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Olive Trees

Arbequina Olive Tree

Arbequina Olive Tree

Growing Zone: 8-11 outdoors

Koroeiki Greek Olive

Koroeiki Greek Olive

Growing Zone: 8-11 outdoors

Olive Trees- The Tree of Peace

* Beauty
* Durability
* Longevity
* Drought resistance
* Classic cultural association

The Greek Olive

A tree that is renowned for producing large crops of fruit, which are commercially pressed to make extra virgin olive oil. This tree makes a great addition to your landscape. It can grow up to 30 feet outdoors in hot climates. In a container on a patio or indoors, it will remain compact, measuring 15 to 20 feet at full maturity, with regular pruning.

The tree produces small, aromatic, cream-colored flowers amid shiny evergreen leaves. Flowers are both male and female and are pollinated largely by wind. The green olives turn purple as they ripen and become ready to harvest in early October. Later crops will be ready to harvest in early January. The olives have a full flavor and are healthful as well as delicious. Earlier crops will have a slightly fruitier taste that later ones.

The Greek Olive enjoys warm and humid environments, full sunlight, or partial shade. This is a drought-tolerant tree that will not demand frequent watering. A high-nitrogen fertilizer is advisable upon planting to give the tree an initial boost. It is a low-maintenance tree that can be grown outdoors in the humid, southern climates, but will also survive in a container on a northern patio or balcony if it can be brought indoors during the colder months.

The Italian Olive

Add a taste of Tuscan heritage to your home landscape and your dining table with the rugged Italian olive tree. This hardy tree is self-fertile, meaning it does not need an accompanying tree to set fruit.

The Italian Olive has dark gray-green leaves and grows in a semi-pendulous form. It is a hardy tree and will thrive indoors or out in full to partial sunlight, in soil with good drainage.

During the spring, the tree produces small white, fragrant flowers which gradually set into plump, juicy fruit that are oval and medium-sized. Olives ripen gradually and the tree will keep producing so that you will have olives ready for harvesting from late September to late December.

The fruit ripens gradually, which allows for a long harvest window. Mature fruit are purple-green when ready to harvest. They can be pickled or canned, and once cured make excellent table olives.

Italian olives are easily harvested by placing a sheet beneath the branches and shaking each bough, or the whole tree if potted. If you are harvesting to produce olive oil, bear in mind that the oil contained in an Italian olive is high – usually about 60–70 percent. Typical yields are between 1 to 5 pounds of oil per tree, per season.

Arbequina Olive

Enjoy fresh, healthy olives, as soon as the very first year! Arbequinas are popular because of their flavor. They also have one of the highest concentrations of healthy, antioxidant-rich oils. And even a small tree can produce 20 pounds of olives each year. Plenty for healthy salads, recipes and tasty olive oil.

Arbequinas are very adaptable and can be grown in all areas of the United States. They are self-pollinating, so you only need one to produce fruit. TheyÂ’re seldom bothered by pests and can easily be grown organically in all 50 states.

Plant outdoors in growing zones 8-10, and in zone 7 if blocked from northern winds. In northern states, simply pot them up in a container and bring them indoors during the harshest weeks of winter.

Some people grow Arbequinas indoors all year-round, as unusual house or office plants. We recommend bringing them outdoors, during the summer months, in order to get the most fruit production.

As they age, you get that unique gnarly, sinewy look. Arbequinas are very fast growers when planted in the ground. They are also easy to prune to a manageable size when grown in containers.

These olive trees are semi-deciduous, meaning they only drop their leaves in extreme cold. If you pot them up and bring them indoors, they keep all their leaves throughout the winter time.

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Italian Olive Tree

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Italian Olive Tree

Growing Zone: 8-11 outdoors