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  • Apricot Drift® Rose for Sale

    Apricot Drift® Rose for Sale

*images shown are of mature plants

Apricot Drift® Rose

Rosa 'Meimirrote'

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Growing Zones: 4-10
(hardy down to -20℉)

Growing Zones 4-10
You are in Growing Zone: 6

Mature Height:

2-3 ft.

Mature Width:

2-3 ft.


Full Sun, Partial Sun


2 ft.

Growth Rate:


Drought Tolerance:


Botanical Name:

Rosa 'Meimirrote'

Does Not Ship To:


Cold Hardy Rose Blooms for 9 Months!

Add gentle color to your garden with the Apricot Drift Rose. This plant is great for borders, hillsides or even hanging baskets. It produces double clusters of delicate roses in contrast to the glossy green foliage.

It will flower from spring to first frost wherever you plant it, giving your garden color all through the growing season. Don't be fooled by this rose's delicate appearance it's tough enough to survive in zones 4-11 and can withstand many diseases that commonly affect roses.

Apricot Drift is a low spreading ground cover rose which will reach around 1-2 feet in height at full maturity and spreads out about 1 ½ to 2 feet. It's just the thing for perennial beds or walkways.

  • Beautiful color
  • Compact and fast growing
  • Winter hardy
  • Resistant to rust, black-spot and powdery mildew
  • Requires no pruning to maintain shape
  • Plentiful and continuous flowering
  • Great for all areas even small gardens and unwieldy spaces
  • Drought tolerant
  • Great for companion planting - this groundcover rose will gently spread round your established plants

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Customer Reviews

3.6 / 5.0
8 Reviews
5 Stars
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1 Stars
Stunning, Healthy plant
Received two of these rose bushes in three gallon containers & must report they are absolutely so lush, healthy & blooming with many buds. I received several plants from FGT & 99% of them all are extremely healthy & obviously well raised & cared for. As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for, the quality is there with this company & you will pay for that.
April 30, 2016
Fort Plain, NY
Growing Zone:
Pretty Little Rose Bush
This rose came to me healthy and lush, with quite a few blooms. I like the color, and think it will fit nicely in my flower bed as a border plant. The sun (and heat) can be brutal here in Utah in the summer, but this little rose seems to take it all in stride. I would purchase from this family of roses again, and I would recommend it to a friend.
July 4, 2016
Stansbury Park, UT
1 year ago
Growing Zone:
cute little rose
This is a cute little rose and appears pretty hardy since I first planted in both and then planted in ground about six weeks later. Did not appear to be disturbed be being moved even those it was in the bud stage.
May 7, 2017
1 year ago
Growing Zone:
I bought a tree and this Drift Rose and both were sent dead upon delivery.
July 14, 2017
8 months ago
Apricot Drift Rolse
Absolutely beautiful. Petite flowers with abundance of petals and color ranging from dark apricot buds to light apricot flowers.
August 9, 2017
8 months ago
Growing Zone:
Apricot Drift Roses
Beautiful but, somehow one of them turned out to be red instead of apricot.
May 6, 2017
1 year ago
Growing Zone:
Good Quality
These roses bloom frequently and keep coming. Not bad. The only thing I don't like is that the petals start falling when I remove the rose. I guess the roses have to be removed early when they are young if you plan to use them.
June 22, 2017
10 months ago
Dead Plant Order
Unfortunately half of my Drift Rose never awakened from being dormant, they're dead & never took.
July 14, 2017
1 year ago
Growing Zone:

Planting & Care

It's Easy to Plant & Care for Your Apricot Drift® Rose

Apricot Drift® Rose Planting Diretions

Drift roses are vastly becoming a more popular rose bush choice on the market. They are a cross between full-size ground cover roses and miniature roses. The Apricot Drift roses (Rosa 'Meimirrote') have a toughness that allow them to spread freely at a manageable size, are disease resistant with an expanding growth habit. They inherited their well-managed size and free-flowering nature from the miniatures. The roses grow 2 to 3 feet tall, with a lovely spread of 4 feet or more and are a lower-maintenance alternative to other flower bed grown plants. Apricot drifts are recommended for zones 4-10 but can also be successfully container grown. Drift roses will produce about five flower cycles through the blooming season. The spring bloom is around April/May and the fall will be around October/November.

Selecting a location: Be sure to have a well prepared area or raised bed for your Drift Roses with a generous amount of organic matter, such as compost. Well draining soil is very important so be sure water does not collect in the area you intend to plant. If you have an overabundance of clay you may want to amend the soil with small rocks, sand or perlite to improve drainage.

Planting Directions (in ground): A location that receives full sun (6+ hours) is best as the roses will not reach their full potential in shaded areas.

1) Dig the hole and make it twice the size of the root ball and just as deep as the container. Use your hands or a shovel to loosen the soil at the bottom of the hole.
2) Carefully remove the rose from it’s container. Some light tapping around the base of the pot will help free up the root ball. Loosen the roots with your hands by gently combing the bottom of the root ball. Place the plant in the hole making sure it’s level with the soil surface.
3) Start adding the native soil/gardening soil mix back around the roots. Soil amendments such as peat moss, compost or aged manure can be mixed in with your native soil to improve the quality.
4) Thoroughly water your Apricot Drift Rose around the base of the plant until it’s well soaked but not saturated (avoid soupy soil).
5) Mulch around the plant to help retain moisture and reduce competing growths such as weeds or grasses from growing around the plant. If left unchecked the soil nutrients may be lacking for the roses to grow.

Planting Directions (potted plant): Apricot drift roses can also be successfully grown in containers providing they get proper care and placement.

1) When selecting a container for your drift roses, be sure it has plenty of holes on the bottom as drainage is essential.
2) A good potting soil such as Miracle Grow should be fine for filling in the open pot space. Try to leave 1-1 ½ inches of space from the top of the pot lid for easy watering.
3) Choose a location such as a patio, back yard, front/side of the house providing it will receive the six or more hours of full sun it requires.

Watering (in ground): Your Apricot Drift Rose will need to be watered 1-3 times weekly depending on the weather. During the extremely hot season you may need to water more often to keep the soil moist, but avoid over saturating. Mulching really helps with retaining soil moisture.

Watering (potted): Stick your finger into the potting soil down to a depth of 2 inches and feel around for any moisture. If the soil is dry and sandy-like, go ahead and water it until you see it escaping the drainage holes and then stop. If there is still some moisture present, leave it be until the soil dries a bit more.

Fertilizing: The best time to fertilize drift roses is in the spring season with a slow-release or controlled time-release fertilizer. Add another application in late summer to help with fall blooms. Be sure to follow the application instructions on the fertilizer for the best results. Potted drift roses should be fed in the same fashion, during the growing season with a time release fertilizer in spring and again in late summer.

Pruning: Drift Roses should be pruned in early spring, never in the fall or winter. When you see new shoots begin to form from the canes that is a good sign that some pruning is needed. Sterilize your cutting tool(s) with rubbing alcohol to ensure a clean cut and so no pathogens will be contracted or spread.

Planting & Care

Questions & Answers

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Why did you choose this? Store
Love roses
Anna W on Feb 20, 2018
because ORANGE,or shades of, is my favorite color
Carol C on Aug 5, 2017
Love roses
Anna W on Feb 20, 2018
This plant did not survive past the first year.
Kristi A on Dec 12, 2017
because ORANGE,or shades of, is my favorite color
Carol C on Aug 5, 2017
To make outside look better
Steve and Becky on Jul 29, 2017
Hardy to zone 4, will bloom all season, pretty color
Deborah T on May 21, 2017
Like the color
Edward V on Mar 17, 2017
An avid gardner friend likes them:)
Allison S on Sep 14, 2016
Wanted a low growing bush and the color is pretty.
Tammi P on Jul 16, 2016
Thought it would be a nice gift.
Eileen C on Jun 29, 2016
Beautiful blooms!
Tammie V on Jun 12, 2016
I needed a hardy disease resistant plant that was pretty, and would stand up to harsh (zone 6-7) winters.
Pynetha T on Jun 11, 2016
Getting new house and thought this would be a great ground cover.
Gayle T on Apr 11, 2016
Because it blooms for 9 months and it stays small
Terri W on Apr 10, 2016
I like roses, they make your life happier.
sergey s on Apr 8, 2016
Beautiful color
Nancy V on Aug 30, 2015
This plant did not survive past the first year.
Kristi A on Dec 12, 2017
To make outside look better
Steve and Becky on Jul 29, 2017
Does this rose have thorns?
Joani A on Dec 10, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Good morning Joani A! Yes, the rose has small thorns. I planted it with a mixture of Hi-Yield Cottonseed Meal and Miracle-Gro Moist Control soil. Additionally, I've poured a mixture of water and Spectracide Malathion around the circumference to keep ants away! It has never stopped producing beautiful roses. Oh, I planted it on the southeastern corner of my yard so it gets sun!
I'm looking for a rose that will grow in very sandy soil. Is this a good choice?
KateW on Apr 19, 2015
BEST ANSWER: You can grow them in sandy soil, you may have to amend the soil or add sulfur at time of planting. They like their pH level to be 6-6.5. Sandy soil can raise the pH level.
Does this rose have a scent? If so: sweet, spicy, or classic fragrance?
Deborah T on May 18, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes, it has a scent, and I guess I would describe it as classic rose fragrance. I planted it last summer, when we had drought conditions here and it did just fine even so. Then we had a harsh winter; I had done nothing to protect this rose bush and wondered whether it would survive. It's looking great and I expect lots of apricot blooms soon. A great rose.
Do drift roses lose their leaves in winter?
Harry B on May 26, 2016
BEST ANSWER: They don't in Florida. They keep their leaves and bloom all year round.
I'm in Central Missouri. What do I need to do to over winter my Drift Roses?
Jan M on Sep 29, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Well I am in a more temperate climate here is CA. But, we grow roses in our snow country. I would cut your rose way back and then cover it with a thick layer of mulch around the rootball and crown of the rose.Do not smother it though.This is recommended if you are in snow country or if you get below 0 temps.
will this drift rose survive in a large planter?
Judy S on Apr 24, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes you can plant it in a larger container.

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