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Ferns: A Simple, Elegant Addition to Your Home

Virtually resilient to heat, cold, and everything in between, ferns are a must-have staple for your home or landscape. They come in many varieties, though all are easy to care for and enjoy.

With thousands of varieties, there are a few types of ferns that lead the pack. Let’s see which fern is best suited to your space - perhaps even more than one!

Our Favorite Ferns

When it comes to these easy-growing accents, it's hard to pick a favorite. But if you've never had one before, these ferns are the perfect choice.

The Kimberly Queen Fern features long, dark green and narrow fronds. Requiring minimal attention to thrive, the Kimberly Fern makes it easy to add a tropical touch to your home or patio - it's perfect for pots or hanging baskets. And, with natural upright growth, it has a neater appearance than other, wilder ferns.

The Holly Fern