

Full Speed A Hedge® American Pillar Arborvitae

115 reviews
Starting at $46.95Up to 33% OFF
best sellerColorado Blue Spruce Tree
Growing Zones 2-7

Colorado Blue Spruce Tree

175 reviews
Starting at $65.95
best sellerReliance Peach Tree
Growing Zones 4-8

Reliance Peach Tree

83 reviews
Starting at $159.95
best sellerLimelight Hydrangea Tree
Growing Zones 3-8

Limelight Hydrangea Tree

125 reviews
Starting at $134.95
best sellerHoneycrisp™ Apple Tree
Growing Zones 3-8

Honeycrisp™ Apple Tree

322 reviews
Starting at $134.95
best sellerRainier Cherry Tree
Growing Zones 5-8

Rainier Cherry Tree

121 reviews
Starting at $169.95Up to 19% OFF
best sellerWintergreen Boxwood Shrub
Growing Zones 5-8

Wintergreen Boxwood Shrub

100 reviews
Starting at $41.95Up to 16% OFF
best sellerArbequina Olive Tree
Growing Zones 8-11

Arbequina Olive Tree

443 reviews
Starting at $87.95

New Jersey Trees

New Jersey homeowners who want to enhance their residential landscape with fast-growing shade trees and shrubs should look no further than the Fast Growing Tree Nursery. Whether you live in the Atlantic Coastal Plain, Piedmont, the New England Upland or the Appalachian Ridge and Valley Region, we can fix you up with trees and shrubs to suit your needs.

The Best Trees for Planting in New Jersey

The Garden State enjoys a moderate climate with chilly winters and warm, humid summers. The northwestern hills experience colder winter and slightly milder summer temperatures than the state’s other regions. The average January temperature throughout the state is 37 degrees Fahrenheit and the average temperature in July is 73 degrees. This puts the state in plant hardiness zones 6 and 7. This is an important factor to consider when you are choosing trees and shrubs. Here at the Fast Growing Tree Nursery, we have a range of trees that are perfectly acclimatized to these zones.

We know you want fast-growing trees that hardy, and are perhaps even native to the Old Garden State, such as the White Dogwood. For shade from that NJ summer sun, we suggest the American Beech, American Elm, or one of our many Maples.

If you’re looking to plant a row of evergreens, try our American Holly, another tree that is at home in New Jersey, or the Thuja Giant or Leyland Cypress. They all grow quickly to form a uniform, living green wall. Unlike other trees that fall prone to almost any disease, these evergreens are adaptable and easy to grow.

The best feature of your Garden State landscape just might be flowering trees like the Kwanzan flowering cherry tree. This tree grows well in NJ and offers you a spring-flowering tree that is large enough to also be a shade tree. Some of the best trees for your landscape will be found at Fast Growing Trees Nursery.

New Jersey’s state tree is the Northern Red Oak. Also known as the Champion Oak, this tree grows straight and tall and in full maturity reaches heights of 90 feet. In exceptional circumstances, it may even reach 140 feet. It has a narrow-topped head and thrives in many soil types.

The New Jersey State soil is the Downer series. It was designated in 1960. This sandy loam is used mainly for woodland. In some areas, it is used for growing vegetables and fruit, though it needs to be irrigated. This soil type is dominant in the 11 southern counties of the Garden State. You can easily improve the quality of your soil by adding fertilizer and organic matter.

New Jersey's natural landscapes are often a mixture of hardy shade trees and flowering trees and shrubs that thrive in the Garden State. Choosing trees that can adapt to your climate zone and soil types will make your landscape thrive and it will be easier to care for.