Video: How to Overwinter Tropical Plants Indoors

Ryon — Oct 08

Worried about keeping your tropical plants happy and healthy as the temperature drops? We're here to help! Follow along as our friend and plant hobbyist Macie shares how to overwinter your tropical trees and plants by moving them indoors, plus winter care tips.

You'll learn:

  • How to care for tropical and citrus trees over the winter
  • A fool-proof way to move your plants inside for the winter
  • Cold-weather watering tips

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Plant hobbyist Macie shares tips for overwintering tropical plants and trees.

Spraying down your plants and treating them with insecticide before bringing them inside reduces the risk of pests in your home.

Warm weather-loving tropical and citrus trees should be placed near a bright, sunny window indoors.

Full Transcript: How to Overwinter Tropical Plants Indoors

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