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    Red Dogwood in Fall

    Red Dogwood for Sale

*images shown are of mature plants

Red Dogwood

Cornus florida


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-t- Root Rocket™ Fertilizer
Root Rocket™ Transplant Fertilizer

2oz. Packet

Get your new plants off to the right start by using Root Rocket™ Transplant.

This soil amendment contains 16 strains of mycorrhizal fungi, biostimulants, beneficial bacteria and Horta-Sorb® water management gel.

Simply sprinkle the product into the planting hole adjacent to the root ball when planting.

The organisms will start to work right away supplying the roots with much needed nutrition.

The specially formulated Horta-Sorb® will reduce transplant stress and aid in water retention.

1 packet per plant

Root Rocket Fertilizer
-t- Planting Mix
Red Dogwood Planting Mix

Helps your Red Dogwood get established in a fraction of the time, become more drought tolerant, and grow faster. Here's how:

Beneficial Bacteria... It's like a Probiotic for your tree... creating an explosion of fine hair roots that vastly improves nutrient and water uptake.

Coarse Organic Compost... loosens and improves all types of soils while promoting proper pH levels. You get better drainage and moisture retention.

Microbial Fertilizers... including Sea Kelp, Yucca, and 100 other elements proven to gently feed your tree without burning the roots.

Use 1 bag of Planting Mix for each plant ordered.

Soil Contents
-t- Tree Planting Kit
Tree Planting Kit
Tree Planting Kit

Getting your tree off to the right start can more than double its growth rate. Use our planting kit so your tree is ready for explosive growth.

Your planting kit includes:

  1. Tree Stake Kit to help keep your tree stable, giving roots time to grow.

  2. Breathable Tree Guard protects against gnawing mice, rabbits, deer and mowers.

  3. 2 oz of Root Rocket™ Mycorrhizal Fungi so your tree can quickly explode with new root growth.

-t- TreeGator® Jr. Watering Bag
TreeGator® Jr.

When you’re making an investment and effort in planting new trees in your landscape, you can assure their survival and growth by using TreeGator® - a truly simple and innovative drip irrigation system in a bag.

With hot summers and droughts the norm around the USA, TreeGator® is an absolute necessity to protect your new trees and shrubs.

TreeGator® is super easy to install without any tools, and it can easily be filled up with a standard garden hose or can even be connected to a rain barrel!

It's a super time saver that takes the worry out continually remembering whether you've watered your new tree or not. Plus, all the water that goes into the drip bag is used up with no waste, so TreeGator® is environmentally friendly with regard to water use.

Tree Gator

Growing Zones: 5-9
(hardy down to -10℉)

Growing Zones 5-9
You are in Growing Zone: 6

Mature Height:

20-25 ft.

Mature Width:

20-25 ft.



Growth Rate:


Botanical Name:

Cornus florida

Does Not Ship To:


Don't Buy Bare-Root Trees (learn why below)

Turn Your Yard into a Springtime Show

- Beautiful pink and red blossoms every spring
- Gorgeous fall foliage

Easy to plant, and fun to watch! You'll find yourself anticipating springtime, just to see your Red Flowering Dogwood in action!

Your Fast Growing Trees Red Dogwood proudly displays pink or red spring flowers that last deep into the blooming season - giving you exceptional performance when other trees quit.

This tree offers color all year... making it one of our most popular specimen trees! Matures to a height of 20-25 ft. - you can even plant it in small lawns or other tight areas.

An excellent tree for under-story or shady areas. Plant this tree almost anywhere. Grows in many soils and climates. mildew resistant! Perfect for Growing Zones 5-9.

Don't wait until next spring! With plenty of water, you can plant any time.

Fast Growing Trees Nursery ships your Dogwood Trees potted. Dogwoods are sensitive and when dug out of the ground (bare-root) they are susceptible to disease and death. Shipping you a Dogwood Tree in a container, ensures you will have a healthy tree that will explode with growth the first year.

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Customer Reviews

4.1 / 5.0
74 Reviews
5 Stars
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1 Star
So Far So Good
I am only giving this four stars because, while it is doing well where planted, it's only been in the ground about two weeks and seems to be adapting well. After it braves the winter and summer next year, I could well upgrade my review to five stars.
November 11, 2018
3 months ago
Growing Zone:
Arrived in good shape
Arrived in good shape. Planted it in October- waiting to see what it does next Spring.
The leaves have changed color as the colder weather emerges.
November 5, 2018
3 months ago
Red Rover is doing well!
Dogwoods seem to be a bit delicate at first. Mine (Red Rover) seemed to be happy when planted, but since we had such a hot summer, his leaves were getting burned and crinkly. I built a wood shade around him to limit the morning sun and shade him in the afternoon. That did the trick (as well as deep watering). After removing the shade in the fall, he got a little more burned, but did alright. So far this year he grew a good 6-8" in places, despite the deer taking little nibbles, so I am hopeful that next year his roots will be established and he really will take off! BTW, I am in the NW part of Oregon and dogwoods seem to do well here.
Red Rover turning fall colors and dropping leaves!
Red Rover turning fall colors and dropping leaves!
November 5, 2018
7 months ago
Growing Zone:
Red Dogwood
I won't see it bloom in red until next year, but the tree came in great condition with new growth. Put it in the ground immediately with the root rocket and the new growth didn't fall off from shock. I did not break any roots as it was not root bound and it is flourishing with more new growth. Planted it in mid June in South Carolina in full sun and it is doing great! Excited to see it flourish and bloom next year, as well as the gorgeous red leaves in fall :-)
August 7, 2018
6 months ago
Quality product and great job shipping!
Red dogwood arrived with minimal wilting. Planted the same day and kept plenty of water on it for two weeks. It is doing well and has completely recovered from shipping. Great job!
August 3, 2018
6 months ago
Growing Zone:
So thrilled!
So happy with our red dogwood tree! I came packaged very well and has begun to thrive. It's a beautiful addition to our landscaping!
August 2, 2018
6 months ago
Red Dogwood--hope it makes it!
Red Dogwood arrived very very wilted and has not really sprung back. I think it is still alive, though, and I hope that next spring it will have fresh new leaves emerging. If not, I did buy the warranty and will be able to see if this company is good about their warranties (even though i will have to pay for shipping). I ordered a crape myrtle at the same which seems to be doing well.
August 1, 2018
6 months ago
Missing info
Our tree is actively dying. I was very careful to check that we had the correct zone, read the entire page when ordering to make sure it would be a good fit for our area. After the tree was delivered, we get an informational email stating that this is a shade tree that grows best in the shade! Our entire yard is full sun, and we’ve tried to place lawn furniture to help provide shade but it’s just not going to be enough... most of the leaves are browning. I’m really disappointed because if I knew this when I was purchasing I would have selected a different tree. On the positive, the tree did appear to be healthy when it arrived.
July 25, 2018
7 months ago
Growing Zone:
I don't think it has recovered from being shipped. The leaves seem dry as many have brown areas, are drooping and lifeless. There is no new growth. The tree looks the same as when I received it. I water the tree, but nothing positive seems to be happening.
July 19, 2018
8 months ago
Happy customer
Spoke with a very pleasant and helpful sales representative when I called to place the order. Very fast shipping. The tree was packaged very well and the tree looked to be in great health.
July 10, 2018
7 months ago

Planting & Care

It's Easy to Plant & Care for Your Red Dogwood

Red Dogwood Planting Diretions

The Red Dogwood (Cornus Florida) is the perfect tree for smaller yards moderately growing to a mature height and width of 20-25 feet. Since it’s good for USDA growing zones 5-9, it has the ability to grow in just about any climate providing it gets the proper full to partial sun exposure required. It grows into a pyramidal shape with oval, bright green leaves that give way to beautiful fall colors of a rich red-brown. Birds love the small, bright red fruits that mature in late summer to early fall and have the ability to last until late in the year. During the blooming season, look for the dainty, red or pink flowers that are described as hermaphroditic, meaning “perfect flowers.”

Seasonal Information: With proper time & care, Dogwood trees can be planted at any time of the year. If your area is experiencing extreme heat, place your potted tree in a well shaded area, such as a garage, or plant it in a well shaded area of your lawn. Once mature, your tree will be better able to manage with temperatures of this kind. Typically, though, trees do not experience much growth during times of extreme temperature.

Location: Choose a planting site for your Dogwood that receives light or filtered shade. Dogwood trees are highly adaptable to many soil types. However, they thrive best in moist, fertile soils high in organic matter. The soil of your planting site should be well drained, with a 5.5 pH level.

Planting Instructions:
1) Dig a planting hole for your dogwood that is two times the diameter of your tree’s root ball and comprised of equal depth.
2) Remove your Dogwood from its container and ensure root moisture.
3) Place your tree in the planting hole, keeping the top of the root ball even with the ground.
4) Adjust your tree’s position and angle, then use the original soil to fill the planting hole.
5) Spread the roots out evenly and surround them with soil, tamping down lightly as you fill to avoid air pockets, which can dry out the roots of your tree.
6) Avoid firming the soil at this point, and instead water the area immediately to settle the soil.
7) Mulch around the base of the tree to conserve soil moisture. This will also keep competing growth (grass and weeds) from growing around the planting site.

Watering: Dogwood trees possess very shallow root systems that are susceptible to drying out in the absence of regular rainfall. It is best to water your tree once or twice a week. Be sure to water correctly. Light green leaves are a sign of overwatering, while drooping leaves signify both over watering and under watering. Watch for these and any other signs that your tree is getting too much or too little water.

Fertilization: Dogwood trees do not require much fertilization. If you choose to fertilize your tree, do so sparingly in April or May. Any general purpose fertilizer is suitable for this.

Weed Control: Do not permit weeds or grasses any closer than 2-3 feet from your Dogwood in the first year. Pull the weeds initially, and then utilize a growing mat or mulch. Insulate the roots 2-4 inches and replenish as needed. Do not spray Round Up on a young Dogwood, and ensure that wind doesn’t blow chemical drift onto your tree.

Pests & Disease: The best defense against any pest or disease issue is a healthy tree. Good soil, proper feeding & healthy watering habits are vital to the prosperity of your tree.

Deer: If you believe that deer may become an issue for your Dogwood, consider caging the tree(s). Although there is a whole host of deer deterrents available, nothing will guarantee protection like caging will.

Winter Dormancy: During late fall and winter, your Dogwood will enter its dormant state. When this occurs, your tree’s leaves will fall off and the stem will turn brown. Above ground, nothing will take place during this time, but the roots of your tree will continue to grow beneath the surface. This winter root development will accelerate the growth of your tree come spring.

Planting & Care

Questions & Answers

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Why did you choose this? Store
For the color; needed some color in my front yard
Charlene S on Jan 10, 2019
mike c on Oct 2, 2018
For the color; needed some color in my front yard
Charlene S on Jan 10, 2019
The color of the blooms. I already have a tree with white blooms. Also, I am planting the tree next to my dog Milo's grave and thought planting a dogwood would be a nice corny story.
James B on Oct 18, 2018
mike c on Oct 2, 2018
Cheryl R on Sep 15, 2018
i have not seen a red dogwood befor
Charles D on Aug 21, 2018
My husband wanted something stunning in our front yard that No one else had on our block. He's an original guy like that. A statement maker.
mary j on Aug 2, 2018
Color!! Size!
Naomi B on Jun 4, 2018
replacing one damaged by winter storm
mary jane K on May 31, 2018
I liked the color
Helen G on May 22, 2018
Planting this in appreciation of a teacher who is retiring after 38 years at our school.
Abby S on May 15, 2018
Love the colors
Teresa G on May 12, 2018
Beautiful tree. Love the red blooms.
Billy Dwain G on May 7, 2018
Personal preference
Carolyn P on May 6, 2018
Because my neighbor loves dogwoods & this is a beautiful one. I am buying it for her!
Susan B on May 1, 2018
I am Thang. I bought the trees as a gift to Greg and Tina.
I chose these trees for their beautiful and long lasting spring flowers.
Greg and Tina H on Apr 23, 2018
Nice Looking tree for the Memorial Garden.
Tim E on Apr 15, 2018
I would buy a 5-6ft tree instead if they are available. I have purchased from you before and the plants are beautiful!
barry A on Apr 9, 2018
They are beautiful!
Melissa L on Apr 8, 2018
My husband grew up in North Carolina so this is a special surprise
Terri M on Mar 17, 2018
My mom wanted color for her front yard and she loves flowers. I've been looking for a tree to replace her small Oak tree in the front. It's been 2 years, and the Oak hasn't really made the house look beautiful. The Dogwood seems very pleasant, bright, and romantic- just like my mom wants her house to appear. I can't wait to plant it and give my mom something to enjoy for the years to come!
Jasmine G on Mar 14, 2018
I want some color in my front yard.
Delissa L on Mar 11, 2018
Small yard, but beautiful landscape tree. Easy to plant, grow and keep alive in south mississippi
Robin H on Feb 25, 2018
Front yard Landscaping
Akhila A on Feb 10, 2018
I currently have a white dogwood tree and would like a red dogwood tree to go with it.
Judy R on Feb 6, 2018
Favorite tree
damien r on Feb 3, 2018
had this tree when I lived in the east coast/ missed the beautiful flowers; has not seen them around here in nevada.
Celia A on Jan 8, 2018
I wanted a medium sized tree with year round interest.
Chris A on Jan 5, 2018
Drought tolerant growth rate color
Renee G on Oct 20, 2017
i wanted a medium flowering tree
Heleo S on Oct 4, 2017
I am replacing a tree lost in last winters ice storm but the area has become partly shaded due to growth of surrounding trees. Although I would like a fruit tree, the location no longer gets full sun. I picked the red dogwood for it's bright color as well as general size and shape.
Thyra B on Sep 29, 2017
To contrast with the many white dogwoods we have.
Sally H on Sep 27, 2017
My wife's favorite tree and it's for our anniversary.
Brandon G on Sep 25, 2017
ARMANDO P on Sep 13, 2017
color of blossoms
Judith W on Sep 12, 2017
Wife's choice
Marc P on Aug 6, 2017
The deep reds and pink colors remind us of the trees we had in our yard in Germany
Louis C on Jul 31, 2017
Jennifer H on Jul 26, 2017
Present for my father
John B on Jul 20, 2017
The website was very helpful and easy to use I quickly educated myself and found the perfect tree for my needs I look forward to enjoying years of beautiful blooms
Tina J on Jul 8, 2017
Beautiful flowers, good shade tree where you need filtered Sun.
Irina P on Jun 20, 2017
Beautiful tree and it was on sale.
Tonya W on Jun 17, 2017
They can't withstand the weather in Houston even though it says it can. However, I chose the tree because I'm very much attracted to red whether it be a bikini or flowers. :-)
Darwin L on May 25, 2017
I'm looking for a dark pink/red dogwood and hope this is as advertised, and not a light pink dogwood.
Thai D on May 18, 2017
my wife love dog woods
Robert C on May 14, 2017
It looks like a beautiful tree and will be perfect in our backyard.
Vicky Sue S on May 5, 2017
Because of the beautiful colors.
Cheryl T on May 2, 2017
I love dogwood trees I was wanting a red dogwood.
patricia r on May 1, 2017
spring color
John T on May 1, 2017
add color in spring
Bill W on Apr 28, 2017
we liked the flowering habit of the red dogwood and the fact that it is a low maintenance tree.
Martin S on Apr 26, 2017
The color of the blooms. I already have a tree with white blooms. Also, I am planting the tree next to my dog Milo's grave and thought planting a dogwood would be a nice corny story.
James B on Oct 18, 2018
Cheryl R on Sep 15, 2018
what is the root system like for the red dogwood ?
A shopper on Jun 5, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Shallow root system.
does this Dogwood produce fruit?
Jennifer C on May 4, 2015
BEST ANSWER: So far Mine does not produce fruit.
How deep do the roots go in a dogwood?
A shopper on Jun 18, 2014
BEST ANSWER: About a foot - water well - mine doing well.
What about Deer eating the leaves?
Bob W on Jun 17, 2014
BEST ANSWER: We see deer in the yard frequently but they've shown no interest in the red dogwood. Seem to prefer the weeping cherry!
Can I plant in July ?
Richard F on Jul 17, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I purchased the dogwood back in August 2015 and have it planted on the ground in September. Staying healthy and no blooming for the first year in 2016. This year May 2017 bloomed with dark pink flowers, color exactly as in this picture.
We live in the southern most portion of zone 4, any chance a dogwood could survive in my area?
Christian O on Aug 16, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Unfortunately not. The growing zone is 5-9
Are your products guaranteed? We've tried for years, without success, to grow pink dogwood here in Northeast Pennsylvania.
A shopper on May 30, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I bought a red dogwood late last spring. It struggled! Part of the problem was obviously a very hot spring and summer...also dry. After our hard winter, I was surprised to see it leafing out, very late this year as the ground remained cold until the last few weeks. My tree looks healthy. I fertilized with Miracle Gro, not finding a fertilizer specifically for dogwoods. Also, I have two white kornus cousa in the front which are growing well. I am in the very northern part of zone five in Wisconsin.
What color is the trunk of the tree? and what color are the leaves in the spring and fall?thank you
Gail R on May 11, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Trunk-an almost dark, charcoal brown. Leaves are green with a little red in them in spring - green in fall.
Just received 4 more - large healthy green leaves. Have 14 - pland to buy more.
Line the driveawy. Absolutely gorgeous.
JESUS C on Mar 4, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I would plant at least 10-15ft away from a structure.
are trees pet friendly cats/ leaves not poisonous to animals?
gail b. on Aug 16, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Dogwood trees can be mildly toxic to animals. If your animal consumes a portion of this tree I would recommend calling your veterinarian.
when is the best time to plant the red dogwood?
caroline a on Aug 31, 2015
BEST ANSWER: In zone 7 - Maryland - planted two end of September into October. Planted one in a little more sun than the other; in the spring, both blossomed and had leaves but the one in the sun, the leaves seemed to start to burn and there was no new growth. Moved the tree to a shady location, mulched and kept it moist. Soon, new growth - about three inches.
Can it live in full sun or mostly afternoon sun? I live in Fayetteville, NC - zone 8b. Gets pretty hot.
Ames47 on Jun 13, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I bought four trees and planted them on the same side of the house in full sun. Two are doing very well and two are without leaves. Probably due to my planting but I did the same for all trees. Full sun is fine. Water is key to growth.
I planted my red dog wood tree when I got it now it is calling for frost what can I do.?
patricia r on May 6, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I would make sure it is mulched sell, 2 or 3 inches but leave space around the trunck. It should not touch the trunk. Mine whad beautiful blooms this spring! Planted fall 2015. Peoria, IL. Sherry
Can Red Dogwood be planted in Zone 10 (Los Anagles) ?
Daniel on Dec 29, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The growing zones are 5-9. Click the link to look up what growing zone you are in.
I live in Boise Idaho. Will Dogwoods do well in Boise???
Michelle B on Jan 8, 2019
BEST ANSWER: You need to look at a zoning map to see which trees will do well in your area.
Will this do well in a wet area? My water table is 6 inches under the soil where I would like to plant this tree.
Chelsea S on Dec 28, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Hi Chelsea,
Dogwoods are adaptable to several types of soil; however, they do best in moist fertile soil that is very well draining. It would not be recommended planting it in a wet area if it is not well draining. The tree would not make it in a very wet area that is 6 inches under the soil.
Would it be okay to plant this in south Louisiana during the late summer/early fall?
Kim T on Aug 21, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes that would be a great time for planting.
Can you keep these dogwood trees cut down to fit a smaller space?
Bev A on Sep 4, 2018
How wide the Red dog wood will grow?
Du P on Jul 21, 2018

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