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  • Cherry Dazzle® Dwarf Crape Myrtle for Sale

    Cherry Dazzle® Dwarf Crape Myrtle for Sale

*images shown are of mature plants

Cherry Dazzle® Dwarf Crape Myrtle

Lagerstroemia 'GAMAD I'


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-t- Tree Planting Kit
Tree Planting Kit
Tree Planting Kit

Getting your tree off to the right start can more than double its growth rate. Use our planting kit so your tree is ready for explosive growth.

Your planting kit includes:

  1. Tree Stake Kit to help keep your tree stable, giving roots time to grow.

  2. Breathable Tree Guard protects against gnawing mice, rabbits, deer and mowers.

  3. 2 oz of Root Rocket™ Mycorrhizal Fungi so your tree can quickly explode with new root growth.

-t- Planting Mix
Cherry Dazzle® Dwarf Crape Myrtle Planting Mix

Helps your Cherry Dazzle® Dwarf Crape Myrtle get established in a fraction of the time, become more drought tolerant, and grow faster. Here's how:

Beneficial Bacteria... It's like a Probiotic for your tree... creating an explosion of fine hair roots that vastly improves nutrient and water uptake.

Course Organic Compost... loosens and improves all types of soils while promoting proper pH levels. You get better drainage and moisture retention.

Microbial Fertilizers... including Sea Kelp, Yucca, and 100 other elements proven to gently feed your tree without burning the roots.

Use 1 bag of Planting Mix for each plant ordered.

Soil Contents
-t- Root Rocket™ Fertilizer
Root Rocket™ Transplant Fertilizer

2oz. Packet

Get your new plants off to the right start by using Root Rocket™ Transplant.

This soil amendment contains 16 strains of mycorrhizal fungi, biostimulants, beneficial bacteria and Horta-Sorb® water management gel.

Simply sprinkle the product into the planting hole adjacent to the root ball when planting.

The organisms will start to work right away supplying the roots with much needed nutrition.

The specially formulated Horta-Sorb® will reduce transplant stress and aid in water retention.

1 packet per plant

Root Rocket Fertilizer

Growing Zones: 6-10
(hardy down to 0℉)

Growing Zones 6-10
You are in Growing Zone: 6

Mature Height:

3-5 ft.

Mature Width:

3-5 ft.


Full Sun


3-5 ft.

Growth Rate:


Drought Tolerance:

Very Adaptable

Botanical Name:

Lagerstroemia 'GAMAD I'

Does Not Ship To:


Huge Crape Myrtle Blooms on a 5 ft. Shrub!

The Cherry Dazzle Crape Myrtle is a brand new variety of dwarf crape myrtle that brings dramatic changes to your garden each season!

Springtime brings beautiful bronze-green foliage. In summer, the foliage deepens to a dark green, and huge clusters of bright red blooms cover the entire tree. As temperatures cool in the fall, the tree loses its blooms, but the leaves turn a beautiful reddish-orange.

This crape myrtle is disease resistant, drought resistant, and grows well in most areas of the country.

Best of all, the Cherry Dazzle Red Crape Myrtle grows to a maximum height and width of only 5 feet, allowing you to plant it in even the smallest spaces of your garden!

Put several in your landscape today, and show off a different kind of beauty, spring, summer, and fall!

Be sure to act quick. These new "Razzle Dazzle" varieties are selling out quick. We have a very low inventory, so be sure to get yours now.

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Customer Reviews

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One year later
I bought 2 last Fall. I bought the smaller size and they are both 3X bigger now. They bloomed early summer and are blooming intermittently now. Very pretty.
October 5, 2014
Growing Zone:
Received and planted in April,2013 slow start but now in full bloom, truly surprised it bloomed within three months, simply beautiful and causing many inquiries as to where it came from, great dwarf size this yr
January 1, 2013
over 4 years ago
WoW what a beatiful shrub. I purchased it last August and three weeks later my tenants child stepped on it while running and broke the two largest branches off. I had one small branch left and didn't think it would make through the winter. In the spring it did nothing and I was going to pull it out. I left it and it bloomed and grew it now has about five branches and is about a foot and a half tall and full of beautiful, bright flowers with yellow centers and hasn't stopped blooming and is supposed to bloom all summer. I am so glad I got this plant. The leaves are a dark rich green. We love it.
January 1, 2013
Grew and bloomed exactly as described
We love this dwarf crape myrtle - looking forward to a full blooming season next year! In May 2015 we received 4 small, heavily pruned 1 ft plants, just as FGT describes its shipping protocol on the website. All 4 of them thrived despite our drought summer here in Portland, Oregon and began blooming in August. So we got lovely dense blooms for August-September on plants that at least doubled in size.
October 6, 2015
over 2 years ago
Growing Zone:
Spectacular little bush with gorgeous ""true red"" blooms. Bought one years ago and may buy more in the fall. Nice accent bush, colorful too in autumn. Buy one. You won't be sorry.
January 1, 2013
I am going into season 4 with this plant. It's a slow start and took a couple seasons to bloom. It doesn't do a lot until late summer or fall, but it's gotten hardier each year. Last season was great and have high hopes for this year and what it will do.

Be patient!! I thought it was dead after my first season since there was no new growth, but then the leaf buds started to come in late spring. I have it planted in full sun and it is a happy camper.
March 10, 2015
over 5 years ago
Growing Zone:
It's a little difficult to review this purchase, as what I received was a 3-foot stick with a few leaves on it. I purchased 15 different trees and shrubs from this company this year to replace the loss of my entire backyard in Hurricane Sandy last fall, and this was the only disappointing plant. Now, several months later, is has bloomed a bit, but scarcely grown at all. It certainly does not look as though it's going to mature into anything close to what is pictured on the site, but we'll see next year
January 1, 2013
over 4 years ago
Razzle dazzle crepe myrtle
We were a little concerned at first because of the shipping treatment, but after about a month the plant is really flourishing and blooming and simply doing great. Couldn't be happier!

Thank you so much for supplying this beautiful plant. Looking forward to its mature growth.
October 6, 2015
over 2 years ago
Growing Zone:
Planted 2 of them last Spring (2014). At first they went through soil shock and some of the leaves started to turn brown. I think the deer were so hungry they were eating it too. They also went through a harsh NJ winter with minus degrees at times and ice/snow storms. Thought it was the end of these beautiful shrubs :( but to my surprise they were sprouting new, bigger leaves at the base. So happy! Hopefully they will continue to thrive -- can't wait to see when the flowers.
May 25, 2015
Jackson, NJ
Growing Zone:
the 2 dazzle i bought are doing great. planted them last fall and both are nice and full. no blooms yet but im sure it will soon.
January 1, 2013
over 4 years ago

Planting & Care

It's Easy to Plant & Care for Your Cherry Dazzle® Dwarf Crape Myrtle

Cherry Dazzle® Dwarf Crape Myrtle Planting Diretions Your Cherry Razzle Dazzle Crape Myrtle will thrive in an area the receives full to partial sunlight. For a hedge plant your Crape Myrtles about 3 feet apart.

Cherry Razzle Dazzle Crape Myrtles will adapt to your natural soil even if it's sandy or heavy in clay as long as it's well draining. Allow to the soil to dry to the touch about two inches down between each watering. Once the soil is dry, give your Crape Myrtle a deep watering.

Every Spring fertilize your Cherry Razzle Dazzle Crape Myrtle with an acidic fertilizer and prepare for the show. Each summer beautiful red blossoms emerge and cover the whole shrub!

Questions & Answers

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Why did you choose this?
Fast-Growing-Trees.com Store
to match one i already have
Louis M on Jul 17, 2017
I was looking for a flowering bush that would provide flowers the entire growing season. I currently have a crepe myrtle tree that is beautiful and wanted something similar for my garden that had red blooms. This plant is perfect!
Kay W on Jul 9, 2017
to match one i already have
Louis M on Jul 17, 2017
Shirley B on Jul 9, 2017
I was looking for a flowering bush that would provide flowers the entire growing season. I currently have a crepe myrtle tree that is beautiful and wanted something similar for my garden that had red blooms. This plant is perfect!
Kay W on Jul 9, 2017
I read the reviews.
Linda L on Jul 8, 2017
The color and size are perfect for the ends of my island, in my circular driveway. The fact they will last so many months is a plus! I am always replacing flowers. This will be beautiful!
Shari K on Jun 20, 2017
Small and beautiful foliage when blooms are gone.
Gail A on Jun 17, 2017
Wanted something completely different for our garden. It's compact and red so it's perfect for our garden. Also like that it adds color to the garden after the spring flowers have gone!
Glenn R on Jun 11, 2017
A beautiful plant..grew so fast.
ROSEMARY L on May 30, 2017
ordered two last year and survived a tough winter. Just ordered 4 more beautiful blooms!
Bob F on May 26, 2017
Good small flowering Shrub for Zone 6
Richard G on May 24, 2017
I chose this as part of an evergreen blooming privacy hedge to screen the front of my house from foot traffic and line of sight of the neighbors across the street.
Gloria L on May 5, 2017
GEORGE E on May 1, 2017
replace diseased roses
DAVID L H on Apr 27, 2017
100 days of blooms! I like to plant things that offer a lot of color beyond spring.
Tracy J on Apr 2, 2017
Because we wanted a low-growing tree to camouflage some pipes in our yard.
Roberta B on Apr 1, 2017
I needed something that was drought tolerant and had lots of color and would grow in a hard to grow area-perfect choice
Diana A on Mar 30, 2017
have had these before - they add color and, maintain shape and maintenance free
Cj U on Mar 5, 2017
color and year round survivability
Anthony h on Mar 4, 2017
No one else has it in this area yet I believe.
JOHN D D on Jan 18, 2017
Needed color for patio area and I will plant in containers. I love the texture of crape flowers!!
Carolyn C on Jan 4, 2017
I chose this plant because it is easy to grow in GA and has spectacular blooms during the summer time. In addition, its size is perfect for my front yard.
Ernesto R on Oct 21, 2016
All year round visually pleasing shrub
DelBoy on Oct 21, 2016
One of the few shrubs that can make it in zone 10. Looks nice, and I hear they are pretty resilient.
alex p on Oct 10, 2016
We needed something red close to the house and on a corner. This will balance a red weeping japanese maple on the other side of the house. I think this will be the perfect choice in zone 6.
richard c g on Oct 1, 2016
Great for a small area in my front yard to provide more color.
Brannan C on Sep 24, 2016
Have the perfect small place for this plant in my front yard.
Sandra B on Sep 8, 2016
Decades ago Redlands city planners chose crape myrtles to plant throughout this relatively small city. Crape myrtles are a good choice for longevity, durability, beauty, low maintenance. They've shown they can withstand drought conditions in California. They return beautiful blooms for just a little hand-watering everyday or deep watering every now and then, just as do succulents and cacti during extreme heat. I hope these 3 dwarf crape myrtle shrubs/bushes will do well covering an embankment.
SUSAN V on Sep 7, 2016
This is a rather ugly crape myrtle. I have several odd branches that have produced a different leaf size and shape and it just isn't at all attractive. I plan to do some serious pruning in the fall in an attempt to "help it along". It does produce very pretty flowers, but it is definitely a "charlie brown" christmas tree type of "orphan!
Carol W on Sep 5, 2016
Dwarf size. Beautiful color. Will flourish in coachella valley
Kim M on Sep 3, 2016
Sandra H on Aug 31, 2016
I am planting the crepe myrtle in a patio container with the hope that it makes it through the winter! Fingers crossed....!
Diana G on Aug 29, 2016
Needed a flowering plant for a small inside corner bed
Winona T on Aug 28, 2016
Debra P on Aug 23, 2016
small, colorful, fill in space
JoAnn G on Aug 13, 2016
Bright red flowers and bark is beautiful
Colleen k on Aug 11, 2016
Wife love this shrub and its colors
Ignacio O on Jul 13, 2016
want some plant to brighten our front yard
Myla J on Jun 29, 2016
pretty, low care, and does not grow tall!
Paula D on Jun 28, 2016
This is amazing and can't wait for mine to reach full size. Bought this for an accent in our yard. I may be forced to purchase another two.
Shiralee B on Jun 24, 2016
Fell in love with the Crape Myrtle Tree in NOLA & decided to try this bush.
Kimberly G on Jun 17, 2016
We love flowers, and this plant produce a lot of gorgeous colorful flowers
Gloria S on Jun 15, 2016
Accent color
Ruth E on Jun 15, 2016
The color and size
Anthony R on Jun 11, 2016
because fast growing trees was the only place i found
with a low price and Fast Growing Trees I have found
to be Honest and a Respectful Co,and they Treat Their
Customers with Respect.
Eldon Hill
Eldon H on Jun 10, 2016
Very good pictures and description of characteristics. Should clarify state if trees or shrubs are evergreen or deciduous.
Larry on Apr 22, 2016
it is so beautiful I saw it on the road to my friends house ....
Donna S on Apr 19, 2016
Color and lower height than tree below so they will not over power each other in yard
Mary Ann L on Apr 19, 2016
In summer time I saw many people who live close to my home have Crape Myrtle in their front yard. The shrub is not very big and tall, but blooms beautiful flowers all over the top of the branch with various colors. It makes the yard look very nice, and the flowering time is quiet long. I have a flower bed in back yard. There is no much space can hold the Crape Myrtle with normal size, so I choose Cherry Dazzle® Dwarf Crape Myrtle. It smaller than those I have seen.
Julia R on Apr 17, 2016
I love the size of this plant and crape myrtles have an impressive flowering length, can't wait to see it in my front yard!
Roxanne R on Apr 14, 2016
height and color
Jennifer K on Apr 13, 2016
Shirley B on Jul 9, 2017
I read the reviews.
Linda L on Jul 8, 2017
is it necessary to dead head for continued summer blooming?
A shopper on Jun 5, 2014
BEST ANSWER: This will be the first year my Crape Myrtle has a significant amount of blooms so I don't have any experience with dead heading yet. I did a little reading and it was suggested that you don't dead head these plants because they are a woody bush. Good Luck!!
Are you sure this won't adapt to zone 10?
Bonnie P on Aug 5, 2015
Thanks for asking about this. Yes it will grow inzone 6-10 and we have corrected it on our site. If you have further questions please contact our sales department at 1 888 504-2001. Thank you
Q When do they need to be planted???
A shopper on Jul 26, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I got my Cherry Razzle Dazzle Crape Myrtles the beginning of July. I planted them right away, and now at the end of July I'm seeing blooms. I used the planting kit that comes with Crape and everything is going as expected. I also got a Red Rocket Crape Myrtle Tree at the same time and it's blooming also.Thanks Fast Growing Trees.

E.T. North Eastern PA.
Does this plant lose it's leaves in the winter in zone 10?
Cindy C on Jun 13, 2015
BEST ANSWER: No, they loose some color, but don't fall off
Do we receive this as a bare root or a plant?
Dannette S on Jun 24, 2016
BEST ANSWER: As of right now the plant it will come in a container.
Is 7 hours of sun enough for this plant?
patricia a on Jul 7, 2015
BEST ANSWER: 7 hours should be enough for this crape myrtle to grow and be healthy. Even more sun will produce even more blooms. Be sure that the plant gets enough deep thorough water the first year after it is planted. After the first year, a few deep waterings through the spring and summer season will keep it growing.
Can cherry razzle dazzle crepe myrtle be planted on a terrace in a container ? If so, what size container should a one gallon and 3 gallon be planted in so that it will not have to be replanted as it grows to full size?
Nancy R on Jun 14, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The Cherry Dazzle Crape Myrtle will do great in a container. A 10 gallon size or larger would suffice.
I am in an area where it sometimes freezes in the winter or gets in the 30s-40s. will this and other crape myrtle trees survive that?
K l on Aug 29, 2016
We also live in northern states of US where it sometimes goes below 10 degrees and with wind chill can feel like -4 degrees! So far the crape myrtle trees I purchased have survived and so did the one bush crape myrtle I planted in a oversized planter. They all have such beautiful colored blooms and in abundance as well. Good luck with yours since we had good luck with our crape myrtles!
Does this attract bees?
Jessica S on Oct 24, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Bees were around mine. I'm always happy to plant something the bees enjoy.
Can razzle dazzle crepe myrtle thrive in soggy clay soil?
A shopper on Jun 23, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Clay soil is not a problem, but poor drainage can be a killer. Since it is a relatively small shrub it is usually not too difficult to improve the soil by adding organic matter. They really are very attractive plants.
How early in the year can these be planted?
Bob C on Jan 10, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Planting in fall/winter/early spring, while they are in their dormant stage helps them get their roots, established without having to give nutrients to the rest of the tree. Also, with extra care you can plant in the summer, by planting in the evening after the sun goes down, so it will not get leaf burn. Giving it extra water and putting a 3-4 inch of mulch (keeping a few inches away from the trunk) to help retain moisture during hot dry weather.
I want to Oder this for nex year.. Can I plant it now?
JANET P on Aug 8, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I planted my two cramped in April in Pennsylvania. Growing and blooming beautifully now.
How many hours of sun is considered full sun?
patricia a on Jul 7, 2015
BEST ANSWER: My Crape Myrtle is in full sun approximately 8 hrs. per day and they are thriving. Love the beautiful color of the Cherry Razzle Dazzle.
Is 7 hours of sun enough for this plant?
patricia a on Jul 7, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Full sun is anything more than 6 hours. Partial sun is less than 6 hours. This shrub is rated to grow in partial to full sun. An aside: the shrub is rated up to Zone 6. I live in zone 5b and decided to take a chance. After the last extremely cold winter and snow I thought the plant was a gonna. About three weeks ago the shrub began to grow with minor winter damage??
do you prune crape myrtles ?
mary b on Jun 11, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The Cherry Razzle Dazzle is a dwarf, mounding variety and I have mine in a pot on the patio. Since fullness and shrubbiness are the features I want, I I don't prune it except for a few branch tip ends from freeze damage. It's doing beautifully.
Is November to late to plant in zone 8?
Sue A on Oct 29, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Dear Sue, You should be fine planting this crape Myrtle in November. Your ground should not be frozen yet, but beginning to chill. Good luck.
Will it lose leaves in winter in zone 8/9?
Judy G on Mar 16, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I am in zone 7b and the leaves did fall off. I cannot say if that will occur in your zone.
is this crepe deer resistant?
A shopper on Sep 15, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The Crape Myrtles are seldom severely damaged by deer. However, if deer are starving they will eat anything.
Is this shrub patented?
Judi K on Dec 29, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes this tree has a Registered Trade Mark,
Can you grow this plant in a pot?
Gloria C on May 7, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes you can grow it in a container.
When is the best time to plant (central Ohio)?
Navywife1272 on Mar 18, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I would plant in the spring/fall.
Can it be purchased as a small standard tree?
Ann S on Apr 17, 2017

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