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Red DogwoodCornus florida var. rubra

120 reviews
  • Red Dogwood

    Dogwood trees are great for shady areas underneath taller trees.

  • Red Dogwood

    Bright pink blooms appear in spring.

  • Red Dogwood

    Fall Dogwood color is rusty red.

* Images shown are of mature plants

Red DogwoodCornus florida var. rubra

120 reviews
Flowering Trees
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Turn Your Yard into a Springtime Show

- Beautiful pink and red blossoms every spring
- Gorgeous fall foliage

Easy to plant, and fun to watch! You'll find yourself anticipating springtime, just to see your Red Flowering Dogwood in action!

Your Fast Growing Trees Red Dogwood proudly displays pink or red spring flowers that last deep into the blooming season - giving you exceptional performance when other trees quit.

This tree offers color all year... making it one of our most popular specimen trees! Matures to a height of 20-25 ft. - you can even plant it in small lawns or other tight areas.

An excellent tree for under-story or shady areas. Plant this tree almost anywhere. Grows in many soils and climates. mildew resistant! Perfect for Growing Zones 5-9.

Don't wait until next spring! With plenty of water, you can plant any time.

Fast Growing Trees Nursery ships your Dogwood Trees potted. Dogwoods are sensitive and when dug out of the ground (bare-root) they are susceptible to disease and death. Shipping you a Dogwood Tree in a container, ensures you will have a healthy tree that will explode with growth the first year.

Planting & Care

The Red Dogwood (Cornus Florida) is the perfect tree for smaller yards moderately growing to a mature height and width of 20-25 feet. Since it’s good for USDA growing zones 5-9, it has the ability to grow in just about any climate providing it gets the proper full to partial sun exposure required. It grows into a pyramidal shape with oval, bright green leaves that give way to beautiful fall colors of a rich red-brown. Birds love the small, bright red fruits that mature in late summer to early fall and have the ability to last until late in the year. During the blooming season, look for the dainty, red or pink flowers that are described as hermaphroditic, meaning “perfect flowers.”

Seasonal Information: With proper time & care, Dogwood trees can be planted at any time of the year. If your area is experiencing extreme heat, place your potted tree in a well shaded area, such as a garage, or plant it in a well shaded area of your lawn. Once mature, your tree will be better able to manage with temperatures of this kind. Typically, though, trees do not experience much growth during times of extreme temperature.

Location: Choose a planting site for your Dogwood that receives light or filtered shade. Dogwood trees are highly adaptable to many soil types. However, they thrive best in moist, fertile soils high in organic matter. The soil of your planting site should be well drained, with a 5.5 pH level.

Planting Instructions:
1) Dig a planting hole for your dogwood that is two times the diameter of your tree’s root ball and comprised of equal depth.
2) Remove your Dogwood from its container and ensure root moisture.
3) Place your tree in the planting hole, keeping the top of the root ball even with the ground.
4) Adjust your tree’s position and angle, then use the original soil to fill the planting hole.
5) Spread the roots out evenly and surround them with soil, tamping down lightly as you fill to avoid air pockets, which can dry out the roots of your tree.
6) Avoid firming the soil at this point, and instead water the area immediately to settle the soil.
7) Mulch around the base of the tree to conserve soil moisture. This will also keep competing growth (grass and weeds) from growing around the planting site.

Watering: Dogwood trees possess very shallow root systems that are susceptible to drying out in the absence of regular rainfall. It is best to water your tree once or twice a week. Be sure to water correctly. Light green leaves are a sign of overwatering, while drooping leaves signify both over watering and under watering. Watch for these and any other signs that your tree is getting too much or too little water.

Fertilization: Dogwood trees do not require much fertilization. If you choose to fertilize your tree, do so sparingly in April or May. Any general purpose fertilizer is suitable for this.

Weed Control: Do not permit weeds or grasses any closer than 2-3 feet from your Dogwood in the first year. Pull the weeds initially, and then utilize a growing mat or mulch. Insulate the roots 2-4 inches and replenish as needed. Do not spray Round Up on a young Dogwood, and ensure that wind doesn’t blow chemical drift onto your tree.

Pests & Disease: The best defense against any pest or disease issue is a healthy tree. Good soil, proper feeding & healthy watering habits are vital to the prosperity of your tree.

Deer: If you believe that deer may become an issue for your Dogwood, consider caging the tree(s). Although there is a whole host of deer deterrents available, nothing will guarantee protection like caging will.

Winter Dormancy: During late fall and winter, your Dogwood will enter its dormant state. When this occurs, your tree’s leaves will fall off and the stem will turn brown. Above ground, nothing will take place during this time, but the roots of your tree will continue to grow beneath the surface. This winter root development will accelerate the growth of your tree come spring.

Shipping Details

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Product Details

Mature Height: 20-25 ft.
Mature Width: 20-25 ft.
Sunlight: Part Shade Preferred-- Tolerates Full Sun in Cooler Zones
Growth Rate: Moderate
Botanical Name: Cornus florida var. rubra
Does Not Ship To: AZ,FL
Grows Well In Zones: 5-9 outdoors
Your Growing Zone: #
5-9 outdoors       Map

Growing Zones: 5-9 outdoors

(hardy down to -10℉)

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Customer Reviews
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United States United States
I recommend this product

Went in easy just before winter... waiting for awesome results in the spring

Got it in time to plant and get mulched for the winter. I've been very pleased with the timed delivery from your company and the other trees I've purchased are healthy and I'm expecting the dogwoods I have purchased this fall to be gorgeous in the spring.

United States United States
I recommend this product

Two Red Dogwoods Early Experience With Fast Growing Trees

Trees appear to be in good shape....time will tell....purchased one year warranty. Some confusion with your staff on the dimensions of the container. Sales person said 12 by 12 and when I called back to discuss with your expert they said 14 x 14. I wanted the sizes ahead of time to dig my holes in I dug 15 by 30. When the trees arrived one was 9 inches deep and the other 10 inches and width 11 & 12. The containers were no longer circular as they were dented at various circumferences... assume due to shipping.


We're so sorry for the confusion and thank you for the feedback! Please let us know if you have any concerns with the trees due to shipping and we'll be happy to help!

Steven P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Beautiful Red Dogwood Trees

I opted for 4 of the largest size and when they arrived they were healthy and beautiful. Thanks FastGrowingTrees.

James D.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Backyard shade

first order and we were very pleased with the speed of delivery and the quality of the product. We had been looking at local nurseries for either a pink or red dogwood to plant after recent hardscaping and landscaping at the rear of our home. Could only find white dogwoods and were prepared to wait until April to get what we wanted. A neighbor told us about your website and after seeing this tree available decided to give it a shot. So happy we did. We now have just what we wanted and it appears very healthy and ready to establish itself in our yard.

United States United States

Alive but struggling

I am watering it twice a day but two days after it was planted it started losing leaves. Some are still there with brown edges -- so fingers crossed. I think it's getting over the shock of planting. Fingers crossed -- too early to tell if it's going to make it.