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6-7 ft. trees
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*images shown are of mature plants

Double Blooming Gardenia Tree

Gardenia jasminoides

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Growing Zones: 7-9
(hardy down to 10℉)

Growing Zones 7-9
You are in Growing Zone: 6

Mature Height:

5-7 ft.

Mature Width:

2-3 ft.


Full Sun, Partial Sun


2 ft.

Growth Rate:


Drought Tolerance:


Botanical Name:

Gardenia jasminoides

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The Perfect Perfume for dressing up your Garden

The sweet aroma of gardenia evokes some of the best memories of summers past.

Now you can make new memories for years to come by planting a beautiful Gardenia right in your own garden.

The fragrant white flowers emit an scent so pleasurable, the Gardenia is just what you need to relax on weekends and melt life's stresses away.

Place them in pots around the patio or strategically plant them in the garden to create your own personal paradise.

Apart from the wonderful perfume that will permeate your retreat, the blossoms will add to the allure because they look as amazing as they smell. For that reason Gardenias are wonderful as potted entryway trees, welcoming visitors by arousing their senses.

The smooth 3 inch double-blossoms maintain a character all their own with layers of pretty white petals surrounding a delicate yellow core.

These incredible flowers are supported visually by the backdrop of shiny green leaves.

The ensemble of white floral beauty, deep green leaves and intoxicating aroma complete the Gardenia as one of the most appealing specimens you can add to any location you choose.

Remember, sometimes how your garden smells can be as important as how it looks. Order yours today.

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Healthy Tree
My gardenia tree arrived today. It was so healthy and nice sized. I had one at my previous home and was not able to find another one locally. I was hesitant to purchase online but am so glad I did. I immediately planted it next to my patio where I can enjoy its amazing fragrance. I will certainly be purchasing more from your company. Thank you.
March 12, 2016
Pensacola, FL
Growing Zone:
Beautiful and such a sweet smell
My friend loves this gardenia tree. I gifted it to her in memory of her mother who recently passed away. She loves it and will remember her sweet mum with each bloom.
May 13, 2016
Raleigh, NC
1 year ago
Very Nice
I was very happy with the size, I have not planted the tree but have it in a small patio pot and, still, the bloom are still coming. I will plant the tree after knowing for sure it can withstand direct full sun heat in the summer. The smell is great.
June 6, 2016
Windsor Hill, CA
1 year ago
Growing Zone:
Gardenia tree
Product arrived well packaged and in good condition. They had plenty of blooms waiting to open up. So far two flowers opened up and they smell dilightful! Can't wait until it's all covered with blooms. I'm in zone 7 and plan on taking it inside or leave it on my front porch, protected. Hopefully it will survive the winter....thanks for a great product!
May 25, 2016
Stratford, CT
1 year ago
Growing Zone:
Double Blooming Gardenia Tree
It arrived looking well. Had a number of lovely open flowers. It smells wonderful. Planted in a large pot, with movable stand that sits on front walk in full sun. Checking daily for water needs
and small amount of yellowing leafs. Happy with our new tree.
June 5, 2016
Summerfield, FL
1 year ago
Growing Zone:
Beautiful plant
Fast service good price friendly people will buy again
July 20, 2016
Tampa Bay, FL
1 year ago
Growing Zone:
We love the gardenia. We had 5 large blooms, but then we had some crummy cool weather, so it hurt the blooming. It was delivered in perfect condition. We love our gardenia.
July 5, 2016
Flora, IN
1 year ago
Growing Zone:
Beauty out of the box
I was amazed at the shipping process. From order to my front door 3 days. When I opened the box everything was packed snug and to my surprise no damage or breakage on my Gardenia tree. It was loaded with blooms. I let it rest a day and then transplanted it into its new pot and within 2 days of getting replanted I had beautiful amazing flowers all over my tree. It continues to produce blooms and flowers filling my front porch and living room with the beautiful aroma that only the Gardenia can give.
I had one friend so impressed she had to go and order herself one. AMAZING .....
May 25, 2016
Springfiield, MO
1 year ago
Growing Zone:
Tree Gardenia
Awesome...Great quality and mine are doing great.
July 10, 2017
1 month ago
Arrived in beauriful condition
Great tree
July 2, 2017
1 month ago

Planting & Care

It's Easy to Plant & Care for Your Double Blooming Gardenia Tree

Step 1: Dig Your Hole

Select a site with full to partial sun and moist or well drained soil for your Double Blooming Gardenia Tree.

First, dig each hole so that it is just shallower than the root ball and at least twice the width.

Then loosen the soil in the planting hole so the roots can easily break through.

Use your shovel or try dragging the points of a pitch fork along the sides and bottom of the hole.

Planting & Care

Step 2: Place Your Plant

Next, separate the roots of your Double Blooming Gardenia Tree gently with your fingers and position them downward in the hole.

The top of the root flare, where the roots end and the trunk begins, should be about an inch above the surrounding soil.

Then make sure the plant is exactly vertical in the hole.

To make it just right, use a level.

Step 3: Backfill Your Hole

As you backfill the hole, apply water to remove air pockets.

Remove debris like stones and grass and completely break up any dirt clumps.

Water your Double Blooming Gardenia Tree again after the transplant is complete.

Questions & Answers

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Why did you choose this? Store
I love the smell of the gardenia, and I planted it near my front door. It has already bloomed, and I just set it out about a month ago.
Carole B on Jun 26, 2017
Just built a new deck and it would be beautiful there.Will bring it in the house for the winter.
Bev Y on Jun 12, 2017
I love the smell of the gardenia, and I planted it near my front door. It has already bloomed, and I just set it out about a month ago.
Carole B on Jun 26, 2017
The perfume of Gardenia is one of my childhood most pleasant memories. I want to bring that to my home. The pictures of your plants look really good. Healthy.
Marie R on Jun 13, 2017
Just built a new deck and it would be beautiful there.Will bring it in the house for the winter.
Bev Y on Jun 12, 2017
I love gardenias and thought this beautiful tree would be perfect to send to a friend who just loss her Mother.
Cindy H on Jun 11, 2017
I love gardenias and can't wait to see the tree in bloom. Thank you
Marsha E S on May 30, 2017
Bernadette S on May 18, 2017
I have a small space in my flower bed that this seems perfect for. Looking forward to the fragrant blooms and evergreen leaves. Height is also perfect for the space. I didn't want anything too bulky or tall.
Kathy E on May 18, 2017
Mother's Day Gift, will amke beautiful addition to patio, this site has good rep for quality and service. Price was right
David S on May 12, 2017
My sister LOVES Gardenia's.
Lisa S on May 10, 2017
Size and fragrance
Mary R on May 3, 2017
Strong fragrance
Daniel K on Apr 22, 2017
The beauty of the plant
Linda H on Apr 20, 2017
Love of standards
Patricia A S on Apr 18, 2017
This my mother's favorite flower.
LETICIA M on Jul 11, 2016
Love the scent & look of the gardenia. Wanted it to put in pot and use on my deck. Will bring inside during the winter
Dephanie C on Jul 9, 2016
Will Ship now!!
Bill P on Jul 1, 2016
JESSIE N on Jul 1, 2016
wanted something with a lot of pretty smelling blooms.
Susan H on Jun 27, 2016
Gardner on Jun 24, 2016
Gift for a friend. Said it was her favorite flower
David M on Jun 16, 2016
Senator D on Jun 14, 2016
I have had a gardenia tree every year for a long time and this year mine isn't doing well, so decided to try this beautiful tree. Am looking forward to receiving this gorgeous looking tree.
Ava M on Jun 14, 2016
I am looking for a small patio type gardenia. Love their smell and hoping this one loves me and does well.
Linda R on Apr 20, 2016
looks very healthy with dozens of blooms already
donna l on Apr 8, 2016
mark g on Mar 21, 2016
for the entrance to my front door
Maria G on Mar 16, 2016
Buying tree to honor fiancee's mother who crossed over. Her favorite flower. Tree to be planted in shrub bed in front of house.
Linda S on Mar 3, 2016
I bought this beautiful Double Blooming Tree as an back drop to accent my Popcorn Drift Rose Plants.
Loretta M on Jan 29, 2016
The perfume of Gardenia is one of my childhood most pleasant memories. I want to bring that to my home. The pictures of your plants look really good. Healthy.
Marie R on Jun 13, 2017
I love gardenias and thought this beautiful tree would be perfect to send to a friend who just loss her Mother.
Cindy H on Jun 11, 2017
Will it bloom in shade?
Barbara on Apr 9, 2015
BEST ANSWER: It needs at least 4-6 hours of sunlight a day.
Help, My buds are not opening! They are turning yellow at base and falling off?
Paula V on May 19, 2015
BEST ANSWER: How are you watering it? Usually this means you are overwatering it or under watering it. Gardenias are a little picky. I found what works best is to buy a large vase with a hole in the bottom and getting a large saucer and fill it with water works better than watering from the top and watering with about 1/2 cup every other day on top. That is what worked for me.
My gardenia tree arrived tied VERY tightly to a bamboo support. Should I remove the support or loosen the ties?
Irina P on May 4, 2017
I have ants on my gardenia tree that are eating my blooms and causing them to fall off what can I use to kill the ants without harming my tree?
Gail E on Jul 2, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I had issues with aphids and ants eating leaves of my plants: knockout roses, my columnar apple trees. I use dish soap diluted with water. I use a hand held sprayer and spray the leaves where there are aphids or ants. It kills the insects without harming the plant .
I have had my tree about 2 months. It looks very healthy, has many buds that look like they will open any time but none have opened. Any suggestions? It does receive adequate sun.
Lisee on May 14, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I also bought my tree in the spring, early April if I recall, and it also got buds but no blooms. I assume that my tree is using all of its energy to establish its root system during the first year and didn't have enough energy to finish opening the buds. It looks very healthy otherwise and loves the Florida sun and weekly rain. It should have healthy blooms next summer after it's had time to get stronger roots. Just be patient and continue giving her plenty of water and fertilizer. Best of luck!!
Will it grow in nevada's high desert?
ETwhytus on Jun 4, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The growing zones are 7-9. Please click the link below to find out what growing zone your in.
I live in Myrtle Beach, SC and was wondering if this can be planted outdoors ... ? When does it bloom and how long does the blooming season last? Thank You !
Kathy on Apr 24, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Kathy, it looks like you're in the correct region but if it freezes in the winter I'd suggest planting it in a container that can be taken inside during cold snaps. I just received mine about a month ago and it's already covered with buds. I don't know how long it'll bloom because this is our first growing season, but I'm assuming it's like gardenia bushes. I highly recommend this tree - it's beautiful and great quality.
How big does this tree get at full growth?
Teresa on Apr 4, 2017
Will it grow in nj?
Frank M on Feb 29, 2016
BEST ANSWER: It isn't doing well in DC so I don't know about further north.
I have 2 trees in pots should I transfer to larger pots or should they stay root bound?
Granny on Mar 10, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes, A bigger pot will always do better then a smaller one for your Gardenia tree.

Can Gardena tree be planted in pots?
William G on May 15, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes you can plant the August Beauty Gardenia Tree in a pot. Make sure it is well draining and at least a 7 Gallon Container.
I live in zone 7, in the panhandle of Texas. Can I plant this tree outside?
ERFelton on Apr 25, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The growing zones are 7-9. Click the link to look up what growing zone you are in.
I live in CT. Will they survive the winters here when planted in the ground?
Putnam on May 11, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The growing zones are 7-9. Click the link to look up what growing zone you are in.
When will there be plants available?
Cindy M on Jul 19, 2015
BEST ANSWER: We should have these back in stock early next spring.
When will you have more of the gardenia trees for sale?
Debra L on Jul 18, 2015
BEST ANSWER: We should have the double blooming gardenia in stock in the spring.
I live in Northern Colorado- do you know how well they might grow here if it's put in a pot in direct sunlight?
Conni T on May 13, 2017

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