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Red Twig Dogwood: 15 Reasons to Grow

Red Twig Dogwood: 15 Reasons to Grow

Looking for color? Grow a garden that goes beyond green with the help of the Red Twig Dogwood. Its red stems up the ante of a picturesque white winter because gardens need more than greens. What else is there to love about this go-to tree? Find out more!

The Weather-Proof Red Twig Dogwood

Wetter winters, more sweltering summers and sudden shifts in weather can stop a lot of ornamental plants from growing. But the Red Twig Dogwood thrives on lands that are moister and is even tolerant of seasonal flooding.

The Red Twig can survive on riverbanks and transcends cold and hot temperatures. Low-maintenance and hassle-free – is there anything better?

Erosion Innovation and Wildlife

And as soon as the Red Twig Dogwood is established on the garden patch, it’s easier to manage. Plus, since it grows rapidly and strongly, this shrub is great for erosion prevention.

Even better? The Red Twig is a wildlife wonderland. Birds in need of good camouflage are drawn to the foliage of this shrub. More importantly, it serves as a place for shelter and food supply, too.

So, by tending this tree, you effortlessly yet significantly contribute to providing a more conducive ecosystem to graceful wildlife.


Sublime Summer Privacy

During the wicked temperature rise of humid summers, the Red Twig Dogwood wears a green cape and is accentuated with berry-like fruits, ranging from a light shade of blue to white. Since it is tolerant to extreme temperatures, you need not worry about withering leaves nor appalling musty twigs.

And for those who simply want a private space outdoors, planting this shrub will definitely make your leisure time more worthwhile and intimate, too. You can enjoy the wind, the sun, the snow, or a little of nature’s wonders without having to worry about privacy. 


Lovely Landscape and Pruning

With the variegated Red Twig Dogwood, you a variety of colors that perfectly punctuate your green garden. This fast-growing shrub’s mature size, together with the array of colors that its stems produce, makes it an absolute asset.

Our most important tip? Prune for a polished, sleek look. Pruning is a plant’s best friend, as it is the key to maintaining an uncluttered appearance.

To prune properly, get rid of the branches from the previous year and reduce the Red Twig’s size to just a few inches above the ground during the late winter or the first weeks of spring. This is a surefire way to get vibrant and variegated branches all throughout the year. And its growth will be even more majestic once you’ve pruned – growing up to 8 feet in height and width, it’s perfect for covering, beautifying and maximizing your landscape.

All-Season Companion

With all of these benefits, one of the main assets of the Red Twig Dogwood is that it transcends all seasons. With the right pruning and proper care, expect to get ready for a full display of greens, reds and a bit of whites, too, year-round.

However, the Red Twig is a classic staple in a winter garden. The ravishing reds of its silhouette across a stark white scenery are both captivating and comforting.

Love in Lost Leaves

A shrub without leaves can be a disturbing view. However, there are a few shrubs that are at their most stunning and winning looks when all their leaves fall to the ground – and the Red Twig Dogwood is one of them. It’s at its peak when it sheds its leaves, letting the world see its beauty.

And best of all, when we say fast, we mean fast. This rapidly-growing tree is designed to grow even faster than counterparts elsewhere. If you want to have a red rally two or three winters from now, today is the best time to buy! Check out this coveted tree for yourself.

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