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Organic Plants: Top 5 Picks to Grow Fruit Fast

Organic Plants: Top 5 Picks to Grow Fruit Fast

There’s nothing quite like the crisp, clean taste of fruit from organic plants. But with high costs and weekly supermarket trips, eating organic is tough.

The solution? Grow your own! Thanks to our new USDA organic plants ( now offers 31 unique, organically-grown cultivars), you can enjoy all-natural, organic plants, right in your backyard. And true to our name, these eco-friendly favorites grow quickly. To celebrate these organic plants’ debut, we’re featuring our top five picks (but holding the harsh sprays and chemicals):


1. Meyer Lemon Tree

This customer favorite lives up to the hype. After all, it’s a hardy tree and producer of organic, super sweet lemons. Furthermore, the Meyer Lemon Tree is an absolute beauty, with pops of vibrant yellow hues and glossy evergreen foliage. When you order a larger-sized tree, you’ll have lemons the very first season. Click here to buy your own!

Lemon Tree


2. Little Miss Figgy™ Tree

If you love our Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree, the new organically-grown Little Miss Figgy Tree is a match made in heaven for your garden. And because the Little Miss Figgy well-suited to yard or patio planting, it’s just as versatile as the Fiddle-Leaf Fig. Because of its smaller size, you won’t need extra space to harvest tons of fresh, organic fruit from its branches. Check out the Little Miss Figgy here!



3. Goji Berry Plant

Famous for its superfood status, the Goji Berry Plant is a health-conscious staple. And our organic plant pulls double duty: it’s an amazing fruit producer and an attractive garden focal point. The Goji’s rich reds offer a perfect contrast to its deep green foliage. Even better? It’s hardy and drought tolerant. Take a look at our Goji Berry here!



4. Caroline Raspberry Plant

Known for its ability to provide some of the largest, sweetest raspberries, the Caroline Raspberry Plant is further enhanced by organic growth. Though it’s low-maintenance, it produces a huge yield of tasty raspberries. And with a harvest as late as September, it’s adaptable and economical. See what the Caroline Raspberry’s all about! 



5. Owari Satsuma Tree

Last but not least: the one-of-a-kind Owari Satsuma Tree. This improvement on the typical orange is impressive – it grows anywhere in the country when it’s patio planted and requires little to no care. Plus, Owari oranges look and taste just like Clementines, so they’re ideal for eating fresh from the tree’s branches. Take a look at our Owari Satsuma!

Owari Mandarins

So, whether you’re looking for beauty, brawn or bold taste (or all three), our new organics fit the bill. Check out our USDA organic plants and pick your own favorite…or two!


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