I used to think people who were preparing for Doomsday were being dramatic. The garages filled with tissue, canned foods, drinks, deodorant, twizzlers, and much more. It just seems a little excessive and irrelevant. Yeah, you’re somewhat prepared but that food isn’t going to last. That tissue, for sure, isn’t going to last and neither are those twizzlers. However, if you are one of those people who wants to be prepared for the absolute worst, the grocery store isn’t going to get you far. You need something that’s going to continue to provide for you and your family. Give you more benefits than food. Like things that offer health benefits, hygiene, and other useful things for the end of the world. Something like, I don’t know, plants. Here are 10 survival plants everyone needs!

#1 Blueberries

Having a stash of blueberries for the end of the world would be a sweet bonus for you and your family. Not only will its succulently sweet flavor bring you back to the days where zombies weren’t taking over the world, but they also have wonderful benefits as well. Blueberries are the perfect option when it comes to taking care of the things you may’ve forgotten about. For example, doctors may be out of arm’s reach when the apocalypse comes, and it will be up to you to take care of you and your family’s health. This fruit will boost your immune system, protect you against UV damage, and are very high in antioxidants! Blueberries are also proven to help with cardiovascular health too. Therefore, run all you need to, because your heart is protected.

#2 Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts contain many nutrients that are vital to not only your health, but also the development of your body. This popular nut tastes best roasted, or in the addictive spread called Nutella. Other than most nut trees, hazelnuts produce earlier than most. Which is why you need this tree for you and your family. Besides its sweet and nutty flavor, In 2003 the FDA, also known as the Food and Drug Administration, approved a health claim that linked nut consumption to a reduced risk of heart disease. Hazelnuts have other great health benefits as well. For example, they help manage diabetes, strengthens muscle and combats obesity, and they also may help prevent cancer

#3 American Basswood

The first thing on all of our doomsday lists is, of course, fire. What can we possible do without it? You wouldn’t be able to heat up your canned pork and beans or warm yourself up during those very cold winters. Well, contrary to belief, not all wood is great for starting a fire. But, don’t worry.  I have the perfect tree for you that will provide ample amounts of fire and heat. The  American Basswood is a popular choice for fire because its soft wood is highly susceptible to friction. This tree can also double as food because of its sweet inner bark and edible leaves. You know, just incase you’re tired of the same old rotation of food.



#4 Fig Tree

These small pear shaped fruit have a sweet and nutty taste with a chewy strawberry flesh. Figs are known not only because of their popular appearance in Fig Newtons, but also because they’re very cold hardy. Unlike most fruit, Figs can withstand winters that would usually kill other fruit trees. Figs can also help with sore throats, and can even be used as a tincture on tumors, warts, and wounds.

 #5 Willow Tree

Now, let’s get real. Imagine it’s winter and your American Basswood fire is holding up, but not enough. Your children are sick and coming down with a very high fever. They’re saying they are in so much pain, but all of the medicine you stored away for this very moment is gone. You didn’t think this all the way through, and the supply you had wasn’t enough. The winter is only going to get colder and you need to find a natural remedy to soothe the pain of your children and bring down that fever. Believe it or not, having a Willow Tree will help. The bark of this tree contains the same anti-inflammatory and anti-fever properties that are found in aspirin….

#6 Mulberry

If the end of the world is becoming too much for you, and you’ve seemed to have drank all of your wine, no worries. Mulberries are the perfect option. Though you would have to put in extra work, I promise the results will be satisfying. With its tart taste, similar to grapefruit, these large circular fruit can be eaten as they are or you can make jams, jellies, syrups, or dry them and save them for later.

Not only will these succulent berries be good for your wine bingeing, and a great snack for your kiddos, they also carry a lot of health benefits too. For example, Mulberries reduce the risk of blood clots and strokes, cleanses your blood and liver, and strengthens your kidneys. They also prevent the flu and colds and even clears and rejuvenates your skin. Just because zombies are coming to eat you, doesn’t mean your skin can’t be flawless and radiant. Am I right, or am I right?

#7 Pear

This winter fruit is everyone’s favorite, because of its indescribable texture and its deliciously sweet taste. Pears are high in dietary fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Unlike most fruit, this tree is self fertile and cold hardy. Therefore, if you grow one, you’re still fine and when frost comes this tree will still thrive.


#8 Walnut

This popular superfood has high levels of nutrients and is known as the potion for the heart because it reduces cholesterol and enhances heart health..The bark of this tree can be processed into high-quality coal for tasty dinners and can even filter your water. Walnuts can treat colitis, chronic gallbladder disorders, arthritis, and gout.


#9 Oak

This sacred tree has been used to provide food, medicine, and shelter for centuries. Oak wood is prized because of its hardiness, density, and durability. Which is why this tree has been used to build for years. This tree also produces 140 pounds of acorns per tree. Which makes it a major food source. Though acorns can become toxic if eaten in large quantities, you can avoid this by removing the shells and placing the inside in a pot of boiling water. You will want to let the nut soak for a few hours to get rid of the bitter taste. Afterwards, you can roast them or use them in many other things like bread or brittle.

#10 Eastern Red Cedar

This tree can treat rashes and skin irritation that may come along with finding food or building shelter. The Eastern Red Cedar has many natural remedies that will be beneficial for you and your family. For example, if you use the smoke from the leaves of the Red Cedar it can treat bronchitis and the fruit can help relieve canker sores once chewed.

I know, it may seem depressing but it’s better to be prepared. Don’t wait tomorrow, or the next day, or even a month from now. We’re getting closer and closer to the apocalypse, and if you want your trees to be established by the time you run out of those cans of beans, you should have started yesterday. Click here to see all of our wonderful end of the world inventory now.

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