Thuja Green Giant Windbreak

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If you’re still reeling from that first energy bill of the winter season, steady yourself and consider how simple trees could help you hold on to more of that hard-earned cash.

ThujaGreenGiantThe U.S. Department of Agriculture estimated in 2005 that using trees can help significantly lower household energy costs. As much as 30 percent of the total heat loss from a home is because of air leakage via windows, cracks and ill-fitting door jams. Strong winter winds can force cold air into the home through these often overlooked areas. By helping to slow the force of high winds on a home, a thick barrier of trees can work to keep the cold air where it belongs — outside.

Often referred to as “windbreaks,” these consist of trees, shrubs, or a combination of both. The dense nature of these plants blocks high winds and keeps them from sweeping into a home. The department noted that well-planned windbreaks could reduce heating costs from 10 to 25 percent. With energy costs on the rise, buying trees now and preparing for future winters is a smart financial decision. Fast-Growing-Trees.com is an online nursery that offers a wide variety of trees and ships directly to you.

WALLOne of the types of trees that is ideal for creating a “living fence” for a property is the Thuja Giant. This fast growing tree is a hybrid that was created from the Western Redcedar and the Japanese Thuja. A conical evergreen, this popular hybrid was bred for its strength and is hearty and fast growing. The Thuja Green Giant grows as much as 5 feet a year and reaches maturity at an average height of 30 feet.

Travis Zboch, the assistant manager of the Fast Growing Trees Nursery said that the Thuja is a popular tree because of its elegant simplicity and how easy it is to maintain. “Strategically planted Thujas can be used to create a natural border that will protect your home,” Zboch said. “They grow so quickly and easily than anyone — even those who never found their green thumb — can take care of them.”

Thuja Trees are renowned for their strength and aren’t fickle — they will take root in almost any type of soil and will thrive with low, medium or strong levels of exposure to sunlight. Felker said that the trees available from Fast Growing Trees have strong, well-developed root systems that will quickly take hold when planted. Thick rows of trees will also filter dust and pollutants, reduce noise and restore oxygen to the air.

DSC05155Planting trees is sure to be a rewarding experience, and not only for the homeowner. The Department of Agriculture advocates planting trees on private properties and says that the work done by a single resident can affect an entire neighborhood community and increase the attractiveness of an urban landscape. Fast growing trees are easy to plant and maintain and offer satisfying results that everyone will enjoy.

Mother Nature will thank you, and so will your wallet.