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Flowering Trees

Cold Hardy Mimosa Tree

Albizia julibrissin 'EH Wilson'

Superior mimosa tree handles the toughest conditions while remaining beautiful all the while!

  • The hardiest mimosa variety, surviving temps down to -10 degrees
  • A low-growing variety, versatile for spaces small to large
  • Gorgeous, silky, pink blossoms that last for nearly four months
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Colorful Blooms for Months, Even in Freezing Temperatures

With the Cold Hardy Mimosa, you get gorgeous, full, pink blooms that can withstand freezing temperatures down to -10 degrees, making it the hardiest mimosa variety available.

In fact, this durable tree thrives under heavy layers of ice and snow with no trouble, so it’s highly adaptable and blooms beautifully, even up north. The Cold Hardy Mimosa flourishes around mid-June, made unique by hundreds of pink blossoms that last until September. The flowers’ longer silhouettes give the tree its nickname, the Silk Tree, because their silken finish lends a unique texture to the mimosa.

And you get this one-of-a-kind look for nearly four months because the tough, durable mimosa is extremely hardy, drought-tolerant and heat-resistant. That means it thrives in the hot, dry south and outlasts cold snaps up north. In the toughest conditions, it continues to attract graceful wildlife like hummingbirds and bees but resists deer. 

Plus, its low size makes it perfect for nearly anywhere in the landscape. Add this versatile mimosa to spaces large or small as a focal point, or plant it in mass for a showy display.

Planting the Cold Hardy Mimosa means long-lasting blooms and a tree that survives everything, from poor soil to various climate conditions. Get the look of springtime, long after the season’s end – get your Cold Hardy Mimosa Tree today!

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Product Details

Mature Height:10-15 Ft.
Mature Width:15-20 ft.
Sunlight:Full-Partial Sun
Growth Rate:Fast
Botanical Name:Albizia julibrissin 'EH Wilson'
Does Not Ship To:AZ,FL,OR
Grows Well In Zones:5-10 outdoors
grow zone map

Growing Zones: 5-10 outdoors

(hardy down to -10℉)

Customer Reviews & Photos


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Diana M.


We planted these in the fall, two sticks. Now they resemble more of a palm tree which is fine. I misplaced the instructions on the trees. When do we remove the stick that was attached to the trunk and what is the best way to take care of the trees so they grow correctly? Thank you, Diana If you have a guide that would be great.

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Emily M.
Verified Buyer

So far, so good.

Ordering was easy and plant arrived cross country in about a week. The tree was pruned down much smaller than I imagined. Hopefully it will grow fairly quickly. Tree looked healthy even after having to wait a few days to open.

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Sort of ok

Arrived a bit mangled. Some leaves (which weren't many to begin with) were busted. Puny looking for a 5-6 footer but we shall see now that it's in the ground.

Fast Growing Trees Plant ExpertHello Annika, we're sorry to hear about your experience! Please reach out in the next couple of weeks if it begins to decline so we can help with a replacement tree.
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No need to buy

I live in east Texas and memosa trees grow wild. I have transplanted them and if you direct the groth it makes a nice tree.

Was this review helpful?

Where are the branches?

I’m a little confused about our two Mimosa trees that arrived today as they kind of just look like two sticks. HA! I was very disappointed taking them out of the box. They literally sprout out of the ground as tiny 6” saplings with leaves and branches so how have these grown 3 feet tall and don’t have a single branch?! Doesn’t make any sense. I grew up with these in my yard and even at this size they should have leaves and branches ( ours in Missouri had them this time of year and at a very small size) I think I’ve either gotten some that had the branches cut off - which WHY- or something is wrong with these. I was really sad and hoping they turn into something as I’ve wanted some of my childhood trees for years.

Fast Growing Trees Plant ExpertHi Amanda! We completely understand your concerns. This is the way that mimosas go dormant in the winter months! The branches are actually considered part of their leaves on this tree and they drop both. We have them covered under our dormancy guarantee so just let us know if they do not begin pushing out new growth by the end of May and they'll be covered!
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