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6-7 ft. trees
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Magnolia Trees

Jane Magnolia

Jane Magnolia

Growing Zone: 4-8

Little Gem Magnolia

Little Gem Magnolia

Growing Zone: 7-9

Sweetbay Magnolia

Sweetbay Magnolia

Growing Zone: 5-10

Magnolia 'Butterflies' Tree

Magnolia 'Butterflies' Tree

Growing Zone: 4-9

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Magnolia Tree gardening is a pastime many enjoy doing. There are several reasons why people enjoy the Magnolia tree so much. Its appearance and fragrant blooms are enough, but it can also be used as a form of ornamental decoration inside your home. If you are planning to have a Magnolia tree, you don’t need to think twice. They can be planted anywhere and in a variety of soils.

Fast Growing Trees Nursery offer 4 varieties.

Delivers creamy-white blooms

Sweetbay Magnolias are often grown as ornamental or showpiece trees. This magnolia’s stunning flowers burst in late spring and early summer, giving you a blizzard of blooms.

This is one of the most pest resistant magnolia trees you can find. It can tolerate very moist soils, and can even survive standing water.

Sweetbay’s have glossy green leaves with a silver-tinted underside, which gives your tree a unique frosted appearance.

With this Magnolia, you get it all. Full shade, vibrant flowers, and an amazing aroma!

Bold and Beautiful

The Brackens Brown Beauty will flourish in the garden or on an urban sidewalk. Its elegance and class adds sophistication to any site you choose.

This large tree has a straight trunk and short branches. Its silk-like flowers are accentuated by a velvet white interior. Abundant and long lasting, the large, majestic flowers bloom in late April and grace the Brown Beauty through the end of May.

Compact, leather-like, green leaves won't diminish the beauty of the white blossoms. A frost-resistant tree, this magnolia can withstand winter's bite, tolerating frigid temperatures as cold as -20F. With the right soil and enough moisture, it adapts easily to hot temperatures and full sun.

Whether as the striking center of attention in the midst of the garden, as a dense screen, or a well-positioned wind barrier, easy care enables this specimen to thrive with low maintenance. A strong grower, the tree's root system is nearly four times the width of her canopy. The well-developed base of this evergreen gives it the stability to reach heights of up to 50 feet.

The awesome stature of this tree didn't occur overnight. The Brown Beauty has perfected its magnificence over millions of years. Perhaps her greatest attribute, her fragrant flowers, will add a southern ambience to any backyard or garden, soothing the senses during the season for many years to come.

Cold, Hardy Magnolia and More

Aptly named, this Little Gem has all the wonderful qualities you'd expect from a Magnolia tree. Its ornate flowers--large (8 inches wide), white and creamy-- last longer than any of the others. The Little Gem Magnolia is an early bloomer and will spend half the year showing off its impressive flowers with a sweet, enchanting fragrance that will delight.

This species is near winter-proof and will actually exhibit growth during the cold season in some southern locations. When planting space is limited, this magnolia is the perfect choice as its narrowly columned form requires much less room than all other variations.

The foliage delivers a nice contrast to the seemingly ever-present flowers. Dark, glossy green leaves with a bronze-like underside will complement the scenery of many locations.

Although nicknamed the dwarf, and considered by some a shrub, Little Gems stack up pretty well, at times reaching heights of more than 20 feet in just seven years.

With little care and, adequate moisture, and the occasional plant food, the tree will provide excellent screening, framing accents, and other versatile uses limited only by the imagination.

It's no wonder the Little Gem is the most commonly grown of all magnolias.

An Ornamental Symbol of the American South

The Southern Magnolia is a large evergreen that can grow to 80 feet in height. Its beautiful linen-white flowers adorn the tree from late spring through the summer months. The flowing petals sprawl out, revealing a bright white center.

A sweet, distinctive fragrance emanates from the flowers, permeating the lush landscapes and stately plantations throughout the south. So pretty are the Southern Magnolia flowers, they are the most commonly used flowers for bridal bouquets.

Brick-red fruits and kidney-shaped seeds attract a variety of birds and small animals including squirrels and wild turkeys.

The broad leaves are thick, long (5-8 inches) and shiny, with a dark green color so rich that florists use them in arrangements. The leave's underside is a rust colored, velvet-like bottom that complements the green surface.

A wide trunk (2-3 feet in diameter) with creamy brown bark, this tree consists of hard and heavy wood commonly used to make furniture, pallets, crates, and cabinets.

The Southern Magnolia is extremely drought tolerant. It can thrive in full sun or partial shade and likes well-drained soil.

The sights and smells of this classic southern beauty make it a good candidate for a street tree, a framing tree, or a shade tree, as long as your space has ample room to accommodate its massive size.

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Southern Magnolia

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Southern Magnolia

Growing Zone: 7-9