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What to Expect From Your Flowers in May

The Fast Growing Trees Team — Apr 26, 2023

What are your flowering plants doing right now?

The good news for May is that flowers are waking up and growth is everywhere! The not-so-good-news? So are pests. May calls for preparedness as your plants continue to grow and flower, but don’t fret over battling bugs—as long as you arm yourself with these tips and tricks, you’ll be growing with success all month long! Here’s what to expect from your flowering plants in May:

Get Smart

  • Spring cleaning isn't just for inside the house—your garden needs some tidying too! Keep your yard in tip-top shape by keeping up with important tasks like weeding, watering, and removing any fallen leaves or flowers
  • Get into a rhythm. Depending on the size of your yard and the number of plants in it, caring for all of them might start feeling like a chore. But you don’t have to dread your garden tasks—instead, divide them into manageable chunks by focusing on one area of your yard at a time.
  • If you have the same kinds of plants grouped together, be on the lookout for issues that might arise and get ready to act on them fast. For example, if you have several roses together, it’s very easy for a rose-specific fungus or pest to spread from one plant to another. If you can, plant a mixture of different varieties to avoid this. 

mixed planting bed

Mixed planting bed

Be Prepared

  • Research your local pests and when they’re most active in your area. You’ll want to know what to look out for and how to prevent or treat any possible damage in your yard. Your local environmental agencies or your state’s extension website are both helpful resources and only a Google search away. 
  • Arm yourself with a spray that does more than just one job. It’s always a good idea to use sprays sparingly so as to not harm your plants, but something like Neem Oil, which is derived from natural ingredients, is great to have on hand to treat common pests and diseases.

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          Neem Oil


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