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Virginia Arborvitae

Virginia Arborvitae
Images shown are of mature plants
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Product Details

Growing Zones: 5-9 outdoors

(hardy down to -10℉) 
      5-9 outdoors
   Map 5-9 outdoors
Mature Height:
14 ft.
Mature Width:
6 ft.
Growth Rate:
Botanical Name:
Thuja plicata x standishii
Does Not Ship To:

Product Description

Compact and Climate-Versatile

Introducing the Virginia Arborvitae, an improved variety of the Thuja Green Giant. This coveted plant offers a number of one-of-a-kind benefits that set it apart, starting with improved winter hues for year-round greenery (less susceptible to browning and yellowing). And it boasts adaptability in a compact size that makes it the perfect choice as a privacy hedge or stand-alone showpiece.

What else makes it a must-have? Plant several Virginia Arborvitaes in a row to create a manageable privacy, sound or wind screen. Its conical shape and deep green hues are reminiscent of a French garden style, and whether you plant it solo or in a group, you'll love the look and quick, easy growth.

Even better? It's disease-free and low-maintenance. The Virginia Arborvitae is a tree you can plant and forget because it's so effortlessly curated. From climates with temperamental winters to hot, humid summers and every clime in-between, the Virginia Arborvitae is highly adaptable but thrives in growing zones 5-9.

Plus, it's perfect for the holidays as well. Its full, voluminous sihouette and needle-like leaves make it a wonderful Christmas tree. Season to season, this tree is a backyard or garden star.

Best of all, the Virginia Arborvitae can grow up to 5 feet each year, so you’ll have a fully-formed tree quickly. Instant privacy screen? Check. Backyard focal point? Check. The Virginia Arborvitae does it all.

If you love the look and shape of a Thuja Green Giant but want to avoid its larger size or winter yellowing, the Virginia Arborvitae is your choice tree. Order yours today!

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Planting & Care

Plant your Virginia Arborvitae in well-draining soil and in a spot that receives full sun or partial shade. Place in a hole twice as wide and just as deep as the root ball. There's no need to amend the soil, but you can add a thick layer of mulch around the base of the tree for weed prevention. 

Watering: Make sure your Virginia Arborvitae receives one inch of water while it is establishing. Rain is usually enough to keep it hydrated, but you'll need to water it if you experience a period of drought. After it's established, there's no need to water your tree.

Maintenance: There is no pruning, fertilizing or disease management needed for the Virginia Arborvitae. You can prune as desired for creating a hedge, but it is not necessary.  

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