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Trees & Shrubs for Kansas

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Plants perfect for Kansas

Kansas Trees

Kansas residents love their Sunflower State residential landscapes. They often come to us when they are looking for fast growing trees that will quickly provide them with cooling shade for their house and garden during the summertime. Which trees you choose to plant in Kansas will depend on where you live – the Dissected Till Plains, the Southeastern Plains and the Great Plains - and the benefits you expect from the tree.

The Best Trees for Planting in Kansas
Good considerations for tree choices for Kansans will always include species that are highly adaptable to the unique climate of the varied hardiness zones; trees that can thrive in zones 5 and 6 and can handle the highly changeable continental climate.

We know you want fast growing trees that are hardy with out compromising beauty, which is why we can offer the lively flowering Dogwood, the robust Hybrid Poplar, the Summer Red Maple with its blaze of glorious color or subtle Autumn Purple Ash Trees.

If you have a lake or pond on your property and you want to enhance its natural beauty, our Weeping Willow is just the thing. This graceful tree is an easy to grow shade tree and will provide a sweeping canopy for years to come. This is a quick and economical way to add character to any landscape.

Why not add some colorful shrubs to highlight your KS garden? Attract colorful wildlife with the beautiful, blue butterfly bush and our range of colorful azaleas. Our stunning Red Knockout roses will impress your guests and the beautiful Smoke Tree with its unique blooms will make a great conversation piece.

When you need privacy and security around your home, but at the same time you want to combine it with beauty, opt for our fast growing evergreens. Thuja Emerald Green, Cryptomeria Radicans or Drought Free Evergreens grow quickly to form a living wall that will enhance your property’s boundary.

A Large Variety of Trees for Kansas

Wherever your location - along the Arkansas River, in the Smoky Hills, on the High Plains or somewhere in the Ozark Plateau - our Kansas tree options provide something for every taste and climate zone throughout the state. You can count on our experts to help you find the perfect trees and shrubs for you.

Kansas’ state tree is the Cottonwood. This deciduous tree is fast growing and will reach up to 100 feet tall when it is mature. It has a wide, upright trunk with an open crown covered in light green leaves.

Harney is the official state soil of Kansas. Derived from a Native American word meaning ‘people,’ Harney is a prairie soil that covers more than 4 million acres of KS land. It is a rich, highly productive soil that is used mainly for crop farming. This is excellent soil for your fast growing trees and shrubs.

Kansas natives have homes surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes in the United states. A combination of native Cottonwoods, dense shade tress and colorful shrubs makes the Sunflower States residential landscapes stand out. Wise Kansas will choose landscape trees that adapt well to Kansas’ specific soil type, from the Fast Growing Trees Nursery.


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