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#1 - Tannenbaum Mugo Pine
#2 - Tannenbaum Mugo Pine
#3 - Tannenbaum Mugo Pine
#4 - Tannenbaum Mugo Pine
Evergreen Trees

Tannenbaum Mugo Pine

Pinus mugo 'Tannenbaum'

A Low-maintenance and Hardy Pine Tree

  • Uniform pyramidal shape
  • Dark green foliage with tight needle formation
  • Dwarf conifer suitable for small spaces
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A Refined Pine Perfect for the Laid-Back Homeowner

The Tannenbaum Mugo Pine is a dwarf conifer known for its beautiful coloring and shape. Like a Christmas tree, it has a pyramidal shape that is much tidier than other pines. The refined dark green foliage has a fine texture and tight needle formation, holding its color year-round.

Few trees and shrubs can boast being as low-maintenance and hardy as the Tannenbaum Mugo Pine. It can handle all kinds of environmental conditions, including drought, shade, heavy snow loads, and high altitudes. The shrub is also disease and pest-resistant, making it easy to let the plant flourish all on its own.

Use the Tannenbaum Mugo Pine as an accent, for mass plantings as a backdrop, or as a hedge or screen tree. As a small evergreen tree, it can work in smaller landscapes. It’s highly tolerant of environmental salt and urban pollution, so it can even thrive as a street tree.

Add this easy-to-care-for beauty to your yard by placing an order today!

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Product Details

Mature Height:12-15 ft.
Mature Width:12 ft.
Growth Rate:Slow
Botanical Name:Pinus mugo 'Tannenbaum'
Does Not Ship To:AZ,OR
Grows Well In Zones:2-7 outdoors
grow zone map

Growing Zones: 2-7 outdoors

(hardy down to -40℉)

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