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Jun 27

Gardening for Summer? See Our Top 4 Must-Haves

Looking for new plants and trees for the summer? It's the perfect time of year to finish your garden! Thankfully,sweet summer vibesare only a month or so away. And there's no better way to welcomethe season than with gardening.

Today,John Yunfrom Pro Organic is here to discuss gardening ideas to usher in the season with style. See our topfive must-haves!

Summer is coming.And with the season comesbeautifully sunny weather, breezing air, and blooming benefits. So, it’s time for us to finally step outside. But before the season's here, you'll probably want to bring that empty corner of your front yard to lifeor upgrade your curb appeal out front.

It can be little daunting to figure out which one to plant. No worries! Many people have gone through this same struggle, but we're here to help with a few bestselling must-haves. Whether you're looking for fresh fruit or a large privacy or shade tree to cut down on power bills (it's true - large trees shield your home and keep cool air in!), we've got you covered.

Gardening for Summer: Bestsellers

1. Meyer Lemon Tree

If you’ve ever thought about growing your own lemon tree, you may want to consider this particular variety: The Meyer Lemon. They can be very rewarding, they’re beautiful, have sweet-smelling flowers, and provide lots of fruit.

Lemon Trees for Summer

And you can grow them long after the season's over, since Meyer Lemon Trees grow indoorssuccessfully and with very little effort. It's not really summer without your own fruit tree, providing a fresh, zesty harvest!

2. Thuja Green Giant

The Giant is a popular variety, one of the best evergreens for screening use. This uniformly conical tree performs well in a variety of settings. And it's disease-free, deer resistant, quick-growing and responds well to shearing. So, it's well-suited to summertime privacy, especially for backyard barbecues and beyond.

Thuja Green Giants for Summer Gardening

Even better? It's a money-saver because you won't need traditional fencing. Plus, it helps lower the cost of your power bills since the Thuja Green Giant can shade your home.

3. Little Gem Magnolia

Anarrow columnar growth habitplus dark green, glossy, richly-hued leaves = a lush summer garden.The Little Gem Magnolia also boasts large, fragrant flowers that are cup-shaped and creamy white, each with 9 to 10 petals up to 10 inches across. Basically, the Little Gem takes vivacious summer looks to the next level.

4. Dynamite Crape Myrtle

Last but definitely not least: The Dynamite Crape Myrtle Tree. It's like a symbol of summer, with smooth, peeling barkand showy, ruffled, fire-red flowers that bloom all season. This vibrant visual show is followed by vivid orange-red fall foliage.

And it's an excellent specimen or plant in groups for an explosion of color in the landscape and year-round interest.

Though, no matter what you choose, you can't go wrong: Color, refreshing fruit or shade and greenery are just a click away. Check out our other bestsellers for Memorial Day and beyond here!

Blair Brown

Blair is the Content Marketing Manager at, and though she's not your traditional gardener, the planting world is definitely growing on her (pun intended!). She's enjoyed digging into plant care and maintenance and growing her plant collection, especially with exotic indoor varieties.