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What to Expect From Your Evergreen in May

The Fast Growing Trees Team — Apr 26, 2023

What are your evergreens doing right now?

The good news for May is that growth is everywhere! The not-so-good-news? So are pests. May calls for preparedness as your plants continue to grow, but don’t fret over battling bugs—as long as you arm yourself with these tips and tricks, you’ll be growing with success all month long! Here’s what to expect from your evergreens in May:

Make Room for Growth

  • Check evergreens in containers at this time and focus on their roots. With new spring growth above ground, there is also growth happening underground as the soil heats up. Be on the lookout for circling roots or plants that have outgrown their container and need to be transplanted into a larger container.
  • Keep up that fertilizing! Depending on your local weather conditions you may or may not have started fertilizing. If you haven't yet this season, start, and if you have, keep going!
  • Not loving where you first planted your evergreen? That’s okay! The best time to transplant evergreens is in early spring or fall when the weather is still mild. 
circling roots

Circling/overgrown roots in container

Protect Your Plants

  • Watch out for crowded trunks. Many evergreen trees and shrubs have foliage all the way down to the soil line, so it might be hard to spot if anything is wrong. Safeguard your plant by moving foliage aside and promoting air circulation by pushing pine straw, mulch, or other groundcovers away from the trunk (around 7 inches). This simple step reduces pest and fungal issues. 
  • Your local wildlife has likely started visiting your yard and bringing their appetite! Animals love to munch on soft, new growth, so if you still have a lot of tender foliage in your yard, consider using repellents or physical barriers to protect your plants. As your plants mature, foliage will be less enticing to animals, and you can cut back on these deterrents.   

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