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6-7 ft. trees
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  • Eucalyptus Tree (Omeo Gum) for Sale

*images shown are of mature plants

Eucalyptus Tree (Omeo Gum)

Eucalyptus neglecta

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Growing Zones: 7-11
(hardy down to 10℉)

Growing Zones 7-11
You are in Growing Zone: 6

Mature Height:

30 ft.

Mature Width:

10-12 ft.


Full Sun


8-10 ft.

Growth Rate:


Drought Tolerance:


Botanical Name:

Eucalyptus neglecta

Does Not Ship To:


Hardiest of the Eucalyptus 

Over 700 species of eucalyptus inhabit the globe, but few tolerate anything less than ideal living conditions. With a name like Eucalyptus “Neglecta,” however, rest assured this variety requires little care on your part. In fact, nothing seems to cramp its style!

Native to Australia, the Omeo Gum is the most cold hardy of the eucalyptus species. It has proven its resilience in frosty environments (USDA Zones 7 to 11), including short stretches below 0 degrees Fahrenheit!

In general, eucalyptus plants are only satisfied in full sun, but not the Big O! It’s been known to thrive in partial shade, drought, hot… even Southeastern humidity. It can take up residence in just about any soil, while its strong, camphor-like aroma keeps pests and disease at bay.

Fast Growing

If you’re looking for quick results, the Omeo Gum is a proven performer. Although some eucs top the plant-kingdom-growth-chart -- towering 400 feet or more -- the Omeo Gum retains comparatively modest dimensions. It starts out as a bushy shrub, but just wait! Growing about 3 feet annually its first 10 to 15 years, this euc transforms into a statuesque, columnar evergreen in no time!

Loaded with Features

The Omeo Gum is loaded with illustrious features that make it prized for the garden as well as the home. It’s nicknamed the “Big O” for its perfectly round leaves that persist through youth. The color is distinct -- a crisp, frosty blue shade that turns purplish-rose in cooler weather.

This tree blooms in late winter, but like everything else about the Big O, they aren’t your typical flowers. Each bud is a puff of white stamens. Somewhat inconspicuous as solo specimens, flowers mass together, making quite a compelling statement to would-be pollinators.

Once it reaches a mature height of 30 to 40 feet, its growth rate slows, and broad, elongated adult leaves replace the Omeo’s trademark foliage.

Refreshing, Fragrant Scent

There’s no mistaking the invigorating scent of a eucalyptus. If you’ve used balms or salves to clear your airways or relieve a muscle ache, you know it well. The euc’s unmistakable perfume comes from the “eucalyptol” oil that permeates its leaves and bark. Many find it a sweet, mildly spicy scent

Prized for its Interior Decorating Uses

Keep your snips handy to bring this aromatic fragrance indoors. The Big O’s silvery-blue branches lend a modern touch to floral arrangements, wreaths and swags, while dried leaves add a cool, refreshing aroma to sachets and potpourri.

More than just a stylish evergreen, the Omeo Gum is the total package – fast-growing and industrious with all-around sensory appeal! Get your order in today. Trees arrive ready to make a splash!

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing trees- also dangerous. The awesome smell comes with a risk. The leaves contain oil- oils that are flammable. I found this out when burning brush. The dried leaves/twigs go up like gasoline. Rate of growth is true. I ordered two trees about three years ago. They are now bigger than the very $$$ oak trees that I had to plant with a back hoe.
January 1, 2013
This is my rating of other Eucalypus tree's I have grown
The three tree's I got from you died within one week of planting them and have not been replace even though I bought the warranty with them!
January 20, 2015
over 2 years ago
Growing Zone:
I am very happy with my eucalyptus tree purchase, it survived a hot weather 109 degrees, it survived the deer! They tried to eat it, and it is standing so tall and beautiful in just one year in spite of all the adversities. I highly recommend this Eucalyptus Tree to anyone
January 1, 2013
We planted our Eucalyptus Tree in the front yard and in one year it has doubled in size. Not sure if it will grow to look like the one in the picture but it is a nice tree and as it gets large will smell nice on breezy day. I have cut a few branches off and put them in the house and months later they still have a scent to them.
January 1, 2013
I can't keep my eyes off this tree. It is so beautiful. Initially I thought that it was dead but it is growing and so healty looking now. Each time I walk outside, I have to walk over and take a look. I love unique tree and would so love to have another one of these on the opposite side of the yard but my job shut down and I don't have the funds to purchase another but this tree is every thing that you said and more. Thank you so much for being the provider. Hopefully at some point in time, I will be able to buy a second one. Thank you so much. By the way it has grown at least 2 additional feet since it was planted
January 1, 2013
over 5 years ago
be careful of this tree
many ppl do not know about the damage this tree cause to the nearby trees/ plants. Nothing will survive next to this tree b/c this is a very thirsty tree, need extraordinary amount of water with shallow root system. This often leaves nothing for nearby plants to take up. As the shallow root system expands, it invades the habitat of other species and can take over an area of the yard. Once it has established, it can be extremely difficult to eradicate a eucalyptus tree from your yard, because when the tree is cut down it undergoes mass-sprouting from the base and the root system and may reestablish growth.
July 21, 2015
Growing Zone:
Zone 7 here, I bought 3 of these trees and they're doing fine...I saw some comments from others in my zone and I'm not sure what happened to their trees but mine are fine as are my neighbors and someone else down the street. Awesome tree
January 1, 2013
Very unique tree
My wife and I love this little tree, It's very unique and perfect for south Texas. Not sure why none of the local nurseries, Lowe's, or Home Depot do not sell these trees. I have had it for 4 weeks and it's already sprouting new leaves. Still no aroma which I was looking forward to....I wonder why?
May 9, 2015
San Benito, TX
Growing Zone:
I LOVE my Eucalyptus Tree. I live in zone 9 and I agree with another review: stake your tree.Mine has grown 6feet in one year.
January 1, 2013
over 4 years ago
I love my Eucalyptus tree, the aroma is increbible. It has gotten so big since we planted it. In the summer I even rub some of it on my dog to keep the bugs away
January 1, 2013

Planting & Care

It's Easy to Plant & Care for Your Eucalyptus Tree (Omeo Gum)

Eucalyptus Tree (Omeo Gum) Planting Diretions

The eucalyptus is a quick growing, beautiful and beneficial tree native to Australia, also referred to the “gum tree” (from the sap it emits from wounds). Eucalyptus tree leaves are known for their many uses in modern medicine specifically for breathing troubles associated with colds and bronchitis.


Planting Directions:


You’ll want a full sun location that drains well and is far from other competing plants. They are adaptable to many different types of soil, but will not tolerate constant standing water. Early Spring or Fall is the most recommended time to plant a new tree.



In Ground Planting:


1) Dig your hole twice the width of the root ball, and just as deep.


2) Try to take as much care as you can not to rough up the roots when you remove the tree from its pot. Eucalyptus roots are quite sensitive, they do not like to be disturbed so there is no need to spread out the roots when you place it into the hole.


3) Eucalyptus trees may require some soil amending at the time of planting if there is an abundance of clay or sand content to it. For heavy clay soils, mix in some good organic matter like aged cow manure at 25-50% of the ratio of the clay soil. For highly sandy soils, adding peat moss or compost will help retain soil moisture.


4) Hold the tree upright to where the tip of the root crown is level with the soil surface. Gently backfill the hole (remember to be delicate with those roots). When the hole is partially filled, soak the soil, let it settle, then finish backfilling to the top of the root ball. Repeat several times until full, watering between layers.


5) Apply a 2 inch layer of mulch at a distance of about 2-3 feet around the trunk of the tree. DO NOT let the mulch touch the trunk of the tree as this can promote fungus and rot. Shredded wood mulch works well or a 3 inch layer of pine straw can also be utilized.



Potting directions:


Potting a young eucalyptus tree is widely encouraged and can be easily cared for in cooler climate areas with a few basic steps.


1) Select the appropriate pot for your new tree. Typically going up 1-2 pot sizes is recommended so there is not an excess of moisture being retained in the potting soil (Ex: If the tree purchased is in a 1 gallon pot, go up to a 3 gallon size). Traditional round pots can be used but the roots are likely start circling the inside, requiring constant repotting. Good drainage holes in the pot are essential to the tree’s survival (this is also another benefit of going only 1-2 pot sizes up). These drought tolerant trees tolerate drying out more than staying wet.


* If caring for your new tree in a pot at first with the intention of putting it to ground, select a semi-large, cone shaped pot. This way it can easily be transplanted to its permanent home.


2) Another key to good drainage is the correct type of potting soil used. Start with a porous, loose potting medium good enough to support the roots and retain just a slight amount of moisture. This can be found at your local garden center or nursery and is fairly inexpensive.


*Pro Tip* Moisture control soil is NOT recommended for this tree.


3) Potted or not, eucalyptus trees require FULL SUN. Try to have it in a sunny, south facing window to keep it happy and healthy. Keep the tree outside as much as possible during the summer months.


4) If you’re planning on keeping the tree potted, it’s a good idea to repot every spring into a slightly larger pot size.





(In Ground): Eucalyptus are drought tolerant, but for their first season it/they will require a regular watering regiment to assist in getting fully acclimated. Be sure to keep your soil moist but NEVER saturated. Using your index finger is a good way to tell if the tree is ready for another drink of water or not. Stick your finger into the soil near the tree and if it still feels moistened, leave it be. If it’s dry and sandy to the touch, give it a good watering. Mulch is very beneficial especially in the Summer season where water may evaporate much more quickly and it will also help combat competing weeds that might grow nearby. Watering regularly will not be as necessary after the trees first season, the normal rainfall should be sufficient but in extended periods of drought, it may need some extra water.


(Potted): Eucalyptus will need to be watered regularly to keep the soil moist (but NOT soaking). Potted trees can dry out more quickly than the landscape so be sure to water just enough until you see it escaping the drainage holes and stop. DO NOT allow the water to remain in the tray and allow the top of the soil





(In Ground) We do not recommend fertilizing your eucalyptus tree if it is already planted in the ground.


(Potted) Eucalyptus that is potted may benefit from a slow release fertilizer once every Spring. A basic 10-10-10 formula works perfectly well.





Eucalyptus trees respond well to pruning but is not necessary for the first two seasons. When you are ready to prune, be sure to remove dead branches. Pruning is recommended in the high heat of summer, which is when the eucalyptus’ nick name “gum tree” becomes more clear. The tree will bleed out a sticky substance but do not be too concerned as the high heat of Summer will assist in the healing of the wounds much more quickly. Try to avoid pruning when it is there is a high humidity to the air as this can promote fungal infections. Wound dressing can also be utilized in the removal of larger tree branches to prevent infections. Potted eucalyptus can be pruned/shaped at any time to maintain desired shape and size.


Some species such as the Rainbow Eucalyptus shed back their bark to reveal a splendor of colors making them quite an attractive addition to any property. Adding a eucalyptus tree to your home can provide multiple benefits: repelling insects, medicinal use and sinus relief. Birds and small mammals are drawn to the tree and also assist in the pollination of certain species of eucalyptus that is known for producing “gum nut fruit.” The trees have been known to be very prolific growers and average a lifespan of 250+ years! You can also create a new and exciting shower (or bath) experience by hanging fresh eucalyptus leaves in the bathroom where the steam can release an aromatic, healing vapor to open up your lungs. There are many benefits and rewards that come with adding a eucalyptus tree to your home whether it be to crush up the leaves for the soothing oil or repelling irritating mosquitos and ticks.

Planting & Care

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Why did you choose this? Store
I love the smell. Reminds me of my time in California. It didn't last in Arkansas' suffering heat/humidity.
Maryalice H on Sep 15, 2017
I love the smell and medicinal factors to eucalyptus.
Alafair R on May 29, 2017
I love the smell. Reminds me of my time in California. It didn't last in Arkansas' suffering heat/humidity.
Maryalice H on Sep 15, 2017
Bought it for my sunroom because I thought it was a tree. What arrived looks and grows more like a vine. Got it potted and trained to a stake, and within weeks it took off. It's growing nearly a foot each month!
Brad W on Jul 22, 2017
I love the smell and medicinal factors to eucalyptus.
Alafair R on May 29, 2017
Good for mosquito & other pests. Smells great & can cook with it.
Ruth H on May 26, 2017
They smell great!
Lucy P on May 23, 2017
Susana O on May 22, 2017
to repel insects and the aroma
victoria f on May 22, 2017
Ever green and the great smell
Gustavo R on May 22, 2017
For mosquito prevention.
David D on May 21, 2017
To eventually shade part of our house from full afternoon summer sun and for the fragrance and natural mosquito/flea/tick repellant of the tree.
Chris K on May 20, 2017
I had 2, one didnt make it through our very cold winter.
Teresa D on May 17, 2017
I like the smell
Tammy t on May 17, 2017
I do a lot of decorating for friend and family weddings, etc. and use a lot of eucalyptus in arrangements and garlands. Plus, it's expensive to buy. After reading the eucalyptus tree is fast growing and drought tolerant, I'm hoping some day to have my own source of my favorite greenery for decorating purposes.
Lisa B on May 17, 2017
Wanda P on May 14, 2017
Saw one in my neighbors yd
Elizabeth J on May 13, 2017
Mosquito control
Amy G on May 12, 2017
I love the smell plus it's insect defense.
Nancy D on May 10, 2017
I am look for a fast growing, easy maintenance shade tree for my back yard.
Daniel R on May 9, 2017
This tree was very pretty and different. It did not make it two years in the Texas weather. I would not recommend for TX climate.
christy m on May 6, 2017
I like tree
Manton B on May 5, 2017
Grows fast and need to create a screen from my neighbors two story looking into my back yard
Jose A. T on May 2, 2017
John Wallace N on May 2, 2017
I have looking for this tree for yaers had one in my old house and did not remember where I bought it know I want one for my new house. It was a little difreant thow it had long leaves and grew tall and long but I can not find that one anymore. If you have one with long leaves and is not the lemon eucalyptus tree please let me know. thank you very much.
Viviana M on Apr 26, 2017
Aroma, keeps insects away
Manya M on Apr 20, 2017
Thought this tree would look at home here in the corner of my front yard. That corner looks soooo empty right now and needs a little something.
Laurine M on Apr 20, 2017
The smell is amazing. It brings me memories of my childhood in Peru.
Alexandra M on Apr 20, 2017
I just ordered the Eucalyptus Tree because the scent is my favorite! I cannot wait to receive it!
Denise B on Apr 19, 2017
I've always loved Eucalyptus trees but have never had the space to grow one until now. I love the bark and I love the smell of the foliage, but I will be planting this far from any sidewalks and foundations to avoid any root issues.
Chris B on Apr 17, 2017
Love the look and smell.
James B on Apr 15, 2017
unique tree for the garden
martha h on Apr 15, 2017
Love the aroma
Paula S on Apr 14, 2017
We were hopeful this trees would survive in zone 9. It was said to be fragrant & would help with mosquito control. Unfortunately the trees didn't make it through winter😔
Shannon S on Mar 31, 2017
Nice odor, shade, and sort of an evergreen
jkaechler on Mar 21, 2017
overall love for the eucalyptus tree!
Emily W on Mar 15, 2017
repels mosquitos, but this one did not make it.
juan jose c on Mar 4, 2017
I hope to attract koala bears to Pflugerville, Texas.
Robert W on Feb 14, 2017
It was an evergreen tree.
Eileen D on Feb 12, 2017
interesting tree, fragrance, ornamental
KURTIS K on Feb 12, 2017
Actually for a very crazy feed an Australian Stick Bug. However, I had a eucalyptus tree that grew wonderfully for many years but succumbed during a tough winter. The stick bug is a good excuse to replace it. If this grows as well as its predecessor, it will be a beautiful eye-catching tree.
Loretta S on Jan 22, 2017
My wife loved this tree so I purchased it for her. After 3 years is doing quite well and tolerates the North Carolina weather. Planted at the waters edge looks good.
Raymond C on Jan 12, 2017
I like the color and shape of the leaves and also the fragrance.

Please do not ship before April
Mona M on Jan 10, 2017
Nancy H on Jan 10, 2017
Debbie K on Jan 10, 2017
Size and zone.
Diana M on Jan 6, 2017
Fast growing tree, good to enjoy the fragrance
paul f on Dec 22, 2016
My wife wanted it for interior decoration, table centerpiece, etc.
Chris B on Dec 15, 2016
Our property is clay &'very wet in rainy season ! We need trees that love water!
martha w on Nov 21, 2016
fast growing, fragrant and evergreen
kara d on Nov 11, 2016
It's useful an smells amazing
Geneva a on Nov 10, 2016
Smell of the tree
Nancey M on Nov 1, 2016
Bought it for my sunroom because I thought it was a tree. What arrived looks and grows more like a vine. Got it potted and trained to a stake, and within weeks it took off. It's growing nearly a foot each month!
Brad W on Jul 22, 2017
Good for mosquito & other pests. Smells great & can cook with it.
Ruth H on May 26, 2017
How long do Eucalyptus trees usually live? I have one that is about 10 years old, about 40 feet tall The top branches are starting to die. It doe not look like there are any diseases, bugs, or fungus
Susan on Apr 24, 2015
BEST ANSWER: It has a Life Span of 250+ years.
How do I trim this tree. I have one in my backyard, and I don't know if I should peel off the "peeling" bark, or do I leave it. How should you trim this tree?
winstons m on Apr 10, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The peeling of the bark is natural. The branches can be pruned in the summer.
Will the eucalyptus lose there leaves in the fall?
A shopper on Jul 8, 2014
BEST ANSWER: No, the eucalyptus leaves do not change. I live in central Texas and it rarely gets below 20.
How tall is the three gallon tree when it arrives?
Patrick T on Jul 18, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The 3 gallon size is around a foot tall.
i live in high wind area, south texas.. are they good for wind break or too brittle?
odiepug on Jul 18, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The Eucalyptus Tree can withstand high winds, but it's much more sensitive to the wind than Lombardy Poplar.
will it help repel other insects such as bees?
Lauren on Feb 22, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I do not think so. it has small white flowers, the bees like the smell. and I think they also attract ants. I have not planted mine yet, but my parents had some when I was growing up. But if you mix borax ,sugar and HOT water then spray it all around the tree that should take care of the ants. but be careful it will make your pets SICK.. ... I really like the look and smell of the Eucalyptus trees. I hope that helps.
How much is the Eucalyptus Tree? I do not know what Zone I am in for being NW Iowa.
A shopper on Jun 20, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The Eucalyptus tree varies in price depending on availability and size. It's currently on back order and our sales often change every 3 to 4 days, so I can't give you a good price estimate currently. NW Iowa is in zone 5, but some of it is in zone 4.
Hello. There are several kind of eucalyptus tree. What is the botanical name of your eucalyptus? Thanks.
Vannessa L on Nov 18, 2014
BEST ANSWER: We carry the Eucalyptus cinerea "Silver Dollar".
How does this tree tolerate very moist soil? This is not a marsh area or one where water is standing. However there are times in spring when the ground is spongy and soft. I also like the tulip popular and the sweet bay magnolia. The idea of year round green is appealing. My zip is 74012. Please offer some suggestions.
A shopper on Jul 8, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The Eucalyptus Tree doesn't like moist soil or being over watered. Watering is a key step in removing any pests which may also share the plants desire to stay warm and dry. Try not to over water, these plants come from a dry desert and prefer to live as such, but do well in our warm temperature. Eucalyptus trees, which normally do well without irrigation, might appreciate occasional deep irrigation through summer.
How can I buy the Eucalyptus seeds?
tin h on Jun 12, 2014
BEST ANSWER: They are available on line, I purchased some and read reviews from others who did so, seeds are quite small and not always viable plants may not live, growth is slow. I did not have success, try Amazon.
I live in Pasco, wa and is listed zone 7. It is considered high desert. Summers are hot and dry. We antlers are cold and dry. Cold temps don't normally drop below teens and can be windy. Will this tree work in the backyard?
Nwrotorhead on Mar 15, 2015
BEST ANSWER: This tree is not recommended for zone 7 outdoors due to the colder winters in your area.
I want to know if the tree on sale is a eucalyptus cinerea with little round leaves just like you are showing in close up on the left?
michele k on May 16, 2015
BEST ANSWER: That tree is a Silver Dollar Eucalyptus.
Is the wood good for burning?
janine w on Jan 17, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Not really. it gets to hot, because of the oil in it.
When will this tree be available again??
livedove13 on Jun 15, 2014
BEST ANSWER: We apologize but we do not currently have a clear indication as to when these trees will be available again. Most likely by the Fall.
I live in north Texas (dallas area) we are right on the fringe of the growing zone. We do occasionally get some ice and a bit of snow/ freezing days. I'd love to plant a eucalyptus tree in my yard. Is it too risky or would I be okay?
Kacie S on Oct 10, 2016
BEST ANSWER: live in Lake Worth about 40 miles from you. I planted mine about 2 years ago in a BIG pot. Never have taken it inside. So far it has survived our hot summers and the winter. Never have taken it inside. BE SURE AND KEEP IT STAKED FOR At least 2yrs. I am trying to find a 10-12 foot stake now. When you first get it, don't be disappointed about how small it is. Mine grew really fast, thus the keeping it staked part. I also use Miracle•Gro on mine. It does not have as much smell as what I thought it would but still like it anyway. Hope this helps you lol even though it is probably more information than what you wanted. Although we live close, every yard is different. Do what you think best. If it dies, get something else. If it lives. ??Celebrate.
What is the root system top or deep?
earl S on Jul 28, 2015
After almost two years, I have not seen any surface roots, so I presume they go deep.
how many new trees can the transplant fertilizer support?
A shopper on Oct 14, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The transplant fertilizer is 2 oz. package, so one packet per tree is best.
We planted ours a week ago
The leaves turned brown
Is our tree dead ?
Dana M on May 13, 2016
BEST ANSWER: i'm not sure but i doesn't sound good----mine survived for a short while and then the leaves turned brown and it died---good luck---mike
I live in central Florida. We want to plant this as a memorial for my mother. It gets good sunlight but not full sun. Also can you prune it so it does not get past about 25 feet?
Gretchen M on Feb 23, 2016
BEST ANSWER: If it gets good sunlight, my experience is that it will be fine. Eucalyptus trees grow pretty fast. You will have to prune it to prevent it from getting out of hand. Don't plant near your house.The limbs can be used as dried foliage indoors in vases with fresh or dried flowers.
have you used any pesticides on the trees?
Kristie S on Oct 14, 2014
BEST ANSWER: No, I haven't, and mine have grown really well. I have a friend who has one from the same order about 30 miles away and I know they have not sprayed with pesticides, and their tree is also thriving and doing well. Hope that helps in some way.
Is it too hot to plant eucalyptus in Fredericksburg tx in sept?
Courtnay on Jul 29, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Fall would probably be the best time to plant. We planted ours in Florida in very hot weather and they survived just fine.
Can Eucalyptus be planted close to the house or will the roots damage the foundation?
Odette L on Jun 25, 2015
BEST ANSWER: To be safe, you should allow 12 to 15 feet between your Eucalyptus tree and your house. It can become a substantial 30 to 40-foot tree over time.
When is the best time to plant this tree?
A shopper on Sep 6, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Best to get the Eucalyptus in the ground in the early fall or early spring. Summer planting is good as well, as long as you can water as needed.
I live near a landfill with a slight unpleasant smell (only on warm days when wind is blowing the right direction). Would a few of these between my home and the landfill alleviate some of the smell? Other suggestions?
brandon on Jun 12, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I think that the best smelling live trees are the fast growing arborvitae.Then plant lavender,oregano,catmint and bee balm where you sit outside and they will mask some of the aromas.Coneflowers and some marigolds are very fragrant too.
I have read that some varieties of eucalyptus drop heavy limbs. Is this variety known to do that? Can you please supply the variety name?
A shopper on Aug 2, 2014
BEST ANSWER: We carry the 'Silver Dollar' and it is not known to drop heavy limbs.
what is the name of this eucalyptus tree?
gani l on Jun 11, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The one we carry is the Silver Dollar Eucalyptus.
Is this a particular type of eucalyptus?
Tree crazy on Oct 15, 2016
BEST ANSWER: It is the silver dollar tree variety.
Is this tree recommended for Phoenix, AZ?
Teresa C on Jan 16, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The outdoor growing zones are 8-11. Click the link to look up what growing zone you are in.
Is it too late to plant now? I live in Raleigh area of north caroina
Vicky H on Sep 12, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I planted mine in early November in Tuscaloosa, AL (I think the lows were in the high 40s/low 50s at the time). It's done really well since then - I've done nothing with it since planting, and it's grown to about eight ft tall in two years.
Is this tree salt tolerant Will it thrive in the Fla Keys?
A shopper on Sep 4, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I'm in Broward county, about 5 miles west of the beach. My eucalyptus tree was 2' tall it's now almost 8'. It grew 2 main trunks and I have them wired to a stake ti try to keep it straight. I've trimmed the shoots lower than 6' and so far the tree is doing well.
I may have been expecting more from it as far as mosquito control but maybe it's still too soon and not big enough.

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