Plant Care 101: American Holly Tree

Blair Brown — Dec 20, 2019

Living up to its name, the American Holly is the most popular Holly cultivar in the country. Part of its popularity comes from the fact that its disease and pest resistant, making it ideal for growing into an effortless hedge or focal point for your plant beds. But it's also wonderfully festive and full of beauty from month to month, with vibrant green foliage and red berries that deliver iconic contrast.

And since they can grow to a larger mature height, they're also perfect candidates for large privacy trees. No matter where you plant it, the American Holly is synonymous with versatility. Even better?It couldn't be easier to grow!

Growing American Holly Trees

American Hollies are recommended for growing zones 6 through 9. They’re cold hardy down to about 0 to -10 degrees and can thrive through the snow.

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