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Pet Friendly Plants: Top 5 Safe House Plants

Pet Friendly Plants: Top 5 Safe House Plants

Last week, we’ve discussed the awesome Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree and its bevy of benefits. The only downside? The popular houseplant is harmful to your furry family members! Fortunately, there are plenty of pet friendly plants that are super chic. Here are four of our top picks that are just as sleek as the Fiddle-Leaf but safer for your pets.

1. Palm Tree

Ponytail Palm

This iconic plant of the ’50s is making a comeback! Add some texture to your decor with a polished palm tree. Best of all, some of these exotic tree cultivars are nontoxic to dogs and cats.

And just like the Fiddle-Leaf Fig, palms are totally sleek. Our top palm when it comes to pet friendly plants? The Ponytail Palm.  


2. Olive Tree

Olive Tree

If you’re looking to add some elegance to your home, an olive tree absolutely fits the bill. Native to Spain, the Arbequina can grow up to 7 or feet, depending on the size of its pot.

Plus, olive trees symbolize health and peace, so it’s only fitting that it’s one of our favorite pet friendly pets.

3. Boston Fern

Like the Fiddle-Leaf Fig, this plant thrives in indirect sun and loves humidity. A native of Florida (its namesake comes from its cultivar, “Bostoniensis”), it can be added to your porch beams or planted in a pot. Whether you place two on either side of your front door or let them sit on the patio, these pet friendly plants wow.

Boston Fern

4. Money Tree

If you’re looking for a tree with a very similar look to the Fiddle-Leaf, the Money Tree is your go-to. Native to South America, it’s prized for the luck it’s said to bring its owner.

A natural beauty, it can soar at 6 to 7 feet in height and is considered the beginner’s bonsai for its low maintenance. This lush and glossy canopy it can be placed in a small container on your desk or corner, and best of all, it won’t harm your pets.


Money Tree

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