Grow a garden that goes beyond green with the help of fast-growing red twig dogwood. Its red stems up the ante of a picturesque white winter. Gardens need more than greens. It’s about time to explore the red side of life with the aid of red twig dogwood. Plant them fast, grow them fast. What’s greater than green in garden speak? Getting a variety of colors in all seasons with one fast-growing plant called red twig dogwood.Red and Greens

 A backyard or lawn that simply yet stunningly brandishes lush greens is undoubtedly quite a view. Then again, twists and bends of roaring red twigs when snow takes over the greenery absolutely put a gardener’s pedestal a notch higher. While planting is a leisure that allows us to do our share in reducing the carbon footprint on top of relieving stress, it is a rewarding pursuit, too. As we quench our yearning for manageable yet eye-catching flora, we turn to plants like the varieties of the red twig dogwood. Whether it is a full grown or a dwarf red twig dogwood tree, expect to while reaping other benefits as you prune this fast-growing shrub.

Weather-proof is Budge-proof

Wetter winters, more sweltering summers and sudden shifts in weather are some of the culprits in growing ornamental plants. Then again, the red twig dogwood thrives on lands that are moister, and are even tolerant of seasonal flooding. It can even survive on riverbanks that boast of a pristine landscape. Since weather is a current culprit in growing greens and reds, too, the adaptability of the red twig dogwood transcends cold and hot temperatures.

Erosion Innovation

As soon as the red twig dogwood is established on the garden patch, it is easier to manage. Since it grows rapidly and strongly, this shrub is a good erosion prevention find. Now, shaky river banks and washed out slopes can be sturdy and trusty grounds again.Birds Red

Wildlife Wonderland

The gushing green season of the red twig dogwood tree coincides with the sweltering summer season. Birds in need of good camouflage are drawn to the foliage of this shrub. More importantly, this serves as a place for shelter and food supply, too. By tending this tree, you effortlessly yet significantly contribute to providing a more conducive ecosystem to overlooked species that are integral part of our spheres too.Spring Blooms Red Twig

Sublime Summer Sight

The color green is highly associated with emanating a calming aura. During the wicked temperature rise of humid summers, the red twig dogwood wears a green cape and is accentuated with berry-like fruits that are ranging from a light shade of blue to white. Since it is tolerant with extreme temperatures, you need not worry about withering leaves nor appalling musty twigs that decrease the look of your garden.

Posh Privacy

Security of property need not be sealed with high fences and steel bars. Nature permits gardeners to maintain the fluidity and serenity via privacy trees like the red twig dogwood. For those who simply want a private space outdoors, planting this shrub will definitely make your leisure time more worthwhile and intimate, too. You can enjoy the wind, the sun, the snow, or a little of nature’s wonders without having to worry whether you are being stalked or talked about bypassers-by or nosy neighbors.Wintered B

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Lovely and Stress-free Landscape

Landscapes take time to grow, glow, and go; then again, we tend to grow impatient when we don’t see results after a considerable amount of time, right? With the variegated red twig dogwood, you get the assurance that you are to achieve a variety of colors that would perfectly punctuate your green masterpiece. This Red Twig Pruning

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The Prime called Pruning

Pruning is a plant’s best friend as it is a key to maintaining its noteworthy crisp and uncluttered appearance. The trick in winning the prize ofRed Twig Fullgrown

Wide Width, Lovely Length

Growing up to 8 feet tall and 8 feet wide, the red twig dogwood tree is a flexible find perfect for covering, beautifying and maximizing a medium or large property. Because it is a reputable fast-growing tree, you can forego the uncertainty of the long and winding waiting time.

All-Season Companion

One of the setbacks of gardening is getting some greens and losing some greens, too. One of the assets of the red twig dogwood is that it has a proven track record that transcends all seasons. With the right pruning and proper care, expect to get ready for a full display of greens, reds and a bit of whites, too.

Monochromatic is Fantastic

The blaze of reds and its many monochromatic moods set the variegated red twig dogwood in the sea of a predominantly green garden. With more than fifty shades of red, get ready for nature’s feast for you to experience and relish.Red Twig Wreath

Holiday High, Red is on a Fly

The red twig dogwood however is a staple in a winter garden because it boasts of bright reds that signal the time for the sappy, cozy, crazy season, too. The ravishing yet very random rusty red across a stark white scenery is both captivating and comforting. The gloom game of the grey sky that peppers this time of the year also makes the reds of this tree brings a new yet natural dimension to painting the town red.Red Wood Close Up Stem

Love in Lost Leaves

A shrub without leaves is always a disturbing view. Then again, there are a few shrubs that are at their most stunning and winning looks when all their leaves fall to the ground. The red twig dogwood is at its peak when it sheds its leaves to let the world see its stems that seem to purposefully trim its intricacies. The barest twigs seem to remind the people who marvel at it to trim their intricacies to show the best versions of themselves, too.Red Twig Etsy Bunch

Green Gift Ideas

The idea of upcycling and going back to making gifts is a step towards sustainability. Do-it-yourself projects that may be a source of a homegrown business for a stay-at-home mom or dad with the help of garden finds is pleasurable and rewarding. To jump-start your red twig dogwood craft, head to Pinterest or Etsy for quick tips and tricks to make the most more than just pretty points from your tree. Red Walk Garden

Decent and Brazen Accent

The color red embodies a certain flair for guts, passion, a brave call, and being an eye-catcher. Rows or red across your home encourages more energy in its barest, its rawest, and its most basic form. The variegated red twig dogwood makes your yard lovelier and livelier effortlessly, too!

Fast Fact, Fast Pact

When we say fast, we mean fast. Our team has dedicated a good number of test runs that has now cut the waiting time of the red tree dogwood to two to three years. This Garden On

As if these benefits are not enough, perhaps this one would seal this red deal readily -getting greens and reds in your garden is a proven way to heal any kind of health-related woes better and faster. Studies revealed that even children with ADHD improved remarkably when exposed to spaces peppered with trees. Fast, fun, totally practical and easy, right?

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