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Nov 11

Video: 3 Avocado Trees You Should Know

Achieve tasty, creamy avocados at home with our fun and versatile varieties! Follow along as our Plant Expert, Meredith, walks through a few of our favorite Avocado Trees. These easy-to-grow, container-friendly picks are perfect for decorative appeal and will provide you with a delicious supply of fresh fruit.

Avocados Featured:

    Watch the full video above, and scroll down for the full transcript!

     Avocado Trees
    Plant Expert, Meredith, shows off a few of our favorite Avocados!

    Hass Avocado Tree
    Hass Avocado Tree

    Cold Hardy Avocado Tree
    Cold Hardy Avocado Tree

    Condo Avocado Tree 
    Condo™ Avocado Tree

    Full Transcript: 3 Avocado Trees You Should Know

    Hi, my name is Meredith and I have some of our Avocados around me.

    This one is our Hass Avocado, a very popular option you might have seen this in the grocery store, you can also grow this at your own home. Fantastic buttery flavor, very smooth tasting avocado.

    If you do live in a colder area we also have some options for you - this is our Cold Hardy Avocado. So, we carry the varieties Mexicola Grande, the Brogdon, and the Bacon all have cold hardy properties so you can still get those tasty avocados without the warm tropical weather.

    And this one is perfect for a condo or a container gardening. It's appropriately named the Condo™ Avocado. So, this one still gives you full size Avocados but without being such a large tree.

    All of these are available on our website and you can also call in and speak to one of our plant experts ready to help you.

    Sarah Logie

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