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Flowering Trees: 4 Picks for Fast, Colorful Growth

Blair Brown — Mar 07, 2021

As it warms up and the official start of spring approaches, it’s time to plan and landscape for the seasons ahead. And one of our favorite parts of spring landscaping? Incorporating our go-to Flowering Trees!

We talked about Flowering Cherries, along with their beauty and benefits, last week, but there are a number of varieties well-suited for the upcoming months...and beyond. So, whether you're looking for color, carefree maintenance, fast growth, or something with a little bit of everything, you've come to the right place. See our top four picks for quick, vibrant style below!

1. Dynamite Crape Myrtle

There's nothing more classic than a Crape Myrtle. But the Dynamite puts a fresh twist on an old favorite, with bright red blooms that last up to four months - from spring until fall. And when we say bright, we really mean it...the Dynamite's deep red petals comprise some of the most eye-catching florals on the market.

Dynamite Crape Myrtle Blooms

Even better? The Dynamite is one of the hardiest Crapes available, resisting drought, disease, pests, mildew and more. That means you have an exceptional choice for groupings, foundation plantings or even natural privacy barriers. Who knew a gorgeous flowering tree could be so utilitarian, too?

2. Cleveland Pear

It's an iconic variety that you may see lining city streets and neighborhood sidewalks. And the best part of our Cleveland Pear is that it always looks like you just pruned it. Because it grows in a perfectly uniform silhouette (without pesky pruning), it's great for front yard focal points.

Cleveland Pear

Imagine sweet, sweet symmetry, no hassle required. Plus, its leaves fill in bare gaps, creating a full and voluminous look that's fit for a landscape star. But our favorite part in particular is the long-lasting explosion of pure white flowers you'll see every spring. Cleveland Pears have the same stunning blooms as the Bradford with a few improvements: Resistance to extreme wind, snow and ice damage, as well as pest resistance, fast growth and ideal sizing for medium or even small yards.

3. Little Gem Magnolia

Get everything you love in a Southern Magnolia...just in a smaller, more manageable package. There's a lot to adore when it comes to the Little Gem: The same wonderful attributes of the hardy Southern Magnolia yet a mature, easy-to-maintain height around 15 feet. When planting space is limited, the Little Gem is ideal, as its narrowly columned form takes up considerably less space than all other variations. So, it makes a striking ornamental and fills in every lonely space, from corners to borders and patios.

Little Gem Magnolia

And talk about ornate blooms...the Little Gem boasts white, creamy flowers that are 8 inches in width (that makes them pretty full and eye-catching, FYI). Flowers that last longer than the ones on other similar varieties. The Little Gem Magnolia is an early bloomer and will spend half the year showing off its impressive flowers with a sweet, enchanting fragrance you'll absolutely adore.

4. Yoshino Cherry

We discussed the famous Cherry Blossom family at length recently, but the classic elegance of the Yoshino can't be overstated. Especially since it has good looks and the strength to match - with stunning white blossoms and drought resistance to boot.

Cherry Blossom Streets

And though it's widely used as an ornamental tree, the Yoshino's exotic branching pattern means a jaw-dropping display almost anywhere, from group border plantings to bunches of cloud-like, delicate flowers along streets. Basically, the Yoshino Cherry Tree makes your landscape look like springtime on parade.

No matter what you choose, though, you can't go wrong with Flowering Trees to plant in your home garden. With our top four (and plenty more at our site), you'll be well on your way to a vivid, flourishing landscape. Check out more here!

Blair Brown

Blair is the Content Marketing Manager at FastGrowingTrees.com, and though she's not your traditional gardener, the planting world is definitely growing on her (pun intended!). She's enjoyed digging into plant care and maintenance and growing her plant collection, especially with exotic indoor varieties.

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