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Evergreen Trees

Degroot's Spire Thuja Arborvitae Tree

Thuja occidentalis 'Degroot's Spire'

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Degroot's Spire Thuja Arborvitae Tree Care

View Full Planting & Care Instructions
sun shining


These trees prefer full-partial sun. Plant in an area that receives 4-6 hours of sunlight daily.

drops of water


Water as often as you need to keep the soil moist but not overly saturated. You may need to water weekly or more often during the hotter months, but in other seasons sufficient rainfall should be enough to keep your tree watered properly.



Regular springtime application of a general-purpose, balanced lawn fertilizer is recommended for the Degroot's Spire Thuja to optimize its growth.

Purple-Tinged Winter Foliage on a Pyramidal Form

Why Degroot's Spire Thuja Arborvitae Trees?

Purple-tinged winter foliage meets a sleek, narrow pyramidal form, setting the Degroot's Spire Thuja apart from similar varieties.

Looking for eye-catching height without sacrificing a ton of space in your landscape? Look no further than the Degroot's Spire Arborvitae. Its twist-like texture grows naturally into a slim form and takes on shearing well, so you can shape it any way you like. Plus, its tailored evergreen silhouette is perfect for windbreaks, planting between buildings, driveway borders, and beyond.

Why Fast-Growing-Trees.com is Better

Your Degroot's Spire Thuja has an exceptionally firm and extensive root system because we’ve planted and grown it at our nursery before shipping it to your door. Now, with optimal care, you can expect your hardy, reliable Degroot's Spire Thuja to last season after season.

And compared to similar varieties, your mature Degroot's Spire Thuja has better color retention and density. That means you’ll get the benefits of looks, strength, longevity, and more with your new Thuja Spire – order yours now!

Planting & Care

1. Planting: Choose a planting location in full sun to partial sunlight (4 to 6 hours of sunlight per day).

Dig a hole twice the diameter of the tree's root system. Spread the tree's roots gently out in the hole. Fill the hole in with a mixture of soil and organic matter such as compost. The top of the root system should be level with the ground. Tamp the soil down around the shrub’s roots to remove any air pockets.

Spread a three-inch layer of mulch such as bark chips, pine needles, or peat moss beneath the shrub to help the soil retain water and also keep weeds away from the shrub.

2. Watering: Keep the soil moist but not overly waterlogged around your tree. During the hotter months, you should water once a week unless you have received any rain. After the summer season, your normal rainfall should be sufficient unless there is an extended period of drought.

3. Fertilizing: The Degroot's Thuja benefits from an annual springtime application of general-purpose, balanced lawn fertilizer. Follow the instructions on the fertilizer for application ratios.

4. Pruning: To shape your tree, you can shear it in the late winter to early spring months.

Full Planting & Care Instructions

Product Details

Mature Height:20 ft.
Mature Width:4 ft.
Sunlight:Full-Partial Sun
Growth Rate:Moderate
Botanical Name:Thuja occidentalis 'Degroot's Spire'
Does Not Ship To:AZ, OR
Grows Well In Zones:3-8 outdoors
grow zone map

Growing Zones: 3-8 outdoors

(hardy down to -30℉)

Customer Reviews & Photos


Based on 10 reviews

Sara G.
Verified Buyer


Smaller than expected but seems healthy enough. Was in transit for about 10 days so we weren’t expecting the trees to be in very good shape, but we got them in the ground quickly and it looks like they will be okay.

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They are OK!

A bit of a slow grower! Love them but why don't you have larger ones available?

Media from review #1
Was this review helpful?

Great product so far

Product came in looking really good considering it is an online company. Little guys are in the ground and looking happy 😊

Was this review helpful?

Degroots Spire Thujq Arborvitae

trees came as advertised. impressed with the spiral. planted them in peat and soil mix. trees look good

Media from review #1
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Matthew K.
Verified Buyer

Looking good

Delivery was fast and trees were in good condition. They've been planted and seem to be doing well.

Media from review #1
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