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  • Tuscarora Crape Myrtle for Sale


Tuscarora Crape Myrtle

Lagerstroemia indica 'Tuscarora'

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Growing Zones: 7-9
(hardy down to 10℉)

Growing Zones 7-9
You are in Growing Zone: 6

Mature Height:

15-25 ft.

Mature Width:

10-20 ft.


Full Sun


10-15 ft.

Growth Rate:


Drought Tolerance:


Botanical Name:

Lagerstroemia indica 'Tuscarora'

Does Not Ship To:


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One of the most adaptable crape myrtles- plant them anywhere!

Tuscarora Crape Myrtles give you hundreds of 'coral pink' flowers... no matter where you plant them!

Perfect for barren areas or trouble spots - these crapes can grow just about anywhere.

This tree is an ideal solution for small areas that don't have much planting space, such as small yards... next to structures... parking lots... or along streets.

Tuscarora Crape Myrtles give you vibrant color in almost all growing conditions. It doesn't matter if your soil is sandy, loamy or clay... it's even drought tolerant. No matter where you put it, you'll enjoy full 'coral pink' flowers.

Like all of our Crapes, this one is highly resistant to disease, powdery mildew and leaf spotting. You get a spectacular tree without the problems.

No fungicide treatments required!

Fast growing... these crape myrtles quickly shoot up 3-5 ft. per year. Plant in the center of your lawn, or anywhere you want color, and enjoy your flowers from spring until fall.

Attention allergy sufferers! Even if you suffer from allergies, don't hesitate to plant this tree in high-traffic areas - it's virtually allergy free!

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Customer Reviews

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Growth Rate
I bought two of these trees about 3 months ago. When I got them they were about 4 ft tall, they have now grown about 1-2 foot and already have beautiful blooms on them. After I planted them, they lost all their leaves and I thought i had killed them, but they sprung back and are now full of leave and beautiful pink flowers. I would buy these again
January 1, 2013
over 3 years ago
Im not much of a gardener so when we got this tree I was sure I was going to kill it too. Its been almost three weeks now and the tree has already grown a foot and has blooms on it! This tree is awesome. Trust me, this is the longest Ive ever kept a plant alive ,I once killed a cactus,
January 1, 2013
My trees made it through another very hot, dry summer with little maintenance. They bloomed beautifully. Thank you
January 1, 2013
We bought our Tuscarora crape myrtle to provide privacy from our neighbors new deck. It has grown at least 3 feet. We are keeping it trimmed down at the bottom. I cant wait to get it high enough to block that deck. We know it will! We have fast growing bushes & trees in several places on our property.
January 1, 2013
This is a very resilient tree. I purchased three of them a year ago to provide a more ornamental driveway. Needless to say, I am pleased. Since then, all three of them have grown up to 4 feet in height and the Blooms are strikingly attracive
January 1, 2013
Crape Ntrtke
First year for me so far really beautiful blooms, go from light pink to coral. Just wonderful, hope the next year is great as well.
September 20, 2014
Philadelphiaq, PA
over 2 years ago
Growing Zone:
Growth Rate
Still waiting but only been 3 months...
Easy to transplant. They have dropped all their leaves and have grown very little but are still alive. Hoping to see some growth in spring and according to other reviews I should see that very soon.
January 2, 2015
over 2 years ago
Growing Zone:
We just got the plant 6 days ago and planted it right away, it has already grown 2"", it looks great on our front lawn can't wait to see how it is going to look in 2-3 months
January 1, 2013
over 4 years ago
We planted this next to our driveway and it is growing beautifully.
January 1, 2013
I bought one of these as this company is very reputable and all their trees arrive so healthy and ready to plant. I just can't wait to see how pretty the blooms are gonging to be and while reading the other reviews I know that shouldn't be long. I live in Fl zone 9 and very happy with my purchase of the 3-4ft size.
September 9, 2014

Planting & Care

It's Easy to Plant & Care for Your Tuscarora Crape Myrtle

Step 1: Dig Your Hole

Select a site with full to partial sun and moist or well drained soil for your Tuscarora Crape Myrtle.

First, dig each hole so that it is just shallower than the root ball and at least twice the width.

Then loosen the soil in the planting hole so the roots can easily break through.

Use your shovel or try dragging the points of a pitch fork along the sides and bottom of the hole.

Planting & Care

Step 2: Place Your Plant

Next, separate the roots of your Tuscarora Crape Myrtle gently with your fingers and position them downward in the hole.

The top of the root flare, where the roots end and the trunk begins, should be about an inch above the surrounding soil.

Then make sure the plant is exactly vertical in the hole.

To make it just right, use a level.

Step 3: Backfill Your Hole

As you backfill the hole, apply water to remove air pockets.

Remove debris like stones and grass and completely break up any dirt clumps.

Water your Tuscarora Crape Myrtle again after the transplant is complete.

Questions & Answers

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Why did you choose this?
Fast-Growing-Trees.com Store
Toni V on Apr 3, 2017
I like the height and color. Very good price and promotion also!
Deborra M on Mar 26, 2017
Toni V on Apr 3, 2017
Right size for the area & color
Jane M on Mar 28, 2017
I like the height and color. Very good price and promotion also!
Deborra M on Mar 26, 2017
Fast growing.
Randy W on Mar 19, 2017
A spot in my yard needed this
JL A on Mar 18, 2017
I chose this item because of the beautiful color of the blooms. I can't wait to plant it.
Patti G on Mar 12, 2017
To add brilliant color to a large back yard.
Gina G on Mar 9, 2017
It's beauty and color
Nelson J on Mar 8, 2017
Ruth I on Feb 25, 2017
I love this color and they are very strong.
Reinaldo R T on Feb 13, 2017
what a fabulous plant v pretty and elegant
Rosemary M on Dec 28, 2016
I like the flowers.
Julia s on Oct 20, 2016
This is a gift for my son and his new house and it will look awesome in his yard.
Jeff G on Oct 20, 2016
Moms favorite
John A on Oct 10, 2016
I have 3 in white and they are low maintenance, beautiful color and hardy through tough winters.
Gregory B on Oct 7, 2016
Blooms long
Alecia H on Sep 20, 2016
I vacation in Cape May, NJ each summer and always love looking at the hundreds (thousands?) of gorgeous crape myrtles there. Have always wanted my own. Adore this color and it's supposed to be very hardy. Can't wait to have a bit of the shore in my own yard!
Judith F on Sep 18, 2016
DIANE S on Sep 6, 2016
I loved the unique color and how easy it says it is to take care of.
Amy H on Aug 28, 2016
Beautiful look- wanted it in my yard!
Holly C on Aug 17, 2016
Be careful!! The place to put your code (for free shipping) in is hidden.
Donnie G on Aug 13, 2016
Saw some of these gorgeous trees in Florida and South Carolina and fell in love with them
Lea A on Aug 1, 2016
I liked the color and the shape of the tree
Jayme D on Jul 19, 2016
My friend and cousin just passed away. Instead of flowers I wanted to send his family something that would last and honor him every year. I love a beautiful crepe myrtle tree!
Rosemary C on Jul 3, 2016
james s on Jun 18, 2016
Hardy and beauty
Sandy H on Jun 14, 2016
Loved the color and its vibrance
Jean T on Jun 11, 2016
It looks beautiful, according to other people it is fast growing. I also was looking to add some colors to my front yard.
Barbara B on Jun 10, 2016
It's a gift.
Luisette L on Apr 20, 2016
We're looking for something to act as a barrier and that would be easy to care for. We're hoping that these work for us. I'll let you know.
Marion H on Apr 5, 2016
I ordered two Crape Myrtle's for my back yard to add color with the coral blooms, & privacy near my side property line.
I have 100 ft. of woods in the far back yard, with large hardwood trees, no blooms, not a lot of color, other than green.
Kristine R on Apr 5, 2016
Color, size, fast growing, need a small shad tree for townhouse.
Debra T on Mar 31, 2016
Moved into a new home and it is a blank slate and I have never tried this kind of tree before. If it is as pretty as the picture I'll be very happy.
Waldamae U on Mar 19, 2016
looks beautiful.
david c on Mar 9, 2016
Allergy free, fast growing and beautiful flowers last longer than others. Great tree to plant in small planting area near structure.
Mira Y on Mar 4, 2016
My husband has always wanted a Crape Myrtle and I picked this one because it adapts to any type soil. We live in Florida so the soil is sandy. Hope it does well here!
Karen M on Mar 1, 2016
I chose the Tuscarora Crape Myrtle to add color to a hard to keep grass alive spot in my front/side yard.
Annette H on Feb 25, 2016
MICHAEL C on Feb 23, 2016
Tricia B on Jan 31, 2016
color, beautiful trunk, beautiful fall color, year round interest
Shery E on Nov 21, 2015
I don't have much luck with plantings but the Tuscarora is supposed to be hardy and resilient. I'll follow the instructions and keep my fingers crossed!
Susanne S on Oct 30, 2015
I love the summer long color of this tree.
Nancy N on Oct 7, 2015
This was a very healthy plant and is doing GREAT in my yard.
cynthia v on Oct 4, 2015
Fast growing, easy care, pretty color!
Catherine G on Sep 29, 2015
Allergy friendly
Not too large
Christine K on Sep 24, 2015
I picked this plant for color , color and color!
Priyadarshini K on Sep 20, 2015
Hardy drought resistant and colorful. I live in the pine trees and this will brighten my yard.
Patricia J on Sep 14, 2015
Right color, right height
David P on Sep 14, 2015
I relied on the reviews
Denise K on Sep 13, 2015
Love the size and color of this tree
Meg H on Sep 7, 2015
Right size for the area & color
Jane M on Mar 28, 2017
Fast growing.
Randy W on Mar 19, 2017
What's the best time to plant Crepe Myrtles?
Duane M on Aug 24, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The best time to plant any tree is in the Fall when the soil is still warm and the air begins to cool. This will give the tree's roots a chance to settle in to its new surroundings without it focusing on producing leaves or blooms in the Spring or Summer. If you live in the milder climates where the ground does not experience a hard freeze, you can even plant during the early winter months.
what is the correct pruning method?
BEST ANSWER: Crape Myrtles do not require pruning although so many ill informed owners find the need to lob off all the branches down to a stub during late Winter. This creates an arthritic knuckle look which is very unattractive. To create air circulation and minimize mildew, you may need to thin out the center of the tree of any small cross branches. Pruning can be done at any time of year, but it is easiest when the leaves have fallen and you can see the structure of the tree. Otherwise, let the tree grow naturally and it will reward you with a full canopy of blooms.
we are in zone 6 do you think it would make it here OH?
Terri L on May 16, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I am afraid Tuscarora would not make it in your area, as it is hardy to only zone 7. There are many other shrubs that flower in summer, including the endless Summer Hydrangea and Buddleias like Black Knight that would grow well in your area; you might consider one of those for your garden.
Hi, I'm thinking of planting a cape myrtle tree in my front yard. The lawn sprinkler system is a rain bird with a 25 foot throw and the water would be about 5 1/2 feet high about where the tree is to be planted. Will the sprinkler water damage the tree?
john p on Jun 24, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Unless the blast is really powerful you'll be fine. Your sprinkler system most likely isn't going to have tsunami or fire hose effect on your tree. However I don't know the strength of your system. You can always stake your tree up or cover it create a temporary barrier to protect your tree when the sprinkler is on. My Crape Myrtles have always survived the heavy winds and rains provided by South Carolina Thunderstorms.
How many trunks does your tuscarora crepe myrtle have?
A shopper on Sep 21, 2014
BEST ANSWER: It came with 4 trunks. I am letting it get more. Beautiful tree, and the flower color is beautiful.
why is my cape myrtle not giving me any flowers, I planted it 2 years ago?
A shopper on Jul 22, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Lack of blooms is usually related to lack of sufficient sunshine-if Crepe seems green, growing and healthy.
are the trees already flowering and ready to plant? yes
A shopper on Jul 14, 2014
BEST ANSWER: My purchase was in 2012, so there wasn't any flowering at that time. The next season (2013) my tree flowered beautifully. Living in southeast PA, we had a hard winter. The main trunk seemed to die off but happily we noticed lots of growth at the base.. . I am hopeful that next season it will be a beautiful shrub/tree that I hoped for.
When is good time to plant ?
Jhhhh on Oct 2, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Spring or early fall
These don't change leaf colors in the fall, like the Sioux and Hopi ones?
judith b on Oct 2, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No Judith, the Tuscarora does not change leaf colors in the fall like the Sioux does.
Deer Resistant? We have many free roaming deer. To what extent, if any, is this tree resistant to hungry deer? We have sandy soil just 1/2 mile inland from the Pacific Ocean in Washington State. Is this a good choice for us?
Gary T on May 17, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Deer do not normally eat crape myrtles, but it does depend on the food supply in your area. Deer will try to eat anything if the food supply is limited. But Crape Myrtles are not part of their normal diet.

Regarding sandy soil, fortunately crape myrtles are not fussy about soil, so they will adapt to any soil condition. To get your crape myrtle off to a good start be sure to add a good timed release tree fertilizer.
What is the lowest temperature that it can survive?
April L on Jul 21, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I can only tell you that both of mine survived this last winter, which was bad - even for Lubbock, TX - AND are still going through the 105 degree summer that we are having now. We didn't get as cold as say, Chicago, but we had a lot of snow and ice and I did not protect them in any way.
The trees In the picture... are they single trees or did they plant a bunch of them in the same hole?? Looks really nice.. I've seen other pictures with just a single trunk/stem??
DavidG on Aug 14, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I would say this is one tree that they allowed to grow this way. The tree puts out smaller shoots that grow into this type of profile if you leave it alone. I don't know if some varieties naturally develop into a single trunk but , I think you can work to trim small branches/trunks down to a few dominant ones so that growth is concentrated in just a few shoots I trim smaller shoots but I have never tried growing a tree with one single trunk
Does this tree have leaves all year long?
A shopper on Aug 31, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The leaves will drop off but the flower itself will turn brown and dry up over the winter. New buds and more brances will begin again in the spring.
I reside in Amarillo, Texas; will this tree survive here and not die off during our winters?
Colonel101 on Apr 12, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I am in New York and I planted mine last year, so I am not sure about these. However, I have had them in Virginia and they did well and my mom has them in Alabama and they are good growers and come back every year. I would imagine that you would be fine if they can make it through the winters outside of Washington D.C.
Could this tree survive in zone 5? (Northern Missouri)
Kim K on Jul 1, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Kim, I cannot speak specifically to your area but I live in Northern Virginia and have 4 different crape myrtles that have survived some pretty harsh and wickedly cold weather last year. One is even in a pot. Look around your area to see if others have crape myrtles. That will tell you if they survive your area. Good Luck. Start with a small one to see how it does. Not a big financial loss if it doesn't.
Will this tree bad for people who have allergies?
Linda K on Jul 14, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No,they are not bad. Crape Myrtles have a low pollen count.
Does this tree attract bees or wasps?
Katerina on Apr 10, 2016
BEST ANSWER: So far I haven't seen neither around it it's only been about a year since I have it.
Is this a dirty tree? Does it drop anything?
A shopper on Jul 22, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The trees has been doing great it seems to love it's new home and has grown about 3 feet taller in one year and is full of blooms. They are very clean so far
How fast does it grow?
Jim H on Aug 19, 2016
BEST ANSWER: They can grow 4-5 feet per year.
My tree is shipping 6/13/2016. When I get it will it be OK to plant it?
Debbie V on Jun 11, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, plant it in the evening and give it sufficient amount of water for the next couple of weeks.
Is there bigger than 4-5 ft......10 ft maybe???
' Liz R on May 24, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No unfortunately we do not. The tallest that we have is a 4-5 foot
how long is the blooming season?
Laney H on Apr 9, 2016
BEST ANSWER: ?­It is midsummer, peaking in August. (Last about 80 days)
Is there more sizes avalible besides the 1 and 2 feet trees?
McElroy57 on Mar 16, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Unfortualey that is the only size that we have at this time.
Will this tree thrive in very moist soil?
Jean J on Jun 5, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I planted my Tuscarora Crape Myrtle on a hill so it has fairly good drainage. But this hill it's growing on is in western Washington so the soil stays fairly wet from November through April. It's doing well and seems to thrive with these conditions.
Does the tuscadora take long to bloom? We got the 4-5 foot one last month. It did not have any leaves on it and the branches were bent but after a day they perked back up. It's been planted for a month but still has no leaves growing yet.
Allison on Apr 1, 2017
How large is the container on the 6-7 foot tree?
Gonzo on Mar 23, 2017

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