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  • Norway Spruce for Sale

    Norway Spruce for Sale

*images shown are of mature plants

Norway Spruce

Picea abies

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Growing Zones: 2-7
(hardy down to -40℉)

Growing Zones 2-7
You are in Growing Zone: 6

Mature Height:

50 ft.

Mature Width:

25 ft.


Full Sun


15-20 ft.

Growth Rate:


Drought Tolerance:


Botanical Name:

Picea abies

Does Not Ship To:


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Great Cold Tolerant Evergreen

The Norway Spruce can grow to Christmas Tree height in as little as three years. It will continue to grow rapidly to a mature height of 50 feet.

A dense tree that easily blocks out wind and neighbors, it is ideal for use as a privacy barrier, windscreen, or even a traditional showpiece. Attracts and creates a safe haven for wildlife!

You'll enjoy its deep rich color's even drought tolerant!

Believed to be the most cold hardy spruce available, it will grow in any northern state.

Also, the Norway Spruce is the most disease resistant spruce you can find. Any serious disease or insect problems that kill other spruce trees do not affect the Norway Spruce.

Plant every 8-10 feet for a solid green privacy screen. Plant on the northern edge of your property for a substantial wind barrier and help lower your winter heating bills.

Adaptable to a variety of conditions and soils. Very cold tolerant and prefers Growing Zones 2-7.

Your tree has been grown in it’s own container, so it has a full, healthy root system.

Most nurseries grow these trees in the ground then dig them up. Delicate roots dry out before the tree is shipped to you or planted in a pot. These trees can take a full year or more to recover and have a high fatality rate.

We send you container grown trees that will explode with new growth.

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Customer Reviews

4.7 / 5.0
22 Reviews
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1 Star
I didn't buy from here, but I bought three of these as Christmas tree size about 7 years ago. I live in Alabama,and yes, they're doing great. In the sun, where it's drier soil, it has doubled in size with minor pruning and very dense. In the shade, it has flourished, although not as dense and gone from 6 to 30 foot tall in a very short time. One has even made to over 30', but it fuller now that surrounding trees have been removed! Um in the northeast corner at higher elevation- 2000' nearly.
January 1, 2013
This tree was shipped fast and in great shape! It was planted in december before any cold weather and seems to be doing great, I live across from a parking lot so I planted this in my front yard to block some wind and for privacy. I also plan on decorating it for xmas, I would recommend this to anyon
January 1, 2013
over 6 years ago
I ordered 6 trees and had one die the first week it was planted. The other 5 are doing very well. I was just disappointed in the tree we lost. We did not purchase the guarantee.
October 6, 2015
over 3 years ago
Received them only a week ago
I put them in the ground a day before we received a nice dose of rain and more rain to come over the next week, April 2016.
We use them you keep our nosy neighbors out.
All 15 of them arrived in great shape. I put them in a bucket of water for a couple hours and planted them in the ground as instructions explained.
We have a variation of soil, depending where you are on our 40 acre lot.
We live in central Wyoming and I will do my best to make sure they will take hold.
I can't wait for them to grow and plan on buying more, either this fall or next spring 2016/2017
April 25, 2016
Casper , WY
over 2 years ago
Growing Zone:
this tree grows well in zones 2 to 7. and It grows well in kentucky.
I have seen a lot of these trees in 90% of Kentucky. including the western part. I am a tree expert and I know everything about trees. I've seen these in cadiz ky. they grow to 95 feet tall here in Kentucky. I like this tree. performance 8.6 out of 10=86%.
December 17, 2014
cadiz, KY
Growing Zone:
We ordered five 2-3' Norway Spruce. They arrived as scheduled and were in very well designed packaging which allowed them to ship from North Carolina to North Idaho without injury. They have been in the ground ten days now and look great. I would definitely recommend these trees and this company.
July 11, 2017
1 year ago
Growing Zone:
Excellent quality trees
The trees arrived fresh, and were well-branched for 18"-24" high. I'm very impressed with the quality, especially compared to trees I've purchased from other companies. This was my first purchase from "Fast-Growing-Trees," and I am completely satisfied. Their customer service was also excellent, extremely friendly and helpful.
June 9, 2017
1 year ago
Growing Zone:
They survived a very dry summer season
These small trees clearly exhibited new growth. The weather here was unusually warm and dry. I kept watering them about every other day unless some rain did fall. I am happy with them so far
October 6, 2016
Milan, PA
over 2 years ago
Growing Zone:
They arrived in perfect condition and seem to be thriving since they were transplanted. They are gorgeous, especially next to the little White Pine I dug up and brought back from Wisconsin.

Buying through you has been a delightful experience.
August 9, 2017
1 year ago
Just Planted Last Week
Received in great shape. Taking good care of it. Will see what it looks like in the fall and next spring!
April 18, 2016
over 2 years ago
Growing Zone:

Planting & Care

It's Easy to Plant & Care for Your Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce Planting Diretions

The Norway spruce (Picea abies) is a species of spruce native to Europe. It is also commonly referred to as the European Spruce. The Norway spruce is a large evergreen coniferous tree which grows approximately 115–180 ft tall. The shoots are orange-brown and glabrous (hairless). The leaves are needle-like, quadrangular in cross-section (not flattened), and dark green on all four sides with inconspicuous stomatal lines. The cones are the longest of any spruce, and have blunt triangular-pointed scale tips. They are green or reddish, maturing brown 5–7 months after pollination.

The Norway spruce hybridises extensively with the Siberian Spruce, therefore pure specimens are rare. Hybrids are commonly known as Norwegian Spruce, which should not be confused with the pure species that is the Norway spruce. In North America, the Norway spruce is widely planted, specifically in the northeastern, Pacific Coast, and Rocky Mountain states, as well as in southeastern Canada. There are naturalized populations of The Norway spruce occurring from Connecticut to Michigan, and it is probable that they occur elsewhere. The tallest measured Norway spruce is 207 ft tall, is located in Perucica Virgin Forest, Sutjeska National Park, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Seasonal information: The Norway Spruce can grow 2-3+ feet per year their first 25 years under good conditions; in heavy or poor soils they may average 1 foot per year. Soil, moisture, and adequate sunshine are everything to a plant and its growth rate. On a perfect weather year, and no competition from grass or weeds, one might see over 6 ft of growth in one year!

Selecting a location: Don't plant the Norway spruce too close to sidewalks, buildings, or street right-of-ways. It's best to plant the tree as soon as you bring it home from the nursery, but it's important to avoid planting the tree during extremely dry weather and to give it at least six weeks to develop before the first frost of the season. If you need to wait to plant the tree, keep the roots constantly moist.

Planting instructions:
1) Dig a large hole twice as wide as the size of the Norway spruce root ball and just as deep. This will give the roots plenty of room to spread.
2)If the tree is in a plastic pot, cut the pot away carefully, but do not pull it out by the trunk. If the roots are wrapped in burlap, the burlap can be left in place. Just fold the top of the burlap down and away from the trunk and tuck it under the tree.
3) Dampen the roots in preparation for planting and set the root ball into the hole, being sure the trunk is straight.
4) Back fill the hole with a mixture of your native soil and some gardening soil. Tamp down the soil around the root system as you go to prevent air pockets from developing, which can dry out the roots. The trunk should be above ground, but all of the roots should be covered.
5) Mulch around the base of the spruce to keep weeds and grasses from growing around the planting site.

Watering: The Norway spruce tolerates acidic soils well, but does not do well on dry or deficient soils. During times of drought, additional watering may be needed.

Fertilization: Feed Norway spruce mild, slow-acting fertilizer tabs for the initial growing season and save stronger fertilizers for when the tree is established. Once the tree is established, feed it twice a month during early spring and once a month during the summer months. Do not feed the tree just before it goes into dormancy for the winter.

Weed Control: Control weeds under the Norway spruce until the tree is well-established, so that the weeds do not compete with the young tree for water and nutrients. Once you have removed the weeds, add a heavy layer of mulch to help keep them under control and to retain moisture.

Pests and Disease: In areas of deer population, protect your spruce by using a cage during the first few months of plantation. Please note, the Norway spruce cone scales are used as food by the caterpillars of the tortrix moth Cydia illutana, while C. duplicana feeds on the bark around injuries or canker; so be sure to check your spruce regularly for signs of pests.

Pruning: Prune Norway spruce in the late winter or early spring. For young trees, follow branch tips back until you find two branches growing to either side. Snip off the center branch growth. Doing this will encourage the side branches that remain to grow faster and to make the tree bushier. Cut the lowest rung of branches on the tree to force more height. For a six- to seven-year-old Norway spruce, remove three rungs of lower branches to reveal a foot of the trunk. This age for Norway spruce is excellent for a small Christmas tree, indoors or out. Prune whole, lower branches of mature Norway spruce if they are obstructing pedestrian or car traffic. Prune higher than that only if you see dead or dying branches, or if the tree is touching your roof or siding. Do not prune parts of branches, because this will cause browning and needle die-off in the remaining part of the branch.

Planting & Care

Questions & Answers

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Why did you choose this? Store
need both protection from winds and privacy
jay g on Jun 18, 2018
I bought these because my neighbor has Norway Spruce and his are doing great in Western New York. They really do grow super quick, so I figured I'd pick some up for myself.
Cory D on May 14, 2018
need both protection from winds and privacy
jay g on Jun 18, 2018
I wanted an evergreen tree that had few problems.
Pamela A on Jun 15, 2018
I bought these because my neighbor has Norway Spruce and his are doing great in Western New York. They really do grow super quick, so I figured I'd pick some up for myself.
Cory D on May 14, 2018
Wind break.... eventually.
Peter R on Apr 27, 2018
cold tolerant
Patricia S on Apr 3, 2018
This is a reliable tree for our area based on information received from local residents.
Georgean C on Mar 18, 2018
I have cedars and other pines and I lost one this year I am replanting
robert m on Feb 5, 2018
I planted these between us and the neighbors.
Kathleen B on Dec 31, 2017
For their stately looks and how they draw the birds and other animals. Good winter protection.
Rudy M on Dec 25, 2017
the shape.
roy k on Dec 17, 2017
I absolutely love the tall conical shape of the norway spruce !!!!!!!!! the way the branches droop and arc upwards .
patrick e on Dec 5, 2017
I would like to use this as a Christmas tree in my bay window. It is supposed to be 2-3 ft and I am hoping it is closer to 3 ft and has a nice shape. I will follow up once received.
Lisa L on Dec 2, 2017
for christmas
patricia o on Nov 28, 2017
It is a beautifil tree
Gonzalo R on Nov 13, 2017
I have other Norway spruce planted along our property line and they have been doing well.
Olivia C on Oct 25, 2017
The customer reviews seem positive and I am hopeful to get a nice and healthy tree!
Nancy B on Oct 12, 2017
Evergreen, privacy
Jessica C on Oct 7, 2017
Fast Growing and to block north wind
John C on Sep 28, 2017
fast growing. Good privacy barrier. attractive. Resilient.
Diane F on Sep 21, 2017
I like spruce trees and wanted something that would grow fairly fast.
Nancy L on Aug 10, 2017
Faster growth rate than Blue Spruce and just as lovely
Reba H on Aug 8, 2017
Who doesnt like Norway, right?
Stephen B on Aug 2, 2017
I have several Norway Spruce trees growing on my property and they seem to thrive in our Northern Idaho winters which is not true of some other trees I have planted here. They seem to grow fast and they add a nice touch to the property. This area is definitely a evergreen/conifer loving zone. My zone is listed as 4-5, but I believe it is a 4.
adriaan v on Jul 16, 2017
Brenda M on Jun 12, 2017
Mom always loved the evergreens and had one of these in her front yard for many years. This tree will be planted in her honor at our home as a remembrance.
Anita L S on Jun 9, 2017
Looking for a tree that can survive our very cold and windy winters.
Walter B on Jun 8, 2017
Except loving this tree
I would like it to cover a road that I can see through my trees at my property
Joanna K on May 19, 2017
Fast growing and hardy, to help make up for the loss of 5 large elm trees due to drought and age.....
Renee S on May 13, 2017
I was looking for some Norway Pines for our cabin when I came across information about the Norway Spruce. It like the perfect tree for northern Minnesota for a couple of Norwegians!
Susan A on May 8, 2017
Hardy and fast growing
Monica N on Apr 30, 2017
Needed to add to the other Norway Spruce trees I already have.
James S on Apr 25, 2017
Protecting my house from wind, and giving my winter yard some much needed color!!
Crystal K on Feb 26, 2017
love the shape and durability an anniversary gift for my husband... may our marriage be evergreen
Susan H on Nov 27, 2016
privacy within a cold climate, year round
Joel K on Oct 28, 2016
Want more privacy for the wildlife in the yard.
Judi H on Apr 17, 2016
It's simply a beautiful and healthy tree. Plus, it's a NORSKY !!!
David K on Apr 11, 2016
Terri B on Apr 10, 2016
I need a tree thats cold hardy!
inge D on Apr 10, 2016
Good strong fast growth
Keith P on Apr 5, 2016
Mostly for privacy and hardiness
Kevin M on Mar 16, 2016
I'm generally not a pine tree fan, but these will help create a nice privacy barrier in my back yard. I think they are the most attractive and full pine trees.
Lori H on Mar 11, 2016
I purchased 4 of the Norway Spruce because they fit into the landscape and they act as a wind breaker.
Jon K on Mar 11, 2016
I love spruce when they are mature
Insook G on Mar 11, 2016
I chose the Norway Spruce because of it's hardiness and speed of growth.
Aaron T on Jan 31, 2016
This was my second order fro FGT and my order came fast and look great. I planted according to instruction and my trees are doing great!
Erik R on Jan 29, 2016
Fast growing
Cathy B on Jan 19, 2016
love evergreens and the look of this tree. plus it resists bugs and fungus.
Tim O on Jan 6, 2016
This is a gift for a gentleman in our office who is retiring. We are going to make a money tree out of it. We figured a real tree would be nice, so he can plant it and think of us while he is enjoying his retirement.
Stacey B on Dec 3, 2015
I love the Spruce trees with their shapes. These will go in a woodlands area.
Brenda C on Nov 8, 2015
I wanted an evergreen tree that had few problems.
Pamela A on Jun 15, 2018
Wind break.... eventually.
Peter R on Apr 27, 2018
can it grow o a planter for a yr or two?
rena c on Oct 29, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Yes you can leave them in the pot until you are ready to plant.
dose this tree have a tap root?
carl p on Apr 11, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes they have tap roots.
How much planting and fertilizer fo 8 trees?
Rick M on Apr 19, 2015
BEST ANSWER: We suggest one of each per tree.
norway spruce for california its ok?
carmen on Oct 15, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The growing zones are 2-5. Click the link to look up what growing zone you are in.
When is best time to plant this tree...Norway Spruce?
Sandy P on Apr 7, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Planting in fall/winter/early spring, while they are in their in semi-dormant stage helps them get their roots, established without having to give nutrients to the rest of the tree. Also, with extra care you can plant in the summer, by planting in the evening after the sun goes down, so it will not get leaf burn. Giving it extra water and putting a 3-4 inch of mulch (keeping a few inches away from the trunk) to help retain moisture during hot dry weather.
how much does the Norway spruce grow per year?
diana on Dec 7, 2015
BEST ANSWER: They can grow 2 feet per year.
How do they arrive? Are they potted when shipped?
Missy M on Nov 27, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Normally we ship Fed-Ex, there are times that they use the US Postal Service.
Yes they will be shipped in a container.
Can this grow ok in zone 6, South East, Pa?
Barry D on Sep 27, 2016
BEST ANSWER: It said zone 2-5. But Iam in zone 7. And I planted the tree 2 years ago. And it's still growing. I bought the planting soil and fertilizer with the Norway and it helped a lot.
Does this tree affect fruit trees produce?
My name 2018 on Feb 27, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I’ve got fruit trees and not that I’m aware of. Do you know why they might ? I’m now curious
What is a slow release fertilizer? You said high in nitrogen. I can't find just nitrogen.
Jane J on Mar 22, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Feed Norway spruce mild, slow-acting fertilizer tabs for the initial growing season and save stronger fertilizers for when the tree is established. Once the tree is established, feed it twice a month during early spring and once a month during the summer months. Do not feed the tree just before it goes into dormancy for the winter.
I live in southwest Michigan, right on the borderline of zone 5 and a 6, would a Norway spruce grow well in that area?.I want to plant them in a 49055 zip.
Samme on Dec 29, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Your zip code reflects that of a Zone 6. They would do fine do grow in your State.
Will the Norway Spruce grow in zone 7/8?
Michael C on Apr 8, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Unfortualey not. The growing zones are 2-5.
Are norway and blue spruce trees deer resistant?
sandi on Nov 17, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes Spruce's are normally deer resistant.

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