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Trees & Shrubs for Louisiana

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Plants perfect for Louisiana

Louisiana Trees

When residents of the Pelican State are looking for quality fast growing shade trees to enhance their residential landscapes, they come to the Fast Growing Tree Nursery. We have a wide selection of rapid-growth shade trees, flowering shrubs, evergreens and fruit trees. It is important to know that the climate and soil type in your region will affect your choice of trees and shrubs if you want the best from them.

Louisiana enjoys a reasonably consistent semi-tropical climate. During the summer and fall, the state is often beset by tropical storms, particular along the coastline. Temperature increases and rainfall and humidity decrease the further you move from the Gulf of Mexico. The northern regions experience occasional snow during the winter.

The Best Trees for Planting in Louisiana

If you’re a Louisiana landscaper looking for a fast growing tree to provide dense shade during the humid summer months, consider our hardy American Beech, which grows up to a foot each year to 60 feet in full maturity. Its golden fall color will brighten up any landscape. Our range of colorful, hardy Maples will also be right at home in your Pelican garden.

If you’re looking for privacy, consider planting a row of American Holly, Thuja Emerald Green, Cryptomeria Radicans or Drought Free Evergreens. These fast growing evergreens will enhance the beauty of your property’s boundary while adding a sense of security.

Our range of Louisiana-friendly shrubs and flowering trees will add stunning color to your garden. You can’t go wrong with the rare, deep purple blooms of the Twilight Crape, the wildlife attracting Lochinch Butterfly bush or the delicate Debutante Camellia.

For gardeners who are looking for fruit trees that will prosper in Louisiana, we have a selection that includes juicy Thornless Blackberries and the Everbearing Strawberry. Our juicy Nules Clementine, Bing cherry, Red Haven Peach and the Gala apple are popular favorites.

A Large Variety of Trees for Louisiana

Wherever you live in the Pelican Region – the East Gulf Coastal Plain, the Mississippi Alluvial Plain or the West Gulf Coastal Plain - we have the right trees for your geographical location. Our wide selection of trees for Louisiana is bound to provide long lasting solutions for your landscaping needs.

The Louisiana State tree is the Bald Cypress. This long-living deciduous tree is commonly seen alongside river, creeks and swamps. It grows up to 150 feet tall and can live up to 600 years. A legendary tree from the Deep South, it is known for its “knees” – protrusions in the trunk where the tree is growing in the water.

The Louisiana soil series is Ruston and is used mainly for woodland, so it is a productive soil for trees and shrubs. Other Louisiana soils include the clay Coastal Prairie soil, thin Loess soil and the peaty Gulf Coast Marsh soil. If your soil type does not drain well, you can amend it by adding organic matter.

Memorable Louisiana landscapes are usually comprised of a mixture of different varieties of hardy shade trees, feathery evergreens as well as flowering shrubs and fruit trees. Choosing trees that are easy to establish in the LA soil conditions and climate will ensure that you have a landscape that is stunning and easy to maintain.

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