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2-in-1 Plum Surprise Tree


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Two Plum Varieties on One Tree

Why 2-in-1 Plum Surprise Trees?

Two different types of juicy plums from just one tree? It seems almost too good to be true, but with our 2-in-1 Plum Surprise, you'll have it all. And you won’t need a lot of yard space to enjoy a large harvest year after year. And the fun part: You won’t know the two types of plums that were grafted onto your tree until it produces fruit - so your first harvest will be a sweet surprise!

Plus, you'll get fruit the very first season. Your 2-in-1 Plum Tree is hand-grafted, which means the top of a mature tree is spliced onto the rootstock of a young new tree. This process safely speeds up the growth of the tree, so you get a mature harvest despite the fact that there's virtually no upkeep.

No guesswork, no hassle, no fuss. Your 2-in-1 Plum is resilient and thrives in most conditions. While areas in the south are ideal for plums, your tree is bred to be quite hardy in colder climates too.

Why Fast-Growing-Trees.com is Better

And you'll get a longer harvest period. Hand grafting takes a considerable amount of time and effort on our end, and we nurture the tree for years before we ship it to you. Now, you won’t wait up to five years for your tree to bear fruit, and you won't be limited to just one month of harvesting.

Unlike other big-box retailers or local nurseries, we take the time to graft, plant and nurture your tree. When your 2-in-1 Plum Surprise arrives at your door, it's ready to take off...you get all of the rewards with none of the work.

If you’re seeking a mouth-watering fruit tree that requires little care, this hardy option will make a lovely addition to your home. Discover the delicious flavor (and easy growth) of the 2-in-1 Plum today...order your 2-in-1 Plum Surprise Tree now!

Full Planting & Care Instructions

Product Details

    Mature Height:8-12 ft.
    Mature Width:8-12 ft.
    Sunlight:Full Sun
    Growth Rate:Moderate
    Harvest Time:June-August
    Year to Bear:Can Fruit the 1st Year!
    Botanical Name:Prunus
    Does Not Ship To:AR,AZ,CA,ID,LA,OR,WA
    Grows Well In Zones:5-8 outdoors
    grow zone map

    Growing Zones: 5-8 outdoors

    (hardy down to -10℉)

    Customer Reviews & Photos


    Based on 9 reviews

    Michelle B.

    Do not buy from this company they dont stand by the product

    company does not stand behind their product ! Waited 2 years for the plum tree to do something and not even leaves .. Customer service says out of warrantee time frame but then tells me it take 3-5 years for the tree to produce . So which is it ? Would not recommend very deceiving description . 339 .00 for a tree that has done nothing .. will never buy from here again ..

    Fast Growing Trees Plant ExpertHello Michelle, we apologize for any inconvenience you've experienced. We have reached out privately to see how we can help. You should've seen leaves the first year and we were/are available to help at anytime! We just need to know about any concerns within our warranty period. Hopefully we'll hear back from you soon so we can help!
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    James H.
    Verified Buyer

    2-in-one Plum surprise tree.

    No other tree I have purchased has grown this well immediately after planting.

    Was this review helpful?

    Looking forward to prunes, man

    I picked up two of these and can't wait to enjoy them in the future. My only complaint is that one of the grafted branches appears to be quite a bit shorter than the other three. This is not going to matter very soon, but everything else about how these arrived rules. Punched through the turf and dug out the hole with a pickaxe/backhoe and dropped them in as per instructions. Easy.

    Was this review helpful?
    Theresa T.
    Verified Buyer


    So far I am very pleased with my new plum tree. It came one day earlier than expected but I was ready with a hole already prepared and my rich compost nearby to mix with the dirt that was dug out of the hole. The tree came in a huge box with the root ball well protected with a burlap bag around the root ball and an additional plastic bag around the burlap to keep the root ball moist. The poor tree was in shock when it arrived; but within a few days of my planting it--and daily watering—it has perked up. The tree has two labels on separate limbs to indicate the type of plums grafted together. I can hardly wait until it begins to flower and bear plums, which I hope will be next year. NOTE: I bought a 6-ft red maple in 2017 and now it towers above my storage shed. Its leaves are quite showy in the fall. This experience is what made me trust Fast-Growing-Trees to provide me with another treasure for my yard.

    Was this review helpful?
    James W.
    Verified Buyer

    So far so good

    Two of the Burbank plum branches were without leaves but looks like buds potentially incoming. The shipment itself was impressive and 6-7 foot was right on the money.

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