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Royal Empress: The World’s Fastest Growing Shade Tree

Royal Empress: The World’s Fastest Growing Shade Tree

Merging eco-friendly vibes with the elegance of a garden favorite, the Royal Empress Tree heightens any landscape (literally). Best of all? This coveted cultivar is the fastest growing shade tree in the world! Seriously. It reaches a height as high as 18 feet in the first year alone. Plus, the Royal Empress purifies the soil and cleans the air of pollutants and harmful gases more efficiently than any other tree available. 

What’s more, Royal Empress Trees improve efficiencies in hardwood harvesting and reforestation. In fact, farmers in China are using Royal Empresses for crop cultivation, utilizing a sustainable process known as intercropping. By placing the crops strategically, they create a wind screen to keep the ground moist and increase soil nutrients. Because of their amazing results, the Royal Empress is now called “the little tree that saved China.”

Clean Gardening

Furthermore, large leaves and rapid growth rate serve to extract pollutants and cleanse the air at an ultra-fast rate. Because of the uniqueness of this tree’s leaves, the Royal Empress cleans the air ten times faster than most other trees.

And by absorbing animal waste and toxins from the ground, Empress Trees clean the surrounding soil as well. This benefits not only the plants but also grazing animals.

More to Love: The Royal Empress Shines

Despite all these amazing findings, homeowners have discovered the Royal Empress Tree for entirely separate reasons.

With the cost of gas on the rise, economical botanicals are a must. Enter the Royal Empress. It creates a dense canopy that provides deep shade, reducing home energy costs up to 25% during the summer. Better still, it’s virtually indestructible and withstands temperatures from -10 degrees to more than 100 degrees. They have been grown from Mexico to Canada and can be planted any time of the year, in full sun or partial shade. 

You can now take part in the green movement today and plant one of these amazing Royal Empress Trees for your personal use. Its beauty and sweet, aromatic blooms are second to none, not to mention its vast eco-friendly benefits.

For additional detail information on the “wonder tree” Royal Empress, please visit our website at Don’t be surprised if you have a mature tree in just a few years!

Get to Grow Us: The Royal Empress and’s Nursery was originally founded in 2003 as a supplier and authority on Royal Empress Trees. In the fifteen years since, the nursery has grown significantly. From specializing in one tree to providing more than 60 superior varieties of trees, shrubs and more, we’re the authority when it comes to fast growth.

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