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Pink Variegated Eureka Lemon TreeCitrus limon 'Eureka Variegated Pink'

28 reviews
  • Pink Variegated Eureka Lemon Tree

    Variegated foliage on both the leaves and the fruit of this beautifully unique tree.

  • Pink Variegated Eureka Lemon Tree

    Variegated Pink Lemon looks amazing in containers.

  • Pink Variegated Eureka Lemon Tree

    Sweeter than a regular lemon.

  • Pink Variegated Eureka Lemon Tree

    Juice is mostly clear despite the pink flesh.

* Images shown are of mature plants

Pink Variegated Eureka Lemon TreeCitrus limon 'Eureka Variegated Pink'

28 reviews
Fruit Trees & Bushes
Available Sizes:
  • 1 Gallon Bush
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  • 1-2 ft. Tree
  • 2-3 ft. Tree
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Robust, Juicy Pink Lemons in Just One Year

Why Pink Variegated Eureka Lemon Trees?

One of the most popular fruit trees for home-grown citrus, the Pink Variegated Lemon Tree provides lemons in just one year. Plus, because it’s dwarf-sized, it’s easy to grow almost anywhere effortlessly.

Even better is the fact that it’s drought-tolerant and easily adaptable to many soils and conditions. You don't need to spray chemicals because it isn't prone to pests or diseases, so you’ll get a hassle-free harvest of abundant lemons, right from home.

If you live where winters won't allow your Variegated Eureka Lemon to survive outdoors, simply put your potted tree in front of a sunny window during cold seasons. Getting your own exotic pink lemons at home, from growing to harvesting, couldn’t be simpler.

Why is Better

With our Eureka Trees, you get your own fruit in just one year since we’ve grafted, greenhouse-grown and nurtured each tree. Our hard work means you get a proven performer in your homescape.

We’ve grown your Variegated Lemon Tree months ahead of time…and now, you get consistent growth, fast fruiting and reliable, consistent flavor, season after season. Pull out that juicer from the back of the cabinet, and make some real pink lemonade with your own Variegated Lemon Tree!

Pollination Info

Pink Variegated Eureka Lemon Tree Pollination

Pink Variegated Eureka Lemon Trees are self-fertile. You will get fruit with only one plant. However, adding an additional Pink Variegated Eureka Lemon Tree will drastically increase the size of your crop.

Planting & Care

1. Planting: Choose a location where your tree is going to get plenty of sunlight, 6-8 hours per day is best. Variegated Eurekas can tolerate some shade but thrive in full sun.

Whether you plant in a container or in the ground, ensure you also have well-drained soil for your Variegated Eureka Lemon Tree.

When you're ready to plant, dig a hole twice as wide and just as deep as the root system. Place the tree in the hole and backfill it, tamping the soil down as you backfill the hole to cut back on any pockets from forming.

After planting, be sure to give your Variegated Eureka Tree a deep watering for about 5 minutes. Mulching around the tree will help insulate the roots and keep your plant warm in the colder winter months as well.

If you're container planting, select a container that's about twice the width of your plant's shipped container.

2. Watering: After watering about once or twice weekly, allow the top 2 to 3 inches of the soil to dry out completely before watering again.

For potted Variegated Eurekas, stick your index finger into the soil down to about 2 inches. If there is moisture present, hold off on watering until it feels drier at that depth, and when you do water, stop once you see it escaping the drainage holes at the base.

3. Fertilizing: Feed your Variegated Tree during the warmer spring and summer seasons with a citrus specific fertilizer, like the one included in our Citrus Care Kit, once every six weeks. During the fall and winter season, ease back to fertilizing once every 2 to 3 months. Once the tree has matured a bit and has got a few years on it, you can skip the cold season fertilization.

4. Pruning: Make 45-degree angle cuts to remove dead or crossing limbs and also to thin out the tree. After the tree fruits, remove any dead wood and ventilate the center of the tree. Remove suckers as they form/grow from the base. Pruning can be done at any time of the year for the potted Variegated Eureka and any time for the in-ground tree, except for the winter.

5. Pollination: The Pink Variegated Lemon is self-fertile, but you can pollinate your indoor trees by hand, taking a small, dry, fine-tipped paintbrush and stick it into the center of the bloom. Swirl it around and collect the pollen on the brush, go to the next bloom and repeat the process until every bloom has been treated. Do this once daily and don’t wash the paintbrush until after the blooms have been pollinated.

Shipping Details

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Product Details

Mature Height: 10-15 ft. pruned
Mature Width: 6-8 ft.
Sunlight: Full-Partial
Growth Rate: Moderate
Harvest Time: November - March
Year to Bear: Can Fruit the 1st year!
Botanical Name: Citrus limon 'Eureka Variegated Pink'
Does Not Ship To: AL,AZ,CA,FL,GA,LA,OR,TX
Grows Well In Zones: 4-11 patio / 8-11 outdoors
Your Growing Zone: #

      4-11 patio
      8-11 outdoors

Growing Zones: 4-11 patio / 8-11 outdoors

(hardy down to 20℉)

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United States United States
I recommend this product

A Wonderful Plant!

This lemon tree arrived securely packaged but was beyond easy to unpack. The plant is good-sized, healthy, and in a nice pot that will do until I find the perfect pretty replacement. The lemon tree is growing, seems happy and healthy, and looks great: not one leaf has dropped off. I am so beyond pleased!

Daniel P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Interesting tree

As always with Fast Growing Trees, amazing service. Tree arrived healthy. I look forward to seeing how this grows and produces. My only issue with FGT is that some of their people are very aggressive pruners. This little tree arrived very lopsided. I could see where a branch was removed that needn't have been. I am a trained master gardener from University Of Michigan with over 45-Years experience caring for plants. I was not pleased with the butcher job on such a tiny tree. This is rare but happens from time to time with FGT. The customer service however and care in packaging plants and overall fabulous service from this company is truly second to none.

United States United States
I recommend this product

Variegated lemon tree

Excited to have that variety! Nice condition like always.

Nathan S.
United States United States

Awesome product and customer care

First one was damaged in shipping, but they replaced it quickly and without issue. Best customer service anywhere!

United States United States
I recommend this product

Beautiful specimen!!

The tree arrived in perfect condition and was a good size and beautiful specimen! It is one I would have picked out myself. They waited until the proper weather window to ship it and when it was time, it came without delay. Great experience working with the company!