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What to Expect From Your Fruit Tree in April

The Fast Growing Trees Team — Mar 31, 2023

What are your fruit trees doing right now?

Rain, rain, go away! April is a big month for transitioning plants. In some areas, you’ll be planting, while in other areas, you’ll be battling fungal issues from wet conditions. Focusing on water and how it flows through your soil is key right now. Here’s what to expect from your fruit trees in April:

Emerging From Dormancy

  • By now you should see signs of emerging dormancy in the form of flowers or leaves. Remember that not all plants, even plants within the same family, will emerge dormancy at the same time. Be patient, and within a few weeks even the “late bloomers” should catch up.
  • Continue to be on the lookout for late frosts or weather patterns that might cause harm to fragile flowers, buds, and leaves that could be easily damaged. Keep a frost blanket or old sheet nearby to cover them if needed.

Supporting Fruit Production

  • Watch out for suckers (shoots that grow from the roots or lower part of stems) and grass that’s growing at the base of your tree, which can steal nutrients away from your tree. Use pruners to remove anything that’s growing within a foot of the trunk, not just weeds, so its growth won’t be hindered.
  • Help your fruit grow strong by beginning to fertilize. Be sure to read product labels carefully, and use proper precautions and measurements when applying. 
  • Water your fruit tree deeply to fully saturate the root ball. We recommend using a low water pressure so that the water is able to really sink into the soil instead of running off. A drip irrigation system, a Treegator®, or a hose left on a slow drip for around 20 minutes will work.

Keep Growing

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