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#1 - Rosy Soil Cactus and Succulent Mix
#2 - Rosy Soil Cactus and Succulent Mix
#3 - Rosy Soil Cactus and Succulent Mix
#4 - Rosy Soil Cactus and Succulent Mix
#5 - Rosy Soil Cactus and Succulent Mix

Rosy Soil Cactus and Succulent Mix

Soil mix promotes healthy growth for cacti and succulents

  • Provides essential nutrients and beneficial microorganisms for a thriving drought-tolerant plant

  • Sold in resealable bag made entirely from plants, so your soil remains fresh

  • Contains 4 quarts of soil mix

  • Ships in 1-2 days
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Enjoy Thriving Succulents & Cacti With Nutrient-Rich Soil Mix 

Introducing Rosy Soil Cactus & Succulent Mix, your key to elevating the health and vibrancy of your drought-tolerant plants! Enriched with essential nutrients, our specially-crafted formula ensures robust growth and flourishing foliage, fostering healthy root development in cacti and succulents.

Proudly made in the USA, each package contains 4 quarts of Cactus and Succulent mix, providing ample nourishment for 2-3 plants in your indoor oasis. Experience optimal growth with our unique blend, which contains beneficial microorganisms and fungi. These tiny allies work with your plants to create an ideal environment for desert flora alike to thrive and flourish.

Crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly ingredients like biochar, compost, mycorrhizae, and pine bark fines, our mix is free from peat and synthetic additives. The best part? Our commitment to sustainability is important. That's why our packaging is entirely plant-made and resealable - so your soil remains fresh whenever you need it!

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