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Plant Care 101: American Holly Tree

Living upto its name, the American Holly is the most popular Holly cultivar in the country.Part of its popularity comes from the fact that it's disease and pest resistant, making it ideal forgrowing into an effortless hedge orfocal point for your plant beds. But it's also wonderfully festive and full of beauty from month to month, with vibrant green foliage and red berries that deliver iconic contrast.

And since they can grow to a larger mature height, they're also perfect candidates for largeprivacy trees. No matter where you plant it, the American Holly is synonymous with versatility. Even better?It couldn't be easier to grow!

GrowingAmerican Holly Trees

American Holliesare recommended for growing zones 6 through 9. They’re cold hardy down to about 0 to -10 degrees and can thrive through the snow.

Because the American Holly is known for itsthick, waxy foliage, it acts as a tough windbreak for cold, blustery days and stands up to ice without issue.

Hollies can get fairly large, growing up to20 feet tall and12to155 feet wide, but they respond very well to pruning for your desired height.

Caring for American Holly Trees

To plant your American Holly Tree, select a site that receives full sunlight (about 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day).

And your natural soil will be fine for your American Hollies. They can adapt to a huge variety of different soil types, ranging from sandy to heavy with clay.American Holly Treesprefer slightly acidic soil, but they adjust fine to soils that are alkaline and acidic.

Keepthe soil moist but not soggy or oversaturated.American Holliesmay not do well if they sit in standing water, so avoid low areas of your yard.

Caring for American Holly Trees

Generally, you'll want to water your American Holliesthree or four times a month during the summer months, and water your American Holly twice a month during the colder months. If you experience periods of drought or extreme heat, water yourAmerican Hollies more often.

Additionally, you can also help your soil retain moisture by placing a 3-inch thick layer of mulch around thebase of the tree.

Fertilizing and PruningYour American Holly

Generally,your American Holly Treesdon’t need to be fertilized. But you can give yourAmerican Holliesa boost once or twice a year with a well-balanced, slow release fertilizer, like formula 10-10-10 or 14-14-14. If you choose to fertilize your American Holly Trees,feed them in the early spring, after the final frost of the season.

American Hollies don't require pruning, but you can prune for shaping and even fuller growth. Promote wider growth that spreads out into a bushier formation by cutting back around a third of the tree’s central leader.

Other than that, water and sun will do the trick for your American Holly! Learn more about this iconic landscape staple here, and get one for yourself today!