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American Arborvitae

American Arborvitae
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Product Details

Growing Zones: 3-7 outdoors

(hardy down to -30℉) 
      3-7 outdoors
   Map 3-7 outdoors
Mature Height:
40-60 ft. (if left unpruned)
Mature Width:
10-15 ft.
Full Sun
Growth Rate:
Botanical Name:
Thuja occidentalis
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Product Description

A Practical, Low-Maintenance Tree for Every Yard

This tree is an excellent choice for a hassle-free evergreen. The American Arborvitae is the perfect tree for you if you're looking for an easy to maintain, versatile evergreen. Whether you want an accent tree, natural privacy fence or a simple and easy tree for your yard, the American Arborvitae is a great choice.

It will grow nearly everywhere. This tree is tolerant of most soil conditions including sandy, clay, loamy and dry or wet. Climate isn't an issue with this tree either as it tolerates both cold winters and hot summers. As long as you live in zones 3-7, you'll have a sturdy and tolerant tree.

There's nothing to keeping up with this tree. Once you plant the American Arborvitae and help it grow a little, you'll be surprised at how well it holds up without maintenance. There's no need to prune, shape or fertilize this tree. Of course, you can always give it a little extra love to encourage healthy growth, but this tree will grow even if you don't have a green thumb.

The American Arborvitae maintains its shape without any assistance. This tree grows in a columnar, pyramidal shape, but you don't have to worry about keeping it that way. The American Arborvitae maintains its natural shape without the need for excessive trimming.

It's the perfect, natural privacy fence. If you want an evergreen privacy fence that takes no maintenance, then you should order several American Arborvitaes. They grow perfectly together and won't require you to constantly prune or shape them to keep them even. 

This tree is a wonderful accent tree. Planting next to entryways or near hard edges or corners will add softness and interest. You can plant small, low plants in front of the American Arborvitae and create a nice looking and versatile landscape. This tree can act as an accent to nearly any landscaping project imaginable.

Evergreen leaves bring contrast in the winter. Since this tree is an evergreen, you'll be adding contrast and visual interest to your yard in the winter. Whether you live in a snowy climate or a place full of dead, bare winter trees, the American Arborvitae's tight shape and bright green leaves will create a stunning contrast.

This easy to maintain tree won't stay in stock for long. Everyone wants a tree that they don't have to fuss with. Since the American Arborvitae makes a great privacy fence, many people order several trees at a time. These two qualities add up to a tree that doesn't stay in stock for long periods of time, so be sure to order yours today. 

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Planting & Care

Planting Instructions: You can plant your American Arborvitae during any season, but avoid planting during very hot, dry weather. Choose a spot in your yard that receives full sun during the day. This tree prefers acidic, moist soil, but it can thrive in nearly any soil condition. For poor soil, simply amend the soil with compost. For all other soil conditions, simply leave as is when planting. When you plant your tree, dig a hole that is a little bigger than the root ball. Place your tree in and fill it half way with soil. Then, firm the soil around the bottom half of the ball and water thoroughly. Fill the remainder of the hole and create a raised ridge around the base of the tree and then firm and water the soil again. Add 2-3 inches of mulch around the tree, staying 3 inches away from the trunk.

Watering: During the first season that you plant your tree, it is important to water it frequently. The American Arborvitae needs to be watered deeply, so it is best to simply leave a water hose running for 10 minutes at the base of the tree, a few times per week. After the first season, you will no longer need to water the tree. Throughout the rest of the tree's life, you will only need to water it during periods of drought.

Pruning: For thicker, bushier trees, you can prune the tops. If you do not prune your trees, they will maintain a pyramidal, columnar shape. Prune off any dead or diseased branches you see throughout your tree's life. Prune only in early spring or summer.

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