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  • Thuja 'Techny' Tree for Sale

*images shown are of mature plants

Thuja 'Techny' Tree

Thuja occidentalis “Techny”

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Growing Zones: 3-8
(hardy down to -30℉)

Growing Zones 3-8
You are in Growing Zone: 6

Mature Height:

10-15 ft.

Mature Width:

3-5 ft.




2-8 ft.

Growth Rate:


Drought Tolerance:


Botanical Name:

Thuja occidentalis “Techny”

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Soft, Fragrant Evergreen is as Tough as it is Beautiful

Extreme Climate Conditions are No Problem for this Robust Tree

Compared to similar arborvitaes, the Thuja Techny (also known as American Arborvitae and Mission Arborvitae) stands up extremely well to cold temperatures, drought and air pollution.

Very common around the Great Lakes, the carefree grower (zones 3-7) easily handles icy winds and snow. The dwarf evergreen has no serious insect or disease problems and it can thrive even in clay or high-PH soil. Simply protect the Thuja Techny’s branches from heavy snow buildup, provide adequate moisture, and you can expect a hardy yard fixture. You’ll be making a solid investment in an arborvitae variety that can take abuse from Mother Nature and stay strong.

Screen Out Neighbors, Noise, Wind, Dust and Snow Quickly

Enjoy your time in the yard by blocking out onlookers. When you plant multiple Thuja Techny trees in a row, you’ll be creating a handsome hedge that reaches upwards of 15 feet tall. Your beautiful living fence will be incredibly dense and can quickly shield you from unwanted noise – like neighbors and traffic, transforming your landscape into a peaceful oasis.     

Because its grows so thick, the Thuja Techny arborvitae is an exemplary wind-break. Plant saplings along a property edge, maintain the fledgling trees, and in just 5 years your arborvitaes will stand over 5 feet tall with thick foliage draping to ground level.

In rural areas, a row of dense Thuja Techny trees makes an excellent shield for dust rising from fields and gravel roads, especially as the evergreens mature into a thick wall of foliage. Once they’ve grown together, count on your Thuja Technys to be a natural snow fence.  

You’ll Have This Tree for Life

Growers love the Thuja Techny arborvitae because of its long lifespan. The dwarf evergreen can either grow with a single or multiple leaders and has an exceptionally firm and extensive root system. With optimal care, you can expect your Thuja Techny specimens to survive over 100 years! Your wonderfully dependable yard companion is yours to nurture and enjoy year after year, and you’ll provide a generous gift to future generations.   

This Evergreen Will Never Bronze

Compared to similar arborvitaes, mature Thuja Technys have better color retention, making it a favorite among homeowners and landscape architects. You’ll see its color darken from light green to dark green, but the plant will never turn bronze.

The evergreen tree’s foliage is also flexible and soft to the touch. You’ll love how the Thuja Techny’s fan-shaped clusters of foliage emit a slightly sweet pine scent in the garden as a backdrop or in a large, outdoor planter. By putting the Thuja Techny near your living space, you’ll benefit from a colorful, touchable decoration that freshens the air with its clean fragrance.

Low Maintenance; Adaptable Tree

The Thuja Techny enjoys moist soil, full sun to partial shade, and doesn’t mind extensive pruning. This makes it a splendid yard hedge. Plant some of the dwarf arborvitaes 4-6 feet apart, and prune them back each fall— the Thuja Techny’s upright, pyramidal habit can be sculpted into whatever shape you’d like! Count on the hedge’s close roots to compete for moisture, so be sure to water the Thuja Technys in periods of drought.

Order now and make the Thuja Techny a part of your landscape!

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Planting & Care

It's Easy to Plant & Care for Your Thuja 'Techny' Tree

Thuja 'Techny' Tree Planting Diretions

Location: The Thuja ‘Techny’ grows best in USDA plant hardiness zones 3 to 8. It is a popular shrub to grow as a single specimen, border shrub, or as a hedge. It produces a medium to large dense hedge. When fully grown the Thuja ‘Techny’ stands up to 15 feet tall and is about 8 feet wide. When planting as a hedge, space each Thuja ‘Techny’ shrub at least 12 feet apart.


Planting Instructions: Plant the Thuja ‘Techny’ shrub in the spring or summer months to allow the conifer bush ample time to establish its root system before winter.


Choose a planting location in full sun or partial shade. The Thuja ‘Techny’ thrives in loam or sandy loam soil that is well-draining. However, the shrub can tolerate alkaline soil. It also withstands maritime climate conditions.


Dig a hole twice the diameter of the shrub’s root system. Spread the shrub’s roots gently out in the hole. Fill the hole in with a mixture of soil and organic matter such as compost. The top of the root system should be level with the ground. Tamp the soil down around the shrub’s roots to remove any air pockets.


Spread a three inch layer of mulch such as bark chips, pine needles, or peat moss beneath the shrub to help the soil retain water and also keep weeds away from the shrub.


Watering: Keep the soil moist but not overly waterlogged around the Thuja ‘Techny’ to encourage growth. During the hotter months, you should water once a week unless you have received any rain. After the summer season your normal rainfall should be sufficient unless there is an extended period of drought. If the shrub does not receive adequate water, it’s evergreen branches will start to dry out.


Fertilizer: The Thuja ‘Techny’ benefits from an annual springtime application of general purpose balanced lawn fertilizer. Follow the instructions on the fertilizer for application ratios.


Pruning: To keep the shrub tidy and help create a hedge, the Thuja ‘Techny’ benefits from shearing in the late winter to early spring months. Generally, the shrub is pruned so that the bottom half of the bush is slightly wider than the top half. Such a bell-shape allows sunlight to adequately reach the bottom branches of the conifer and encourages more uniform growth habits.


Pests and Diseases: The Thuja ‘Techny’ is relatively hardy and rarely suffers from any serious diseases or pests. On occasion, a bagworm infestation might develop but is easily controlled with an application of a pesticide. Follow the instructions on the pesticide’s label for application ratios and times. In areas with cold, drying winter winds, the shrub may develop a bronze caste until summer arrives.

Planting & Care

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