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#1 - Sioux Crape Myrtle
#2 - Sioux Crape Myrtle
#3 - Sioux Crape Myrtle
#4 - Sioux Crape Myrtle
#5 - Sioux Crape Myrtle
Flowering Trees

Sioux Crape Myrtle

Lagerstroemia x 'Sioux'

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Vibrant Pink Blooms, Summer to Fall

Why Sioux Crape Myrtles?

With cold hardy Sioux Crape Myrtles, your landscape will never be without color, especially in the summer when their dark pink flowers enter a continuous blooming cycle that lasts into the fall.

It's cold hardy to growing zone 6, with the ability to thrive under heavy layers of ice and snow. The Sioux Crape Myrtle brings its pink blooms farther north than most other crape myrtle varieties. A Crape that thrives down to 0 degrees? It seems almost too good to be true, but the Sioux delivers without hassle for you.

And you'll be able to enjoy fragrant pink blooms for months. The flowers bloom in large clusters and have an attractive color that neighbors will stop to admire. This rich color looks even better against its backdrop of dark green leaves that create a radiant, contrasting show.

In the fall, the leaves turn unique shades of purple and red. They glow in the landscape with vivid hues you'll have to see to believe. Basically, everything about the Sioux Crape Myrtle is colorful, even the bark. The older brown bark peels away to reveal bright beige bark underneath. Then, the older and younger bark intertwine on the trunk together to create a marbled look.

Why Fast-Growing-Trees.com is Better

Not only is your Sioux Crape Myrtle one of the toughest varieties available, resisting disease, drought and cold with ease...but it's also grown for success.

Unlike the Crapes you get from big-box retailers, your Crape Myrtle is potted in nutrient-rich soil, planted and grown for months ahead of shipping, and ready to thrive as soon as it arrives at your door.

We've taken care to ensure that your Sioux has the best possible start, with healthy roots and better branching. Now, nothing - from poor soil to pests - can stop your Sioux Crape Myrtle from flourishing with tons of color. But don't wait - get 100 days of blooms without the wait...get your Sioux Crape Myrtle today!

Full Planting & Care Instructions

Product Details

Mature Height:13-20 ft.
Mature Width:8-12 ft.
Sunlight:Full-Partial Sun
Growth Rate:Fast
Botanical Name:Lagerstroemia x 'Sioux'
Does Not Ship To:AZ,OR
Grows Well In Zones:6-10 outdoors
grow zone map

Growing Zones: 6-10 outdoors

(hardy down to 0℉)

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Geary C.
Verified Buyer


Great experience it tell u growing rate tells u everything u need too know too have a tree or flowers

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Love it hopefully not too

Love it hopefully not too early there’s 2 feet of snow in Maine

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Verified Buyer

I can’t wait for my

I can’t wait for my little tree to grow BIG! It’s taken to the planting area well.

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Verified Buyer

Doing very well

Doing very well

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The first was a stick

The first was a stick with three leaves on it. Reported the detail to Customer Service and was forward a new tree. Which was much better it is growing and looking really good.

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