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The biggest evergreen around

Introducing the biggest evergreen tree we can fit in a box, for instant privacy: the 15-gallon Jumbo Thuja

More-developed roots means faster growth above ground

A full year older means a tougher tree that withstands weather, diseases, and pests

2X more roots than any of our other Thujas means faster nutrient & water uptake

Reusable Root Pouch™ with handles made from recycled materials

Jumbo Thuja Green Giant

1933 Reviews

Just when you thought our thujas couldn’t get any better, we’re delivering perfect privacy, the biggest, fastest way we know how. Not only does our new size grow to great heights quickly, but it’s wider, denser, and more mature than any of our other thujas.

Our Jumbo Thuja has been carefully cultivated to give you two times the volume of roots as our 7-gallon thujas. Plus, it’s been nurtured by expert growers for a whole extra year, saving you major growth time in the garden! It’s so much MORE than your average thuja!

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See how the Jumbo Thuja Green Giant stacks up:

  • More is more when it comes to the Jumbo Thuja Green Giant! You'll get more root establishment, more growth above ground, more privacy from noise and neighbors, and more curb appeal, year-round.


15 Gallon Thuja

7 Gallon Thuja

Growing Years



Container Size

18" x 18"

14" x 14"

Container Volume

2.3 cu. ft.

1 cu. ft.

Soil Amount

27 qts.

18 qts.

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Get peace of mind with our 30-Day Alive & Thrive Guarantee™! Your plants will arrive ready to thrive, or we’ll replace them within the first 30 days. 

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We know Mother Nature is unpredictable. Purchase additional protection with our one-year, one-time replacement warranty and get peace of mind for you and your garden.


When is the best time to plant evergreen trees?

The best time is when your weather is mild, so typically in spring or fall. If you struggle with droughts or extreme heat in your area, we highly suggest planting in the fall for easier establishment.

How fast will I get privacy?

This will depend on the kind of evergreen you plant, the size you start with, and the growing conditions. For fast privacy we recommend starting with a larger size, providing the tree with proper growing conditions and applying fertilizer. No matter what you plant, your trees will need to acclimate the first year and then should take off in no time. Our favorite fast-growing tree is the Thuja Green Giant, known for its exceptional growth rate!

Do I need to prune and if so, when?

Any pruning on evergreens is typically minimal and oftentimes not needed. If you do wish to prune, try not to cut off the very top of the tree, as this will stunt the growth and cause a bushier appearance. As with any tree or plant, if you find a dead branch, cut that out at any time of the year. Otherwise, minor pruning on the sides should be done in late winter or early spring. Be sure to never remove more than 1/3 of the tree at one time, as this can cause unnecessary stress to the tree.

Are privacy trees hard to grow?

Not at all! If you’re nervous about growing privacy trees, set yourself up for success with the proper planning. Mix in some compost or acidic potting soil to your planting area (evergreen trees do best with acidic-leaning, well-draining soils) and space them out according to your specific plant’s requirements found on our site. All that’s left to do is plant them and stick to a consistent watering schedule, making sure the soil doesn’t stay overly wet or dry. Lastly, lean on our Plant Experts who can help with any questions along the way!

Are evergreens deer resistant?

Most evergreens are deer resistant; however; some types like junipers are more resistant than others. As with any tree, new growth is most tender, so extra protection might be needed during spring or on younger trees in areas with heavy deer pressure.