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    White Dogwood for Sale

    White Dogwood for Sale

*images shown are of mature plants

White Dogwood

Cornus florida

$49.95 (30% Off)

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-t- Root Rocket™ Fertilizer
Root Rocket™ Transplant Fertilizer

2oz. Packet

Get your new plants off to the right start by using Root Rocket™ Transplant.

This soil amendment contains 16 strains of mycorrhizal fungi, biostimulants, beneficial bacteria and Horta-Sorb® water management gel.

Simply sprinkle the product into the planting hole adjacent to the root ball when planting.

The organisms will start to work right away supplying the roots with much needed nutrition.

The specially formulated Horta-Sorb® will reduce transplant stress and aid in water retention.

1 packet per plant

Root Rocket Fertilizer
-t- Planting Mix
White Dogwood Planting Mix

Helps your White Dogwood get established in a fraction of the time, become more drought tolerant, and grow faster. Here's how:

Beneficial Bacteria... It's like a Probiotic for your tree... creating an explosion of fine hair roots that vastly improves nutrient and water uptake.

Coarse Organic Compost... loosens and improves all types of soils while promoting proper pH levels. You get better drainage and moisture retention.

Microbial Fertilizers... including Sea Kelp, Yucca, and 100 other elements proven to gently feed your tree without burning the roots.

Use 1 bag of Planting Mix for each plant ordered.

Soil Contents
-t- Tree Planting Kit
Tree Planting Kit
Tree Planting Kit

Getting your tree off to the right start can more than double its growth rate. Use our planting kit so your tree is ready for explosive growth.

Your planting kit includes:

  1. Tree Stake Kit to help keep your tree stable, giving roots time to grow.

  2. Breathable Tree Guard protects against gnawing mice, rabbits, deer and mowers.

  3. 2 oz of Root Rocket™ Mycorrhizal Fungi so your tree can quickly explode with new root growth.

-t- TreeGator® Jr. Watering Bag
TreeGator® Jr.

When you’re making an investment and effort in planting new trees in your landscape, you can assure their survival and growth by using TreeGator® - a truly simple and innovative drip irrigation system in a bag.

With hot summers and droughts the norm around the USA, TreeGator® is an absolute necessity to protect your new trees and shrubs.

TreeGator® is super easy to install without any tools, and it can easily be filled up with a standard garden hose or can even be connected to a rain barrel!

It's a super time saver that takes the worry out continually remembering whether you've watered your new tree or not. Plus, all the water that goes into the drip bag is used up with no waste, so TreeGator® is environmentally friendly with regard to water use.

Tree Gator

Growing Zones: 5-8
(hardy down to -10℉)

Growing Zones 5-8
You are in Growing Zone: 6

Mature Height:

15-25 ft.

Mature Width:

20-25 ft.



Growth Rate:


Botanical Name:

Cornus florida

Does Not Ship To:


Don't Buy Bare-Root Trees (learn why below)

White Clusters of Flowers Each Spring and Crimson Fall Foliage

Beautiful White Spring Blossoms
Welcome spring with an exciting show of creamy white flowers from May to June! Dark green foliage is surrounded by flower clusters with four round inch-wide bracts. The show of delicate flowers on a strong structure is a beautiful sight that returns year after year.

There is no wrong place to plant this delightful tree. It grows perfectly well as a focal point of your landscape and doesn't need accompanying trees to make a statement. It reaches a compact size of 15 to 25 feet tall in your yard and will grow taller if planted in a wooded area. The breathtakingly beautiful blizzard of white blossoms is an excellent choice to plant along streets, near large buildings, next to patios or as a property border-and is especially eye-catching tree when planted in rows.

Create contrast by planting near red and pink dogwoods, or against a backdrop of evergreens.

Easy to Grow
The White Dogwood is not finicky.  It's adaptable to various soil types including acidic, loamy, rich, sandy or even clay, and is drought tolerant. It will thrive in full sun as long as the soil is fertile and moisture-rich, yet does best in partial shade.

Fall and Winter Interest
Deep green-colored leaves transform to a fierce scarlet hue in the fall.  Your landscape will light up with amazing autumn color signaling the change of seasons. Red berries also emerge providing nourishment and a place to congregate for an array of songbirds - and up to thirty-six other species.  Deer, wild turkey, quail, chipmunks and rabbits are amongst the many wildlife known to be attracted to the dogwood's fruit.

Did you know?
- The White Dogwood is a native tree cultivated in 1731.
- George Washington planted it at Mt. Vernon, as did Thomas Jefferson at Monticello.
- Early Native Americans made medicinal teas from its bark.
- Europeans used the bark to cure mange on dogs, thus creating the name "Dogwood"

Order Now
Each spring you'll be rewarded with the most beautiful treen on the block, while each fall presents an encore performance with even more stunning color.  Place your order while we still have them in stock. 

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Customer Reviews

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Dogwood tree looks great
Tree arrived quickly and in great condition. Planted and looks good so far. Nice to know it is guaranteed for a year.
September 19, 2018
4 months ago
Growing Zone:
Happy with White Dogwood
The tree came healthy and good size. It has been doing great since we planted it. We are very happy and have purchased more trees from Fast GrowiTrees.
September 2, 2018
4 months ago
Growing Zone:
Not sure how to review this one - good and bad
I am pleased with the height and fullness of the tree but was surprised that so many leaves were bug bitten and brown. I called and was told that it has been treated so it should be fine. I'm going to give it some time to see how it goes. Hopefully they'll grow back healthy.
August 3, 2018
Growing Zone:
Still Hopeful
Looking at the picture you wouldn't think shade was an issue. The description says sun/partial sun but local landscapers say this tree does better in the shade (we found out after the fact) and the tree is struggling. We do not have any shade on our property so we currently have it in a large pot on the porch and it is doing better. We are hopeful to replant after it grows a little.
July 31, 2018
5 months ago
Looks kind of sad!
Though I unpacked the dogwood upon receiving it, it was wilted and still is several weeks after planting. I hope it improves through the summer and looks a lot better by next spring.
July 16, 2018
6 months ago
Growing Zone:
In memory
I received this as a free promotions and felt it was a bit poetic as my loyal friend, a 12 year old black lab, passed on the day this Dogwood arrived. It was planted on his grave in his memory. It is thriving, as every single item I've purchased here is. Keep up the good work.
June 30, 2018
7 months ago
Growing Zone:
This tree is really growing. Hope it will grow to be as beautiful as the one shown in the picture. So far so good
June 29, 2018
7 months ago
White dogwood
Received plant and transferred to a vase until big enough to be transferred to the ground. Still a baby dogwood.
Still baby dogwood, but doing well for now.
Still baby dogwood, but doing well for now.
June 24, 2018
7 months ago
Growing Zone:
Splendid Young Tree
The Dogwood arrived in perfect condition, and kept watered because of the weather for about a week, it now is doing very well planted in its permanent location on the edge of our wooded area. I am so pleased. Other plants from "Fast Growing Trees" are doing similarly well. The shipping packing is well designed and plants are nicely potted. THANK YOU!
June 21, 2018
7 months ago
It's a stick but I am sure it will be fine
The tree arrived and I had to laugh. It is much smaller than I thought it would be but I am sure it will be ok.
June 11, 2018
7 months ago
Growing Zone:

Planting & Care

It's Easy to Plant & Care for Your White Dogwood

White Dogwood Planting Diretions

White dogwoods (Cornus florida) are a beautiful sign that spring has arrived! These flowering ornamental trees perform well in a wide range of soil and climates in USDA growing from zones 5-8. They will grow in almost any soil type from clay to loamy and can tolerate moist or well draining soils. Slowly growing to a height of 20-30 feet tall and 20 feet wide, they bloom in the very early spring before most other spring trees, even when it can still seem winter like outside. These trees can grow in full sun, but prefer dappled shade. They’re great not only for the spring flower show, but also their red fall foliage and bright red winter berries that attract a host of wildlife.

Location: Choose a planting site for your dogwood that receives light or filtered shade. dogwood trees are highly adaptable to many soil types but they thrive in moist, fertile soils high in organic matter. The soil of your planting site should be well draining with a 5.5 soil pH level.

Planting Instructions:
1) Dig a planting hole for your dogwood that is three times the diameter of your tree’s root ball and of equal depth.
2) Remove your dogwood from its container and ensure good root moisture.
3) Place your tree in the planting hole, keeping the top of the root ball even with the ground.
4) Adjust your tree’s position/angle then use the original soil to back fill the planting hole.
5) Spread the roots out evenly and surround them with soil, tamping down lightly as you fill to avoid air pockets, which can dry out the roots of your tree.
6) Avoid firming the soil at this point, instead water the area immediately to settle the soil.
7) Mulch around the base of the tree to conserve soil moisture. This will also keep competing growth (grass and weeds) from growing around the planting site.

Watering: dogwood trees possess very shallow root systems that are susceptible to drying out in the absence of regular rainfall. It’s best to water your tree once or twice a week. Be sure to water correctly, light green leaves are a sign of over watering while drooping leaves signify both over and under watering. Watch for these and any other signs that your tree is getting too much or too little water.

Fertilization: dogwood trees do not require much fertilization. If you choose to fertilize, do so sparingly in April or May. Any general purpose fertilizer is suitable for this.

Weed Control: Do not permit weeds or grasses any closer than 2-3 feet from your dogwood in the first year. Pull the weeds initially, and then utilize a growing mat or mulch. Insulate the roots 2-4 inches and replenish as needed. Do not spray RoundUp on a young dogwood and ensure that wind doesn't blow chemical drift onto your tree.

Pests & Disease: The best defense against any pest or disease issue is a healthy tree. Good soil, proper feeding & healthy watering habits are vital to the prosperity of your tree.

Deer: If you believe that deer may become an issue for your dogwood, consider caging the tree(s). Although there is a whole host of deer deterrents available, nothing will guarantee protection like caging will.

Winter Dormancy: During late fall and winter, your dogwood will enter its dormant state. When this occurs, your tree’s leaves will fall off and the stem will turn brown. Above ground, nothing will take place during this time, but the roots of your tree will continue to grow beneath the surface. This winter root development will accelerate the growth of your tree come spring.

Planting & Care

Questions & Answers

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Why did you choose this? Store
I like how the Dogwood tree looks. Cant wait to get it!
Paul L on Dec 6, 2018
need a beautiful tree to blend in with a backdrop of green pine trees on my neighbors side of the fence
Larry C on Nov 8, 2018
I like how the Dogwood tree looks. Cant wait to get it!
Paul L on Dec 6, 2018
Dogwoods are my favorite trees. I had ordered this 2 years ago for a present and the tree is already amazing. Now I want one for myself.
Robin M on Nov 25, 2018
need a beautiful tree to blend in with a backdrop of green pine trees on my neighbors side of the fence
Larry C on Nov 8, 2018
My father's favorite tree. It is pretty although risky in my area: 8B
Donald J on Oct 22, 2018
Beautiful white flowers and not too tall. Also can grow under our oak tree.
Royal G on Oct 17, 2018
I am not Jean, I am the gift giver, Cheryl Lawler, Jean's sister-in-law. My brother, Jean's husband passed away and he loved dogwoods. This tree will keep his memory alive.
Jean H on Oct 15, 2018
I love the shape and low profile.
Deann E on Oct 2, 2018
This tree seems like a beautiful tree
Rigoberto T on Sep 21, 2018
Pacific Northwest Native Tree
Aimee G on Sep 20, 2018
I have always been a fan of the White Dogwood, the flowers, the berries, and the fall color. It is a real eye-catcher in the spring.
Donald G K on Aug 31, 2018
My girlfriend loves dogwood flowers
Wende M on Aug 28, 2018
Nothing like a flowering tree, we got this one in memory of a loved one lost
Gina P on Jul 29, 2018
Love flowers
anthony s on Jul 21, 2018
to replace one purchased back in July 2017 from your outfit that did not survive
Laura T on Jul 8, 2018
Can be planted over and near septic system.
Ronald A on Jul 8, 2018
I love the beauty of the white dogwood trees among all of mother nature.
Barbara & Lucas H on Jun 19, 2018
There was a row of dogwood trees planted in Vancouver, WA and I was delighted at how long the flowers lasted. I want to plant it right beside my deck just outside the sliding glass door so that I can sit on my couch and stare out the window at my very own dogwood tree.
Sarah W on Jun 18, 2018
I love white flowering trees— this one is beautiful and has history too it.
Martellia B on Jun 16, 2018
I have always wanted a white dogwood tree
Kevin K on Jun 13, 2018
Wanting good curb appeal for property and some additional privacy
Tony K on May 18, 2018
My grandfather, Ellis, always loved dogwood trees. We are planting in his honor <3
toni h on May 9, 2018
White Flowering Tree
Jeffery W on May 2, 2018
It was a free gift with my last order !!! So awesome of FGT!
Nicole B on Apr 30, 2018
it was free, I would of perfered the blueberry bush but alas I missed that
Alexander M on Apr 28, 2018
This was merely a free item given to me by the seller. It is much appreciated, my parents house had one and was a great shade tree and the blossoms are beautiful. The generosity of the seller is deeply appreciated !
Jon C on Apr 28, 2018
Came with the order in honor of Arbor day, great ornamental tree.
David on Apr 28, 2018
It was free!
Diana S on Apr 28, 2018
Love these! Thank you
SANDRA S on Apr 28, 2018
Nicole E on Apr 28, 2018
It's free. Thank You.
Anne-Marie F on Apr 28, 2018
Beautiful colors warm spring atmosphere
BRUCE W on Apr 28, 2018
Beautiful flowering tree
Tanya S on Apr 28, 2018
Was free with my order.
Gregg S on Apr 28, 2018
Michael B on Apr 28, 2018
Mary C on Apr 28, 2018
I am from Georgia and I wanted to bring some of my home roots up here to Illinois. Plus I have a grandbaby that is due in June and I wanted to plant a tree for her.
Donna M on Apr 28, 2018
My mom will like it for Mother's Day!
Lawrence Z on Apr 28, 2018
Joseph M on Apr 28, 2018
Gift to my mother for mother’s day plus it was free. 😁
Pamela L on Apr 28, 2018
For Arbor Day
Penny H on Apr 28, 2018
its the best choice I can find and I love it thanks
Raymond B on Apr 28, 2018
Future firewood!
Elisabeth W on Apr 28, 2018
The dogwood was free with purchase but I couldn’t deny it they grow Into beautiful trees and would be a beautiful addition to my front yard if she grow to maturity
zachary m on Apr 28, 2018
Slow growing yet lights the yard up.
Timothy E on Apr 28, 2018
it was free
Shawnta G on Apr 27, 2018
My grandkids and I love mangos so why not plant a tree or two some times I can buy them 3 for a dollar but not all the time now I decided to plant my trees I have started to grow my from seeds and they are coming out real good but they will take a long time before they give me fruit .
Martha M on Apr 27, 2018
CINDY D on Apr 27, 2018
Virginia state tree
Susan W on Apr 27, 2018
It was a free gift with me order
Teri A on Apr 27, 2018
Color of the flowers
Robert S on Apr 27, 2018
Dogwoods are my favorite trees. I had ordered this 2 years ago for a present and the tree is already amazing. Now I want one for myself.
Robin M on Nov 25, 2018
My father's favorite tree. It is pretty although risky in my area: 8B
Donald J on Oct 22, 2018
Is it ok to plant a dogwood in the early fall?
A shopper on Sep 28, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The best time to plant dogwood is in the fall, just when leaves are beginning to drop. Fertilize well and you will be surprised in spring.
How wide do these trees grow?
Sarah982 on Apr 23, 2015
BEST ANSWER: At maturity this tree should get to be about 20-25 ft wide.
what type of soil is best for dogwood?
Veda E on Jan 7, 2015
BEST ANSWER: They thrive best in moist, fertile soils high in organic matter. The soil of your planting site should be well drained, with a 5.5 pH level.
Is summer an ok time to plant this tree?
A shopper on Jun 2, 2014
BEST ANSWER: On the shipping tab up there ^, it says, "... Your White Dogwood can be planted any time of year... even Winter. Roots will continue to grow on warm days, giving your tree a head-start for Spring." I think I read somewhere else not to plant it on a super hot day. Hope this helps :)
does the white dogwood need protection from our sometimes harsh Illinois winters?
Dee F on Jun 6, 2015
BEST ANSWER: No they really don't need protection. As an extra precaution you could mulch around it.
Do animals like to eat it Dogwood trees?
Iva B on Apr 26, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Dogwoods are deer resistant. Keep in mind if they get hungry enough they will eat anything.
Are dogwood trees grow in Hawaii?
Jun M on Apr 8, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Dogwood trees are not recommended to grow in Hawaii due to the climate.
What time of year is best to plant a dogwood tree?
Becky R on Mar 1, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Planting in fall/winter/early spring, while they are in their dormant stage helps them get their roots, established without having to give nutrients to the rest of the tree. Also, with extra care you can plant in the summer, by planting in the evening after the sun goes down, so it will not get leaf burn. Giving it extra water and putting a 3-4 inch of mulch (keeping a few inches away from the trunk) to help retain moisture during hot dry weather.
Would I have better luck with the dogwood blooming if I bought and planted two rather than 1?
louann m on Sep 22, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I don't think it will make a difference in such a way a fruit tree that needs cross pollinator would, but 2 would be prettier than one!
What is the best time of year to plant dogwood in zone 6 area ?
A shopper on Oct 12, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I planted mine in the fall after two years it's still growing slowly, spring is good also, but then you need to give it allot of water, I think I prefer fall
does this tree have little red berries in the fall ?
joseph m on Oct 2, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Flowering dogwoods can have red berries. My tree (planted in May 2013) has not yet produced berries or flowers. It may still be too young and not have a friend in the neighborhood to pollinate it. The tree is quite healthy and strong though.
How fast does the dogwood tree grow?
A shopper on Sep 19, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Approximately one foot. It flowered beautifully the first spring also.
What about the depth of the roots and do they want to knock brick retaining walls down? My neighbors 'helped' cut down my beautiful, tastey apricot tree. I have since been told that I could have cut the rogue roots and all could have been well.
Gail B on Aug 17, 2015
Don't you love helpful neighbors? The root system of the white dogwood while extensive is very shallow. It should be fine to plant near the retaining wall. The White Dogwood is a very slow growing tree, therefore you would have plenty of time to trim any roots heading towards the retaining wall. It has always been one of my most favorite flowering trees.Let us know how we can help, contact our sales department at 1 888 504-2001 Happy Gardening
Just how "fast growing" is this White Dogwood tree? What's the average growth rate when planted in full sun?
CAS22 on Jun 3, 2014
BEST ANSWER: My white dogwoods are plated in partial shade, and have grown about 4-6 inches within the past year. I'm pleased with the "leafing out" on them.
Will the dogwood grow/survive in Texas zone 9?
Diane H on Apr 2, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The growing zones are 5-8. Click the link to look up what growing zone you are in.
Why can you not grow it in Florida?
Gabrielle on Sep 4, 2018
BEST ANSWER: It’s too hot. It’s been my experience that this tree needs some cold weather to bloom and thrive.
Is this deciduous?
Wendy on Aug 24, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes, the White Dogwood is deciduous. It is not an evergreen.
Will this dogwood grow in California climate zone 9?
Janet C on Jan 8, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I live on the East coast and it does say zone 5-8 so I don't know if it would grow there. Sorry I can't be of more help'
If the branches touch the ground. Do I cut them?
Phyllis W on Oct 9, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I do not have a white dogwood. I bought a pink one from you. It arrived today and is not planted yet.
What color are the leaves in the fall? Am hoping they are a nice red.
BrianB on Nov 10, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The White Dogwood leaves are green in the spring and summer with a silver-green underside. In the fall the leaves turn a brilliant crimson, red-yellow or red-purplish color.
Will dogwoods grow in sandy soils of Central NC? If not, would micing gardening soil and peat moss solve thw issue of moisture and root stability?
Jesse W on Sep 6, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Dogwood trees are highly adaptable to many soil types. However, they thrive best in moist, fertile soils high in organic matter. The soil of your planting site should be well drained, with a 5.5 pH level.
How big does a dogwood tree grow/?
Curtis L on Aug 21, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The White Dogwood can get 20 to 20 feet tall and 20 to 25 feet wide at maturity.
Can you plant a white and pink driftwood in the same hole and twist and tie together so they can go like that so the blooms are mixed?
Bubba on May 18, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Sure that sounds like a great idea.
Can the dogwood tree grow in California?
Pamela F on May 13, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The growing zones are 5-8. Click the link to look up what growing zone you are in.
How thick does the trunk get? When the berries fall from the tree, will it mess up or impact my lawnmower when I cut my grass?
Clarence T on Mar 9, 2017
BEST ANSWER: THe trunk get about ,6 in around no it don't drop it berries the
little birds will eat then or squirrel will eat the be
When is the best time to plant?
Willa Mae on Oct 12, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I would plant in the spring/fall.
When do you fertilize dogwoods in north carolina?
Barb C on Sep 10, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Dogwood trees do not require much fertilization. If you choose to fertilize your tree, do so sparingly in April or May. Any general purpose fertilizer is suitable for this.
When to plant in Tri Cities,WA.?
Elizabeth B on Sep 8, 2016
BEST ANSWER: We ordered our pair of dogwoods in Feb 2015 - planted them in March. When the arrived they were about 4' tall - right now I would guess they're around 7' in height and they bloomed massively this past spring...
are the berries harmful to pets?
Becky P on Dec 28, 2015
BEST ANSWER: No they are not harmful to pets.
Is this dogwood an evergreen?
Is this dogwood and evergreen?
katewray on Sep 8, 2015
BEST ANSWER: This dogwood is not an evergreen.

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