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Artocarpus altilis

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A Unique Tropical Fruit Tree Full of Nutrition

A staple in Oceanic cultures, but a rarity in the US, the Breadfruit Tree will make an incredible addition to your yard. You may have never heard of this exotic fruit, but it's been providing important nutrition to Oceanic cultures for centuries. If you've ever visited Hawaii, you've probably seen this tree. Imagine having a slice of the tropical life growing right in your own yard.

Unlike anything you've ever seen before, this tree will help your yard stand out from the rest. Growing to heights of 40-80 feet, with a width of 20', your Breadfruit tree will look unlike anything else growing in your neighborhood. Large green to yellow fruit, growing to the size of a football hang from thick, sturdy branches adorned with lush green foliage. You'll never get tired of looking out at your yard and watching this incredible plant grow.

Growing fast, you'll have a big tropical tree in very little time. It may take a few years to get your tree to fruit, but in the meantime, your tree will sprout up quickly and start to give you the exotic atmosphere you're looking for. Once you do start getting fruit, you can expect 20-50 fruits per year and in some cases, even more.

If you don't live in the south, you can still grow a Breadfruit Tree. By planting your Breadfruit Tree in a container, you'll get a smaller tree, but one that will survive even in cold climates. The Breadfruit Tree really doesn't like to be in temperatures less than 60 degrees, so you'll need to bring your plant indoors once temperature drop.

Eat the fruit that nourishes Oceanic cultures. Breadfruit are extremely nutritious fruit. Packed with calories, carbohydrates, protein and amino acids, this fruit is an excellent choice for vegans, vegetarians and those with limited diets due to food allergies. You can't eat the fruit raw, but by cooking ripened fruit with seasoning, you'll have a bountiful supply of nutrients in one simple dish.

Start growing your exotic, nutritious Breadfruit today. The Breadfruit is growing in popularity in the US. As exotic foods grow in demand, the Breadfruit is gaining momentum. Be the first in your neighborhood to plant an exotic Breadfruit. Order your unique tree today.

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Product Details

    Mature Height:40-80 ft.
    Mature Width:20 ft.
    Sunlight:Full Sun
    Botanical Name:Artocarpus altilis
    Does Not Ship To:AZ
    Grows Well In Zones:4-11 patio / 9-11 outdoors
    grow zone map

    Growing Zones: 4-11 patio / 9-11 outdoors

    (hardy down to 30℉)

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    breadfrui t plant

    the plant arrived in great condition

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    Anne D.
    Verified Buyer

    It's still early to talk

    It's still early to talk about this plant, but many friends of my said It's look more likely a bread-nut than breadfruit.

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    Breadfruit tree

    Very very good

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    Breadfruit trees

    Grateful I’m happy about the product

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    Tony L.
    Verified Buyer

    Great plant

    See if grow then I tell you

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