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Conifer Trees

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conifer trees

Classic woodland good looks.

Woodland character and rich, deeply-hued greenery merge, making Conifer Trees a must for your landscape. From the wintry Norway Spruce to the fast-growing Leyland Cypress for privacy, Conifer Trees leave a fresh, easy-growing impression in your landscape.

What are Conifer Trees?

First, it's important to know that not all Conifer Trees are Pine Trees. Conifers are simply trees with cone-bearing seeds, including Spruces, Firs, Cypresses and more.

How to Plant Conifer Trees

Though specific directions will vary, knowing your growing zone is an important first step for your Conifer Trees. After you’ve determined your growing zone, keep sunlight and watering needs in mind. Most will prefer full sun to partial sun (anywhere from 4 to 8 hours of sunlight per day) and well-drained soil, but make sure you check your tree's specific directions.

Your fertilizing and pruning needs will vary as well, but many of our Conifer Trees do not require pruning.

When you're ready to plant your Conifer Trees, select an area with well-drained soil, dig a hole large enough to accommodate the tree’s root ball (along with some extra width for mature growth), place your tree and backfill the hole. Finish by watering the surrounding soil near your Conifer Trees and mulching to conserve moisture.

Caring for Conifer Trees

Do keep in mind the mature height and width of your Conifer Trees, and plant them away from sidewalks, power lines, and structures if they're especially large.

But no matter which of our Conifers you choose, you'll have a classic, woodland look that endures year over year.