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best sellerThuja Green Giant
Growing Zones 5-8

Thuja Green Giant

2460 reviews
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best sellerHass Avocado Tree
Growing Zones 9-11

Hass Avocado Tree

648 reviews
Starting at $76.95
best sellerRed Sunset® Maple Tree
Growing Zones 4-9

Red Sunset® Maple Tree

185 reviews
Starting at $124.95
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best sellerBaby Giant Arborvitae Tree
Growing Zones 5-8

Baby Giant Arborvitae Tree

129 reviews
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best sellerPhenomenal™ Lavender Plant
Growing Zones 5-9

Phenomenal™ Lavender Plant

265 reviews
Starting at $23.95
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best sellerEmerald Green Arborvitae
Growing Zones 3-8

Emerald Green Arborvitae

602 reviews
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best sellerGala Apple Tree
Growing Zones 5-8

Gala Apple Tree

130 reviews
Starting at $113.95
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best sellerNorway Spruce Tree
Growing Zones 2-7

Norway Spruce Tree

120 reviews
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best sellerTaylor Juniper Tree
Growing Zones 3-9

Taylor Juniper Tree

98 reviews
Starting at $69.95
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best sellerFlame Thrower® Redbud Tree
Growing Zones 5-9

Flame Thrower® Redbud Tree

293 reviews
Starting at $149.95
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best sellerFresh Cut Christmas Tree - Fraser Fir

Fresh Cut Christmas Tree - Fraser Fir

41 reviews
Starting at $74.95
best sellerEastern White Pine Tree
Growing Zones 3-8

Eastern White Pine Tree

104 reviews
Starting at $49.95
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best sellerChicago Hardy Fig Tree
Growing Zones 5-10

Chicago Hardy Fig Tree

493 reviews
Starting at $25.95
best sellerWintergreen Boxwood Shrub
Growing Zones 5-8

Wintergreen Boxwood Shrub

101 reviews
Starting at $27.95
best sellerBing Cherry Tree
Growing Zones 5-8

Bing Cherry Tree

274 reviews
Starting at $69.95
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best sellerOrchard Kit
Growing Zones 5-8

Orchard Kit

1 reviews
Starting at $495.95
best sellerJunior Giant Thuja Tree
Growing Zones 5-8

Junior Giant Thuja Tree

70 reviews
Starting at $94.95
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best sellerMeyer Lemon Bush
Growing Zones 8-11

Meyer Lemon Bush

332 reviews
Starting at $32.95
best sellerFull Speed A Hedge® American Pillar Arborvitae
Growing Zones 3-8

Full Speed A Hedge® American Pillar Arborvitae

102 reviews
Starting at $44.95
best sellerColorado Blue Spruce Tree
Growing Zones 2-7

Colorado Blue Spruce Tree

148 reviews
Starting at $74.95
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best sellerFiddle-Leaf Fig Tree
Growing Zones

Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree

308 reviews
Starting at $49.95
best sellerIce Cream Banana Tree
Growing Zones 8-11

Ice Cream Banana Tree

508 reviews
Starting at $69.95
best sellerSugar Maple Tree
Growing Zones 3-8

Sugar Maple Tree

99 reviews
Starting at $139.95
best sellerHoneycrisp™ Apple Tree
Growing Zones 4-8

Honeycrisp™ Apple Tree

322 reviews
Starting at $149.95

Iowa Trees

Iowans, who live in the Hawkeye State, are usually looking for fast-growing shade trees to cast some cooling shade on their residential landscapes. Planting trees in Iowa will definitely depend on where you live – the Young Drift Plains, the Driftless Area or The Dissected Till Plains – and the benefits you expect from the tree.

Other outstanding Iowa tree choices will always include specimens that are highly adaptable to the unique climate of the varied Hawkeye State regions, demonstration adaptability to the state’s hot summers, cold winters, and wet springs. Temperatures and rainfall vary widely and the average snowfall is 30 inches.

We know you want fast-growing trees that hardy even in the colder regions, such as robust Hybrid Poplar, the graceful Weeping Willow of the golden Quaking Aspen. Other favorites include the easy to maintain Norway Spruce and the Gingko.

You may want to enhance your residential landscape with colorful flowering trees like the fragrant Royal Empress, which grows well in Iowa and gives you the benefits of a spring flowering tree that is large enough to also be a shade tree. Some of the best trees for Iowa landscapes can be found right here at Fast Growing Trees Nursery.

Fruit tree lovers will enjoy our Key Lime trees, Bartlett Pear, Santa Rosa Plum, and Navel Oranges. The juicy North Star Cherries are also perfect for colder climates.

The Iowa state tree is the Northern Red Oak. Tama was designated the state soil of Iowa in 1917. It is considered to be one of the Hawkeye State’s most rich and productive soils. It consists of a dark brown, silty clay loam and is found hovering around 825,000 acres in 26 counties of east-central and eastern Iowa.

Gorgeous Iowa landscapes are usually a mixture of different types of hardy shade trees and flowering trees that grow well in the Hawkeye State, as well as evergreen and fruit trees.