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Red Twig Dogwood

Red Twig Dogwood
Images shown are of mature plants
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Product Details

Growing Zones: 2-9 outdoors

(hardy down to -40℉) 
      2-9 outdoors
   Map 2-9 outdoors
Mature Height:
6-8 ft.
Mature Width:
6-8 ft.
Growth Rate:
Botanical Name:
Cornus sericea
Does Not Ship To:

Product Description

Look Forward to Winter with Fire-Red Color!

- Fantastic winter color
- Drought tolerant
- Adaptable to cold & hot weather extremes

This is a fun shrub that catches a lot of looks.

In Spring, it puts out attractive white flowers. Summer, it fills out into a well shaped shrub with beautiful green leaves. Fall starts warming up with red fall foliage. Come winter, the leaves drop, exposing this amazing bright, red bark.

Use the Red Twig Dogwood as a privacy screen or even as a foundation hedge. It makes an attractive, large shrub all by itself, but is definitely most dramatic when several are planted together.

Grows in full sun or shade, but the more sun, the more color.

This is a hardy shrub. It's very drought tolerant, but also does well in soggy areas. It's not fussy about soil and withstands the coldest conditions, anywhere in the U.S.

Bring the flaming red stems inside for floral arrangements or as decoration at those festive holiday dinners...or plant one outside a window to enjoy its carefree, spectacular form year-round.

Soon, you won't know how you lived without this delightfully different shrub as a part of your outdoor scenery.

Your Red Twig Dogwood plants arrive with well developed root systems, ready to take off.

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Erica S.
United States United States


I really questioned myself on whether I had ordered them at the wrong time (Oklahoma temps in the high 90’s-100’s and drought like conditions). The majority of the the leaves withered within a week of planting, but I continued to water and prune diligently. Then we had a week of heavy rain and cooler temps to the 80’s and glory I’m now seeing new leaves on all 6 of my plants even though temps are back up they are looking much healthier. I appreciate that even under harsh conditions these bushes have really shown some resiliency. I am looking forward to seeing whether the red color will pop in the winter like they say.

Erica S. verified customer review of Red Twig Dogwood
Andy G.
United States United States

Happy and healthy

Arrived healthy and even a little bit larger than expected. I can only hope it looks like the pictures as it grows and develops the redness depicted as winter arrives.

aaron j.
United States United States

leaves are all gone so far...we'll see...

TBD, we'l see if the leaves grow back

kelly kerrigan Hodge

What is the best gift you can give yourself for the winter blues? RED

We saw the photos, and so we thought we would give this one a try. I bought three and just the blooming season alone was cause enough to be pleased with this addition to our afternoon sun/morning shade zone 7 mid souther garden. Bit once winter arrived, and all my perennials settled down for their long sleep, this Fellow started to sing in a color that looked like someone had come along and painted it with a red wax crayon. I had to go get my husband, who is only excited about what I do in my yard because he knows it gives me pleasure, but when he saw this, his enjoyment was that of his own making, Now and then, When I find any Red Twig Dogwoods out in my local world be them on sale, or just at garden centers, it is HE who says, "Babe! look! let's score some more of those firecracker dogwood bushes!" It is true what the above info says, these are indeed beauties alone in their solo spotlight, but they do look astonishing in a group chorus. For me, I hope for a rare Mid-South snow, which does not occur as often as they once did when I was a child in the 1980s. But just the thought of having several of these shrubs together come some snowy day to set off a magnificent explosion of these "firecrackers" in the dead of a white cold winter will give anyone just the red shift they might need to adjust their feeling those winter's blues

Jen K.

Desert Color

I purchased two Red Twig Dogwood bushes at the end of May 2018. I live in the high desert of California, so we have extremely hot, dry, sunny summers and cold winters. It snowed 3x in February 2019. Both bushes were planted in full sun using a mix of Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil and native sand. They are going strong after 1 year of being planted. I just wish they'd grow faster. They haven't grown up at all, and maybe outward just slightly. I will purchase more of these bushes at some point.

Planting & Care

The red twig dogwood (Cornus sericea) is a species of Dogwood native throughout northern and western North America from Alaska east to Newfoundland, south to Durango and Nuevo León in the west, and Illinois and Virginia in the east. Other names include Red Willow, Kinnikinnick, Redstem Dogwood, Red-rood, American Dogwood, Creek Dogwood, and Western Dogwood.

Red Twig Dogwood are a popular ornamental shrub that is often planted for the red coloring of its twigs in the dormant season. Native Americans used the berries as food, both fresh, dried and cooked. Some Plateau Indian tribes ate the berries to treat colds and slow bleeding. This decorative dogwood is quite cold tolerant and can be planted in USDA growing zones 2-9. They grow at a moderate rate, are quite drought tolerant and reach a mature height/width of 6-8 feet.

Seasonal information: Red twig dogwood shrubs provide year-round interest, but despite bearing spring blossoms, variegated leaves in summer, and berries from summer to fall, clearly this plant's common name explains the main reason people grow it: namely, the bush's red twigs, which are brightest in winter.

Choosing a location: Red twig dogwood bushes are considered good plants for wet areas, although some cultivators report that the red twig dogwoods perform better in well-drained soils. Work humus into the soil for nutrients. In terms of sunlight requirements, red twig dogwood shrubs will tolerate partial shade, but their signature red bark will be brightest if they are planted in full sun.

Planting instructions: Red twig dogwood shrubs will tolerate partial shade, but their signature red bark will be brightest if they are planted in full sun.

1) Dig your planting hole twice the width of the root ball and just as deeply enough so that it's level with the surrounding area.
2) Remove the plant from the container by gently tapping on the ground and easing the plant out of the container. If the red twig dogwood was purchased with burlap covering the root ball, cut at least half of the burlap off the root ball exposing the roots.
3) Place the shrub in the planting hole and back fill with your blend of native and gardening soil and gently tap down to secure the plant. This will help keep the dogwood straight and eliminate any air pockets that may have formed.
4) Water the planting site to settle the soil then mulch to retain soil moisture and keep competing growth back.

Watering: Create a mulch barrier around the tree's trunk at planting. Keep the mulch five or six inches away from the trunk itself to help the tree retain water. Water the red twig dogwood thoroughly.

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