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What to Expect From Your Evergreen in April

The Fast Growing Trees Team — Mar 31, 2023

What are your evergreens doing right now?

Rain, rain, go away! April is a big month for transitioning plants. In some areas, you’ll be planting, while in other areas, you’ll be battling fungal issues from wet conditions. Focusing on water and how it flows through your soil is key right now. Here’s what to expect from your evergreens in April:

Inspect Your Trees

  • If you experienced any winter bronzing, expect your tree to be back to its normal color by now. Winter bronzing is when the foliage of the plant gets cold and turns an orange color. This will not happen on all evergreens, and Arborvitae trees like thujas tend to be more sensitive to bronzing than other trees.
  • It will be obvious at this point if you have any broken branches caused by winter weather. Take a walk around your yard, and if you do find any dead or dying branches, simply cut them back. 
  • Avoid pruning at this time since you don’t want to cut off new growth that’s beginning to emerge.

    winter bronzing on evergreens

    Winter bronzing

    Prepare for Growth

    • Water your trees well to encourage and support growth, and adjust your watering schedule depending on your local rainfall.
    • Now is the time to fertilize your trees so they’ll get a strong start for the season! Even established trees will benefit from an all-purpose evergreen fertilizer

        Keep Growing

        Have questions about your evergreens? Email our Plant Experts 
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